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Zebra ZT421-RFID
Industrial Printers/Encoders

The Zebra ZT421-RFID Printer/Encoders provide cutting-edge capabilities for dependable printing and encoding, even in challenging conditions.

Features include maximum print width, which spans an impressive 6.6 inches. Whether it’s for industrial, logistical, or commercial purposes, the ZT421-RFID’s capacity to handle substantial print widths enhances its suitability for a diverse array of tasks.

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Zebra ZT421 RFID printer with paper loaded

Rugged Design

The sturdy metal frame of the ZT411 RFID printer guarantees long-lasting resilience, even in the toughest conditions.

Exceptional Performance

The Zebra ZT411-RFID comes with a Thin-film printhead with E3™ Element Energy™ Equalizer for superior print quality.

Wireless Connectivity

Connectivity features, including dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for wireless communication.

Designed to Last

Effectively and safely operate for two different printing methods, thermal transfer (5º C to 40º C) and direct thermal (0º C to 40º C).

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Multi-functional Mobile Solutions


Provides Track performance with RFID job-monitoring tools to check if things are working smoothly, like how fast RFID tags are processed or how accurate the data is. The ZT421-RFID ensures your RFID tasks are running efficiently.


The Zebra ZT421 comes with a side-loading supplies path to make it easier to put paper and ink into a printer while on the go and save time, reduces mistakes, and makes the printer last longer.


Features a bi-colored status LEDs to check the status of a printer, make it easy to see what's going on with the Zebra ZT421-RFID printer quickly and without confusion, helping to keep work running smoothly.

Field Service

Operate between 5°C to 40°C for thermal transfer printing and For direct thermal printing is 0°C to 40°C, ensure the ZT421-RFID's optimal performance and avoiding potential issues.


Thermal transfer and direct thermal printing methods of the Zebra ZT421 can make work environments safer and more efficient and which can reduce stress and make work easier.

Law Enforcement

Designed with metal frame and bi-fold metal media cover makes it robust and long-lasting, and with enlarged clear viewing window to easily see the inside of the ZT421-RFID printer.

Power + Resilience

Optimize your workflow with the Zebra ZT421 RFID.

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