Black ZT111 industrial printer facing right

Zebra ZT111
Industrial Printer

The Zebra ZT111 Industrial Printer was designed to accommodate your light-industrial printing requirements without stretching your budget. The ZT111 offers both thermal transfer and direct thermal printing options for all 4-inch print-width business needs.

The ZT111’s straightforward operation is facilitated by an intuitive three-button interface, allowing you to monitor the printing status easily.

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The ZT111 has a strong inner structure made of metal (for durability) and an outer covering made of plastic (for cost-effectiveness and flexibility in design).


Features a rapid print speed of up to 10 inches per second (ips) when printing at a resolution of 203 dots per inch (dpi).


With plenty of connectivity options, ZT111 can even tap to pair and print with compatible mobile devices with the Print Touch tag (NFC).


An ENERGY STAR-certified product, ZT111 has been independently tested and verified to consume less energy.

Black ZT111 industrial printer with paper loaded

Zebra ZT111 Photo Gallery

Color black zt111 printer facing right
A ZT111 printer in black color, positioned to face the left side
Black Zebra ZT111 printer facing right

Multi-functional Mobile Solutions

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Offers a keypad with three buttons for easy and basic control of the ZT111 printer, making it easier for users to operate the printer efficiently.

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Equipped with two types of media sensors, transmissive and reflective, to enhance the device’s versatility and accuracy in media handling and tracking.

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Includes connectivity options, such as USB for connecting to computers, RS-232 for serial communication, and Ethernet for network connectivity to communicate and share data.

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Field Service

The ZT111 has five colored lights making it easier for users to identify the printer’s status at a glance without the need to consult a display.

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With print methods, direct-thermal or thermal transfer provides versatility to accommodate various printing requirements.

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Law Enforcement

Equipped with a metal frame and plastic enclosures provides stability and protection to the internal components of the ZT111 printer.

Power + Resilience

Optimize your workflow with the Zebra ZT111.

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