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Zebra ZD421-HC
4-inch Desktop Printers

Introducing the Zebra ZD421-HC with a commitment to hygiene in healthcare settings. Its disinfectant-ready plastics, UV-resistant housing, and sealed-button interface ensure effortless cleaning and sanitization, providing a crucial defense against the spread of infections in hospitals and clinics.

Supports both EPL (Eltron Programming Language) and ZPL (Zebra Programming Language) printer languages, ensuring flexibility and ease of integration, allowing you to effortlessly connect and print with a wide range of printers.

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Featuring five LED icons, the ZD421-HC can quickly identify and address needs, from media replenishment to troubleshooting printer issues, ensuring seamless operation.


Features a Real-Time Clock (RTC) and seamless integration with the Link-OS operating system, ensuring precise timekeeping and efficient communication for enhanced performance.


The ZD421-HC features a standard USB and USB Host, with optional Ethernet, Serial, and Bluetooth® 4.1.


Durable UV-resistant housing, the ZD421-HC ensures long-lasting protection against sun exposure and environmental elements, extending the lifespan of your equipment.

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Multi-functional Mobile Solutions

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The dual-wall frame construction of the ZD421-HC ensures enhanced durability and stability for reliable performance in diverse printing environments.

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With adjustable full-width reflective/black mark sensors and versatile multi-position transmissive/gap sensors, the ZD421-HC guarantees precise media detection, catering to diverse printing requirements

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The ZD421 prints quickly at 6 inches per second (203 dpi) and 4 inches per second (300 dpi), offering high-resolution output to meet different needs.

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Field Service

With a Real-Time Clock (RTC) ensuring precise timekeeping, the ZD421 supports versatile print methods, including both Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal, providing flexibility for various printing needs.

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The Zebra ZD421-HC is built with disinfectant-ready plastics and UV-resistant housing for enhanced durability and easy cleaning.

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Law Enforcement

The power supply of the ZD421-HC meets IEC 60601-1 standards, ensuring safe and compliant use in healthcare facilities.

Power + Resilience

Optimize your workflow with the Zebra ZD421-HC.

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