dark grey Zebra ZD420d Desktop Printer

Zebra ZD420d
Desktop Printer

The Zebra ZD420d Desktop Printer offers seamless compatibility, allowing you to continue using your existing label formats and applications, whether you currently use a Zebra or a different brand printer.

With Link-OS®, the ZD420d printer becomes a smart and connected device. It provides seamless integration with other systems and software, allowing for efficient communication and data exchange.

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Supports Zebra Link-OS for easy remote printer management, the Zebra ZD420d has a user-friendly interface.


The ZD420d printer reduces costs with its high-capacity ribbon, allowing for more printing before replacement and lowering consumable expenses.


Provides flexible connectivity options, the ZD420d features USB and USB Host ports, and dual wireless radio supporting Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


The ZD420d printer’s removable desktop battery enables easy on-the-spot printing, reducing steps and improving productivity and accuracy.

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Multi-functional Mobile Solutions

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Equipped with a user-friendly interface consisting of five status icons and three buttons, the ZD420d allows for effortless control of essential functions.

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The ZD420d printer can print at a maximum speed of 6 inches per second with a resolution of 203 dpi, perfect for fast and high-quality printing.

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Comes with 512MB flash memory and 256MB SD RAM, ensuring efficient data storage, ZD420d enable smooth printing operations.

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Field Service

The ZD420d printer has a print width of 4.09 inches (104 mm) at 203 dpi, and allows for printing on a wide range of label sizes and designs with clarity and precision.

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Easily movable, at just 3.6 lbs./1.6 kg, the ZD420d can be easily moved and transported to function in different spaces of any business.

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Law Enforcement

Dual-wall frame construction provides an increased durability and reliability. The ZD420d can withstand impacts and offers long-lasting performance.

Power + Resilience

Optimize your workflow with the Zebra ZD420d.

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