Black and green Zebra WS50 facing right

Zebra WS50
Wearable Computer

With its three versatile wearing options, the Zebra WS50 Wearable Computer is perfectly suited for task workers across a wide range of industries. You can choose to wear it on your wrist, two fingers, or the back of your hand, making it incredibly adaptable.

The Zebra WS50 runs on Android 11 AOSP, offering the latest Android features and customizability for wearable computing.

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The Zebra WS50 wrist mount model operates reliably after multiple 4 ft./1.2 m drops and 1,000 consecutive tumbles.


The WS50’s three wearing options- wrist, two fingers, or the back of your hand- make it suitable for a variety of task workers across different industries.


Supporting both host and client modes for wired connections, the WS50 provides Bluetooth wireless connectivity for various devices and data sharing.


The WS50 boasts a capacitive touch panel that is responsive to both fingertip and glove input. It’s protected by Corning® Gorilla® Glass for added durability.

Dark Zebra WS50 wearable computer with two cameras

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Black and green Zebra WS50 facing right
black and green Zebra WS50 wrist mount top right facing with key button
black Zebra WS50 wearable computer with scanner
Zebra WS50 wearable computer top front

Multi-functional Mobile Solutions

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Allows quick scanning of materials and equipment with one trigger press. Zebra’s WS50 Multi-Code Data Formatting streamlines barcode capture and data transmission.

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Removable, hot-swappable batteries keep the WS50 running throughout each shift. Fast charging gets them ready in under three hours, and hot-swap support allows users to switch batteries without downtime.

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Comes with four programmable buttons, while the converged model offers a trigger and two programmable buttons, which helps streamline tasks, reduce errors, and enhance productivity.

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Field Service

The two-inch AMOLED color display is exceptionally bright, doesn’t need a backlight, and offers better contrast and viewing angles for superior readability on the WS50.

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Dust-tight and protected against water jets. This level of sealing ensures that the Zebra WS50 is robust and can withstand dust and water exposure.

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Law Enforcement

The WS50 Wrist Model can handle 1,000 tumbles from a height of 1.6 ft./0.5 m, and the converged model It’s even tougher, enduring 2,000 tumbles from the same height.

Power + Resilience

Optimize your workflow with the Zebra WS50.

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