zebra tc75 product review

When looking for the perfect mobile computer for your company, you want a device that can meet all your requirements. It should have a high-capacity battery that can get through the day with ease, a powerful scanner, a large display to clearly see all the necessary data, and a fast interface to increase productivity. Devices like the the Zebra TC75 fill this niche perfectly but there are some competitors that offer similar quality at a more affordable cost. Continue reading for the Zebra TC75 Review.

We rank the Zebra TC75 as a 4/10.

Overview and Specifications of the Zebra TC75

Operating SystemAndroid 5.1 Lollipop
MemoryOne GB RAM/Eight GB ROM
Battery4620 mAh Swap
Processor1.7GHz two-core chipset

It is important to point out that as of February 2020, the Zebra TC75 has been discontinued. Though Zebra continues to offer service and support through May of 2025, it’s not to early to begin looking for a replacement model. So in addition to reviewing the TC75, we’ll also compare it against the newly released Sonim RS60 to determine if it’s a suitable replacement and can give you the same features at a more affordable price point.

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Operating System

Sonim RS60 mobile computer

The Zebra TC75 uses a an older operating system, Android 5.1 Lollipop, which was released seven years ago. Consequently, you can’t expect the device to function as fast as those using more updated versions of Android.

That said, there are some decent features that can provide a solid performance. For instance, the Mobility Extensions minimize support time and gives you better control of Wi-Fi performance, security, and application access.


Zebra TC75 Construction Worker

The processor is one of the biggest weaknesses of the TC75 mobile computer. It comes with just two cores and operates at 1.7GHz.


Sonim RS60 Scanning product

When it comes to Wi-Fi settings, the Zebra TC75 uses a Multimedia (WMM) system. It improves the performance of various network applications, such as voice and video.

The Zebra TC75 uses a 4G LTE connection which is important for workers who need to remain connected on the go.

Additional Features

Zebra TC75 Truckers

In terms of software Zebra offers quite a bit from their Mobility DNA package. There’s the Enterprise Keyboard that facilitates easier alphanumeric entry and company-specific information. Moreover, you can test your systems and avoid unnecessary repairs.

Scanning Capabilities of Zebra TC75

Zebra TC75 Scanning Barcode

As for the TC75, you also get a barcode scanner for your fieldwork. It’s a 1D/2D model with a good range that captures a decent amount of data.


Sonim RS60 Warehouse inventory

When it comes to the display, the Zebra TC75 comes with a solid model. It’s a 4.7-inch high-definition screen you can use with your fingers, gloved fingers, or a stylus. The resolution is 1280×720 pixels, and there’s also automatic setting adjustment.


Sonim RS60 Gloves Warehous

One of the most important aspects of rugged mobile computers is the build quality. Your device needs to be strong enough to endure powerful impact and prevent any substance from causing extensive damage. The Zebra TC75 does a solid job providing its customers with decent sturdiness. The item possesses the MIL-STD-810G safety certification and comes with Corning Gorilla Glass.

The Zebra TC75 is also IP65 and IP67 per applicable IEC sealing specifications, and was tested in multiple 8 ft./2.4 m drop to concrete per MIL-STD 810G safety certification.


sonim rs60 meter reading

The TC75 features a Li-Lon 3.7V 4620 mAh typical battery, which is a significant downgrade. It’s great that the item can be swapped without shutting down the computer or closing open apps, but it doesn’t offer as much power as other mobile devices.


Sonim RS60 Scanning Barcode

The Zebra manufacturers were not so generous with the TC75 memory-wise. You get a meager eight GB of flash memory, which doesn’t meet the requirements of any large-scale operation. The same goes for RAM: You get just one GB, making it more likely to experience sluggish performance and low load speeds.


zebra TC75 hanheld mobile computer scanning barcode

Accessories might be the most underrated aspect of mobile computers. Considering the diverse demands of fieldwork, your employees need to be equipped with adequate gear to perform their jobs efficiently. Otherwise, their assignments may take a lot longer to complete.

Regarding the accessories you can get with the Zebra TC75, there are several notable options, such as vehicle cradles, stripe readers, and trigger handles.

MSRP of Zebra TC75

Sonim RS60 Scanning

The TC75 is one of the priciest models made by Zebra. It goes for a whopping $2,300, and it’s hard to see why the manufacturer decided to put such a hefty price tag on a product that’s a bit behind on the specs.


Like many other warranties offered by Zebra, the TC75 isn’t covered for too long. You only get a one-year limited warranty that doesn’t protect your device against many forms of damage.

Final Verdict for the Zebra TC75

The Zebra TC75 is unfortunately priced. Although on its own it is a fairly decent option, when you look at other mobile computers in the market, the price of the TC75 is puzzling- an exorbitant. A better option on the market would probably be the GETAC T800, or the Honeywell RT10A.

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