Warehouse personnel's checking stocks using Zebra TC53

The Zebra TC53 is the ultimate 2022 addition to Zebra’s robust lineup of mobile computers. Suitable for transportation, logistics, field services, and other uses, TC53 has significant improvements compared to its predecessor in terms of performance, camera, and scanning features. Here’s a Zebra TC53 review of what you can expect from this mobile computer, and how it can benefit your workforce.

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Product Ranking

Zebra TC53 Ranking 10/10

The TCS53 is a clear 10/10. It has some of the most advanced features, ones we haven’t seen in previous Zebra models, for perfect synchrony between the software and hardware components.

Product Specifications

Display 6 inches FHD
Resolution1080 x 2160
Power4,400 mAh and extended 6,600 mAh Li-Ion battery
Camera8 MP front, 16 MP rear autofocus
Connectivity GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
ScanningSE 155 1D/2D; SE4720 1D/2D Scanner
Memory4 GB RAM / 64 GB UFS Flash; 8 GB RAM / 64 GB UFS Flash, 8 GB RAM / 128 GB UFS Flash

Product Pricing

Delivery Man Reporting Successful Delivery Using Zebra TC53

The Zebra TC53 is available in numerous formats, memory options, accessories, etc. The price varies depending on the specifications and upgrades. Different business models need different types of Zebra TC53s. To make sure you get the best bang for your buck, contact Energy Electronics experts. We’ll go over your preferred specifications and requirements and come up with a personalized offer to meet your needs.

Pros and Cons

Person Signing for Her Package using Zebra TC53

The Zebra TC53 is packed with advantages. This new generation of mobile computers redefines the mobile computing performance we knew before. Users can now measure their parcels, do mobile payments, connect to 5G networks, and more on a 6-inch screen. This specific model is the first to include the Zebra Dimensioning Certified Mobile Parcel, an industry-first feature that integrates the Time of Flight sensor for collecting parcel dimensions instantly. The rugged and lightweight design are also advantages.

This mobile computer may not be suitable for businesses on a budget. We’re discussing a brand-new device with some of the most advanced features on the market. Therefore, if you’re on a shorter budget, you may want to consider some of the TC53’s predecessors like the TC52. Alternatively, look for other Zebra mobile computers like the TC25 or TC26.

Display, Cameras, and Scanners

Zebra TC53 Gallery Photos

The Zebra TC53 is a comprehensive digital computer with some of the most advanced display, scanner, and camera upgrades.

The TC53 has an optically bonded TFT LCD with 600 nits. This is an improvement from the predecessor. The new gadget also comes with better display protection. The Gorilla Glass 5 can survive falls from up to 3.9 feet on rough surfaces. Many users dislike Gorilla Glass due to its added weight and thickness.

The display resolution is 2160 x 1080 pixels on a 6-inch screen with 402 PPI (pixels per inch). With the TC52 having only 294 PPI, the upgrade is more than obvious.

The display is also suitable for use with gloves or in wet conditions. You don’t have to change modes from glove to no glove or wet to non-wet. Finally, the light sensor adjusts the backlight brightness of the display for convenient use in all light conditions.

The Zebra TC53 has some of the most advanced scanning capabilities with an integrated scanner that’s only 2/3 inches thick.

The new scanner, SE55, offers unparalleled image sharpness with both super close and faraway scanning. This scanner allows you to do more compared to the SE4720.

Even though the SE55 is the obvious winner in terms of productivity, the SE4720 doesn’t lag much behind in terms of efficiency.

The cameras in the TC53 come with significant improvements compared to the TC52. While the predecessor has a 5 MP front and 13 MP rear camera, the new model has an 8 MP front and 16 MP rear option.

With every model up to the TC53, it was apparent that regular iOS or Android smartphones could take sharper and better pictures.

Whether you work indoors or outdoors, the Zebra TC53 is a stable companion.

Operation System and Programs

Zebra TC53 Operating Systems and Programs

The Zebra TC53 runs on Android 11, with support for upgrading to Android 16. Below is an overview of supported programs.

  • LifeGuard for Android. Restrict device features and apps to make them suitable for different team members and stakeholders.
  • StageNow. Stage your new Zebra TC53 right out of the box with the company’s device staging functionality.
  • Device Tracker. Use it to locate your missing Zebra TC53, no matter whether it’s turned on or off.
  • Wireless Fusion. Fusion is a driver or supplicant for wireless connections, including WLAN configuration, status reporting, diagnostics, and connectivity.
  • GMS Restricted Mode. Make different services available or turn off some functionalities on different devices.
  • Device Diagnostics. Test the system and save time and money on repairs by running Device Diagnostics.
  • All-Touch Terminal Emulation. This feature lets you convert green screens to all-touch modern screens.
  • Enterprise Keyboard. Customize the keyboard design for your specific data requirement.
  • Simulscan. Effortlessly scan only the barcodes you need from a multitude of data using this set of productivity tools.
  • OCR Wedge. Use the in-built optical character recognition tool to capture standardized data.
  • Enterprise Mobility Management Tool Kit. Create apps that make the most of the TC53’s capabilities for your specific needs.
  • Enterprise Browser. Use Zebra’s in-built browser instead of third-party apps to create advanced web applications.
  • DataWedge. Makes capturing and adding new barcode data to existing apps easy.
  • PowerPrecision Console. Get notifications when the current battery is about to die and perform replacements when they’re due.
  • Time of Flight sensor. Capture and collect parcel dimensions instantly with a single hit of a button.
  • Workforce Connect. Get to add an all-around PVX handset to your TC53 without having to buy voice-enabled devices.
  • Zebra Dimensioning Service. Make accurate parcel dimensions as they travel throughout your shipping workflow.

How to Purchase Zebra TC53

Zebra TC53 Purchasing Advice

The Zebra TC53 is available in various formats and with different accessories. It’s easy to get lost in all the specs when trying to purchase the right model online. You can contact the experts at Energy Electronics for advice on the best model for your needs. We handle bulk purchases and organize shipments across the country.

Markets and Applications

Zebra TC53 Wide Scope of Markets and Applications

The Zebra TC53 is suitable for a range of applications and markets. Below are some of the most common examples.

  • Retail – The TC53 is perfect for retail as it offers all the functionalities you need, like price checking, item locating, assisted selling, task management, price management, inventory counts, merchandising, and more.
  • Field service – Professionals can use the TC53 in field service for a range of tasks like part inventory, scheduling, asset management, invoicing, mobile point of sale, etc.
  • Transportation – The TC53 is an excellent choice for the transportation sector because it allows for seamless proof of condition or delivery services, asset management, and invoicing, and can also serve as a location services provider.
  • Logistics – Much like the transportation industry, the TC53 is a robust companion for logistics when it comes to location services, asset management, and delivery.
  • Task management – Any market or industry that relies upon mobile computers for product and task management can use the TC53.

Zebra TC53 Product Review

Personnel Preparing Packages Using Zebra TC53

Below are some of the numerous Zebra TC53 reviews to help you better understand just how efficient this mobile computer is in various settings:

“I bought the Zebra TC53 to streamline work processes for my retail business. My employees can now communicate with each other and keep track of the products with ease. The battery lasts throughout the shift even during extensive usage. I also got the extended battery just in case, but the original one works great so far.”

“The Zebra TC53 is heaven-sent for logistics businesses. The way this device has reshaped the way our business work is beyond expectations. We no longer have to use multiple devices to scan, read, share documents, communicate with each other, and access information online. The all-around solution packed in the easily accessible Android OS has all the features I was looking for.”

“When you work in field service, you need a sturdy device that can withstand occasional drops and impact and be able to multitask efficiently. TC53 is all that and more. I’m grateful for this purchase because it has made open-air work much more efficient. Long battery life is a major plus for workers who don’t have easy access to charging stations.”

Power and Batteries

Zebra TC53 Long Lasting Power and Batteries

The Zebra TC53 runs on a 17.7-watt-hour Li-ion battery. Its predecessor, the TC52, had a 15.5-watt-hour capacity, making the new model quite an improvement. The PowerPrecision+ standard battery runs on a 4,400 mAh, while the extended version has a 6,600 mAh capacity. Users also have a choice of BLE and wireless charging batteries.

Accessories and Addons

Zebra TC53 Available Accessories and Addons

The TC53 has a suite of accessories and add-ons to make its use more versatile and flexible. Here’s the overview of the top seven.

  • Cradles – Choose from a single-slot USB, ethernet, or multi-slot charger to charge up to five of your devices at any convenient location at the same time.
  • Spare batteries – Long field trips and rides become less of a hassle with Zebra’s collection of spare Li-ion batteries of up to 6,600 mAh capacity for worry-free multiple-day trips.
  • Vehicle chargers – Another accessory to make your long journey easier is the variety of vehicle chargers, including wireless chargers, that the TC53 can utilize.
  • Vehicle holders and mounts – Make operation with TC53 easy and efficient by attaching the device to your vehicle or any convenient location.
  • Wrist mount and straps – Carry around the TC53 without having to add extra weight to your bag. The wrist mounts and straps allow placing the TC53 in convenient places around your body for easy access.
  • Carrying clip – The carrying clip is another of many travel-friendly accessories of the Zebra TC53 mobile computer.
  • Trigger handle – The trigger handle makes it possible to use the device in a gun form, making scanning faster and easier.

Talk to an Expert

Talk to a Tech Expert

The Zebra TC53 is an excellent choice for logistics, retail, transportation, and field service workers. However, the variety of models and accessories makes it challenging to pick the right fit. Get in touch with our Energy Electronics expert to come up with a customized recommendation for your specific needs.