zebra tc52 product review

If you’re looking for a mobile computer, you may have several important features in mind, such as an integrated barcode scanner and a powerful processor. And if it’s primarily intended for business, chances are you may have even more requirements from your device. The handheld will need to last for quite a while between charges, offer versatility in its apps, provide adequate security, and have a large screen to see all the necessary tasks. In this entry, we’re looking at the Zebra TC52 to determine if it will suit your business needs.

Overview and Specifications

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MSRP$1,268 – 1,520
Operating SystemAndroid 8.1
MemoryFour GB RAM/32 GB ROM
DisplayFive-inch Gorilla Glass
BatteryRemovable 4150 mAh
Processor2.2GHz Snapdragon Octa-core

Operating System

The Zebra TC52 uses Android 8.1, which is a decent system. Since the introduction of the OS, memory usage has been significantly improved, and your apps can now run efficiently on mobile computers with up to one GB of RAM. Additionally, the hardware feature constants allow you to target app distribution to low-RAM or normal devices with Google Play. The speed is also solid.


Zebra TC52 Mobile Computer Processor

The Zebra TC52 features a powerful 2.2GHz Snapdragon Octa-core processor. It’s faster than previous Zebra models in all respects and, owing to the 28 nm technology, it’s also more efficient to boot. The Zebra TC52’s processor has a minor advantage over other OS in terms of graphic capabilities.

Wi-Fi and Cellular Capabilities

Zebra TC52 Field Worker

The Zebra TC52 has a dual-band Wi-Fi that supports both five GHz and 2.4GHz channels. It offers high speeds and limits the interference caused by other devices. With two bands available, your device can handle a lot more traffic. Moreover, you get global roaming, enhanced security, interference elimination, an optimized network, power savings, and infrastructure protection. It’s a dual-band system that features excellent capabilities, such as fast roaming and interference elimination. However the TC52 does not have cellular capabilities which means it would need to be used within range of a Wi-Fi network in order to stay connected.

Additional Features

Zebra TC52 Mobile Computer Barcode Scanner

A key aspect of the Zebra’s TC52 is the integrated a barcode scanner. It’s 1D/2D model with a decent scanning range. Another noteworthy aspect is that the accessories for the TC51 are backward compatible with the TC52, which means that you don’t need to purchase new accessories.


Mobile Computer with Scanner

The TC52 offers high-definition graphic apps on its user-friendly, five-inch display. It features flexible multi-touch functions you can use with a stylus or your gloved fingers. The outdoor readability is solid, and you can clearly check on-screen information in sunlight.


Sonim RS60 Ultra-Rugged

The Zebra TC52 features decent build quality. The device complies with some key industry standards, such as MIL-STD-810G. While sturdy, it’s not designed for use in extremely harsh environments and requires the addition of accessories such as a rubber casing to improve its impact resistance.


The Zebra TC52 has a 4150 mAh removable battery. It can give you up to 14 hours of service, which is quite solid.


mobile computer in warehouse

While the Zebra TC52 gives you 4GB of RAM, but the flash memory isn’t as capacious. Namely, there are just 32GB of storage available, which is half as much as other mobile devices. You can upgrade it with an SDXC card if necessary but for large storage needs it is not the best option.


In terms of price, the Zebra TC52 is expensive. The lowest price we’ve found for the device is $1,268, whereas some retailers sell the device for as much as $1,520.


using mobile computer with glove

Accessories can mean a lot for your field workers. They can help them maneuver their devices with greater ease, leading to higher productivity. Here are some extra items you can expect with the Zebra TC52:

  • Electronic trigger handle
  • Workstation docking handle
  • Scanstand pedestal
  • Vehicle Mount


The Zebra TC52 only gives you a one-year limited warranty. As a consequence, you may not receive coverage should your device get damaged past the first year mark.

Final Verdict

For its price, the Zebra TC52 is a decent option, but certainly not the best option on the market. We’d recommend looking at the Honeywell Dolphin CT60, the Zebra TC57, or or the Sonim RS60.

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