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Zebra TC26 is a powerful phone for data capturing with upgraded features over its predecessor, the TC25. The bigger screen and more robust functionalities make this device well worth the investment. Read on for more details about the specifications, pricing, reviews, pros, and cons.

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Zebra TC26 Product Ranking

Zebra TC26 Product Ranking

Zebra TC26 scores a whopping 9/10 on our ranking scale. The TC26 range comes with a multitude of excellent features and plenty of accessories to further boost its performance. From multiple cameras, an integrated barcode scanner, and add-ons for fast data capturing, this device can handle any manufacturing, warehousing, or any other large data-handling task.

Product Specifications

Operating System Android 10 
Display1280 x 720 pixels
Rear cameras13 MP
Front Camera 5 MP
ChipsetSnapdragon 660
Storage32 GB / 64 GB
Battery3,100 mAh (6,400 mAh available)
ConnectivityWi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, Nano SIM

Zebra TC26 Product Pricing

Zebra TC26 Product Pricing

The price of the Zebra TC26 depends on the degree of customization you need as well as on the model. You can choose from four options. The company has two basic designs with an integrated barcode scanner or a rear connector. These are the models TC26 No Scanner and TC26 Basic.

Users get the most value with designs that integrate both the scanner and the connector into one device. These models also have a higher price range.

The device is also highly customizable, with the prices varying by hundreds of dollars. Contact an Energy Electronics expert for an exact quote so you know how much TC26 will cost to fit your specific needs. You may even be eligible for discounts for bulk purchases.

Pros and Cons

Zebra TC26 Pros and Cons

The TC26 device is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a reliable mobile computer for business operations with plenty of data verification and capturing options. Distribution centers and warehouses can benefit from this mobile computer in particular. This device is relatively simple to operate and makes the connection to the centralized data a breeze. Stock control, quality assurance, and product identification tasks are done with ease. Another benefit of the TC26 is that it can handle whole-day operation using both the camera and barcode scanner and link it to your information system.

A downside of this device is its bulky construction compared to regular phones. Still, the Zebra TC26 feels sturdy in hand, and its thin edges chamfered toward the center of the device make up for the thickness. The smaller display (5 inches) is an advantage when it comes to high responsivity and fast updates. However, it may annoy you when looking at high-resolution images. The display resolution is considered low-end, meaning you’d be seeing plenty of pixels on the screen if you were to zoom in on an image. Also, this device doesn’t have the best contrast and brightness levels. You’ll have to use it on maximum brightness capacity in environments with plenty of light for maximum efficiency.

Display, Cameras, and Scanners

Zebra TC26 Display, Camers, and Scanners

The TC26 has a back-lit LED screen with a 1280 x 720 resolution. The Zebra TC26 has a Corning Gorilla Glass face over the frontal area, measuring around 158 mm x 79 mm. The protection covers the whole phone (6 inches), while the display is 5 inches.

The TC26 Basic version has the SE4100 scanning platform, while the Plus and High Memory models have the advanced SE4710. The former suits 1D and 2D scanning from close and mid-range distances.

If you depend heavily on scanning in your work, the TC26 with SE4710 is a better model. All Zebra models come with an arm mount accessory and a trigger handle for more flexible scanning performance.

The rear-facing camera is 13 MP, a decent upgrade from the previous model’s 7 MP solution. Under sufficient lighting conditions, you can take sharp images due to the enhanced focus mode.

You can also use the rear-facing camera’s optical character recognition technology to make scans. Do note that scanning this way takes longer compared to the in-built scanner. The TC26 camera has a high dynamic range feature, which boosts the quality of your images. You can capture and highlight details on both black and white backgrounds and focus on the details that matter.

There are also multiple image options like candlelight mode, auto, and HDR. The video mode supports noise reduction and digital image stabilization and has some encoding codecs. The highest resolution for videos is 1080p.

The 1280 x 720 resolution has a few limitations, but it’s still reliable and gets the job done when it comes to reading data. Overall, the camera, scanners, and display of Zebra TC26 have all the features you’d expect in a high-quality and robust mobile computer.

Operating Systems and Programs

Operating Systems and Programs of Zebra TC26

The Zebra TC26 runs on an Android 10 operating system with the possibility of upgrading to Android 14. It has 3GB of RAM and 32 GB of flash storage.

Zebra has numerous programs to boost its functionality and offer a more efficient user experience:

  • StageNow. The company’s staging solution makes it easy to set up your Zebra device and create a profile.
  • Enterprise Keyboard. Zebra has a dedicated Enterprise Keyboard program that makes sure your data entry is accurate. The auto-correct feature and updated key size will make it easier to enter and read your data with the TC26.
  • Workforce Connect. Elevate phone calls, messaging, and communication in general.
  • Swipe Assists. This program makes it easy to perform data capturing.
  • Enterprise Browser. Zebra has its own in-built browser. This browser works perfectly with other Zebra functionalities and runs faster than your regular third-party browsers because it’s part of an integrated hardware-software system.
  • WorryFree Wi-Fi. One of many Mobility DNA tools, WorryFree Wi-Fi, brings stable Wi-Fi to Zebra TC26 users. Use it to run apps, do online searches, back up your files, and more.
  • DataWedge. This in-built tool for file transfer makes it a breeze to move your scans to a computer, the cloud, or other apps. A simple interface and no learning curve make this tool easy to use even for beginners.
  • All-Touch Terminal Emulation. If you used the Microsoft Office package on your previous devices, you can transfer them to your new TC26 using the All-Touch Terminal Emulation.
  • Zebra OneCare and VisibilityIQ One Care. These programs keep track of your Zebra TC26’s readiness for business.
  • Enterprise Home Screen. Use your TC26 in any business setting by accessing the Enterprise Home Screen.
  • Power Precision Console (PPC). Use the Power Precision Console functionality to keep track of your batteries.

How to Purchase Zebra TC26

Workers in their rest time

The Zebra TC26 has different models and variations depending on the features, accessibility, and accessories. If you’re like most business owners or managers, you may feel overwhelmed going over all the models and figuring out the best one for your needs. There’s a faster and more efficient way to choose the best device for your business. Energy Electronics has experts who can recommend the perfect Zebra TC26 model for your needs. You just have to tell us your requirements and expectations.

Markets and Applications

Zebra TC26 A wide Scope of Markets and applications

You can use the Zebra TC26 to enhance your workflow in numerous settings. Some examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Warehousing – Boost your warehouse processes with a more organized and efficient data capturing and reading system. You can track inventory, identify products, and communicate with your team effortlessly.
  • Retail – Retail stores and distribution centers rely on heavy-duty scanners and barcode readers to handle deliveries and shipments and keep track of their products. You can do all that and more with the Zebra TC26.
  • Healthcare – The TC26 is an excellent device for use in the healthcare setting. Scanning prescriptions and medications, identifying patients, and accessing patient info is a breeze with this mobile computer.
  • Field service – If you have a team of field workers like firefighters, first responders, or construction workers, they’ll benefit from a device like the Zebra TC26 for scanning, sharing, and reading information on the field.
  • Manufacturing – The Zebra TC26 is ideal for manufacturers because it makes tracking the inventory easy in real-time. It also allows teams to share information with clients, suppliers, and sellers seamlessly.
  • DSD – If you work in a direct store delivery setting, you’ll appreciate Zebra TC26’s robust communication, barcode scanning, and multitasking features.
  • Mail – Mail carriers and delivery services can upscale their workflow with an easy and convenient device like the Zebra TC26. Execute services and payments, recover lost and stolen devices, communicate in real time, and implement dynamic routing in seconds.

Zebra TC26 Review

Zebra TC26 Review

The majority of online reviews for Zebra TC26 are positive. Here are some of our favorite ones:

“Zebra TC26 is a great product design-wise. I use it for my warehouse management and have had no complaints so far. The scanner works well in bright work conditions and the device can handle multitasking just as expected.”

“My team of nurses switched to Zebra TC26 last year and have not regretted the decision once. The integrated barcode scanner has made their lives so much easier, given the large amount of data they must process daily. Data sharing is easy, and everyone has an easy time using the device because it runs on Android.”

“Zebra TC26 has an excellent value for money. Our field workers can communicate with each other without hassle, regardless of the terrain. I was looking for an affordable device with great scanning and communication features, and Zebra TC26 has proven to be all that and more.”

Power and Batteries

Zebra TC26 Power and Batteries

The Zebra TC26 has a 10-hour battery life and runs on a 3,100 mAh capacity. The battery life heavily depends on the use. You can purchase additional batteries for extended usage and recharge the standard battery in four hours. The TC26 model (or any other Zebra mobile computer, for that matter) doesn’t have a wireless charging option yet. Still, the battery is easily swappable. You can also add an extendible battery with a 6,400 mAh capacity.

Accessories and Addons

Zebra TC26 Accessories and Addons

The Zebra TC26 gets all the more powerful when you integrate add-ons and accessories made for this specific model. However, given the range of available tools, it’s best to consult Energy Electronics experts to ensure you get the appropriate solution for your needs.

You can choose from any of the following accessories and add-ons for your Zebra TC26:

  • Snap-on trigger handle – This trigger handle makes scanning barcodes in warehouses, storage facilities, and distribution centers easier.
  • Screen protector – Screen protectors make your TC26 safer and better protected. Consider this accessory especially if you need a heavy-duty device for work in harsh environments.
  • Hand strap – Keep your TC26 at hand and prevent it from falling by ensuring a better grip in your hand.
  • Wearable arm mount – Field workers and anyone who needs their Zebra TC26 close to them can use a wearable arm mount for easy and convenient storage.
  • Wired USB-C headset for VOIP and PTT – Make phone calls more effective and comfortable with a headset for PTT and VOIP calls in all situations.
  • Vehicle holder – Attach your Zebra TC26 on your windshield or elsewhere in the vehicle for easy access to data at all times during transport.
  • Soft holster – Yet another useful add-on to holster your device to protect it from external elements and drops.

Talk to an Expert

Talk to a Tech Expert

The Zebra TC26 is an ideal all-around mobile computer suitable for a range of tasks, from barcode scanning to data sharing, communication, and multitasking. Experts at Energy Electronics can help you pick and configure the perfect TC26 model for your particular needs. Fill out the form below, and we’ll get back to you shortly.