Warehouse Personnel Scanning Stocks Using Zebra TC21

If you’re looking for a device to optimize various operations in your business, the Zebra TC21 is an excellent choice. The gadget features a rugged body that can withstand harsh conditions and is packed with premium software for seamless communication. Let’s take a closer look at this well-designed mobile computer.

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Product Ranking

Zebra TC21 Product Ranking

The TC21 is a 10/10 product due to its excellent all-around design that combines exceptional internals and externals.

Product Specifications 

Display5-inch 1280×720 Corning Gorilla Glass
Weight8.32 ounces (with battery)
Dimensions6.22×3.11×0.54 inches with standard battery6.22×3.11×0.68 with extended battery
Battery3,300mAh (standard); 5,260mAH (extended)
CPU1.8GHZ-2.2GHZ octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 66 (depending on your configuration)
RAM3GB-4GB (depending on your configuration)
Flash Memory32GB-64GB (depending on your configuration)
Camera13MP (rear); 5MP (front)
ScanningSE4100 1D/2D imagerSE4710 1D/2D imagerSKU-dependent camera scanning
Network ConnectionsWLAN, WPAN, high-speed USB 2.0

Product Pricing

A Port worker talking someone on the Radio

The average price of the Zebra TC21 is $700. The cost can be much higher or lower than that depending on the different features you incorporate into your device. If you want to get an accurate quote, contact Energy Electronics. Our tech professionals can advise you on the right configuration for your need and provide an exact price.

Pros and Cons

A Heavy Equipment Operator

The TC21 brings many impressive features to the table. It’s a smooth upgrade over its predecessors, including the TC20. It has a bigger screen than most other mobile computers, which lets you read data accurately, even in direct sunlight. You’ll also enjoy the increased performance and multiple battery solutions that allow you to carry out your operations during extended shifts. Furthermore, the software is up-to-date and follows the highest security standards for your peace of mind.

The only notable downside of this device is that it’s heavier than standard smartphones. Hence, if you’re used to regular gadgets, it might take you a while to get accustomed to the bulkier design.

Display, Cameras, and Scanners

Zebra TC21 Display, Cameras, and Scanners

The display is one of the most important parts of each mobile computer, and the TC21 delivers an excellent solution in this regard. It comes with a 5-inch 1280×720 screen that works great in all conditions.

As for the cameras, the TC21 leaves nothing to be desired. You get a 13MP rear camera that takes sharp images from far distances. Whether you’re a few feet or mere inches away from your target, you’ll be able to take crisp shots.

The best part about the camera might be its high dynamic range (HDR) functionality, which elevates the quality of your photos. It enables you to capture more details in shadows that otherwise appear black and more details in highlights that otherwise wash out in white backgrounds.

The front camera doesn’t offer as much quality as the rear unit, but it does the trick in most cases. It features noise reduction and many other useful technologies to ensure consistent performance.

TC21’s scanning solution is also noteworthy. It sets the model apart from regular smartphones. There are two main scanning options you can utilize with this device.

The primary solution, SE4100, is ideal for most scanning requirements due to its support for 1D and 2D barcodes. You can capture items accurately from various distances, which can dramatically speed up your work.

The secondary solution, SE 4710, relies on a high-performance scan engine. It’s even more flexible when it comes to the distances from which you can capture your barcodes.

Regardless of the scanner you rely on, Zebra lets you attach a wearable arm mount and snap-on trigger handle. Various communication and cradle chargers are available to elevate your experience and help you use the features more efficiently.

Operating Systems and Programs

Zebra TC21 Operating Systems and Programs

The TC21 runs on Android 10. This is a massive upgrade over some of its predecessors, which mainly used Android 7.0. You can also upgrade the system to Android 14 and reap the benefits of high-end security features and other enhancements.

Zebra’s Mobility DNA stands out with an array of features to boost your experience.

The Mobility DNA suite is comprised of the following programs:

  • Swipe Assists – This utility allows you to place a capture button on your TC21 screen to make data capture more seamless. Once set up, it enables you to scan barcodes, collect information on documents, and take pictures with a single tap.
  • Enterprise Keyboard – Standard Android keypads provide little value when it comes to entering information. You won’t have this problem with the TC21.
  • StageNow – Serving as a form of device staging, StageNow enables you to prepare your devices for use. It eliminates the need to do so manually, saving you a lot of time and money associated with device deployment.
  • Workforce Connect – If you want to take team communication to the next level, TC21 has the technology to help you achieve this. Workforce Connect allows for PTT and PBX calls, enterprise-class messaging, and other features to help your staff stay in touch.
  • Enterprise Home Screen – The TC21 is designed for business operations only. To make sure it stays that way, the phone gives you access to the Enterprise Home Screen.
  • All-Touch Terminal Emulation – Your Microsoft mobile devices might have been retired, but you still need the data contained on these gadgets. That’s where Zebra’s All-Touch Terminal Emulation comes in.
  • Enterprise Browser – You can use third-party web browsers on your TC21, but you can also utilize the built-in Enterprise Browser. It’s perfect for building rich web apps that integrate effortlessly with other Zebra features.
  • Data Wedge – After capturing information with your mobile computer, you want to send it to your productivity apps. Data Wedge lets you do just that. You can send data without coding, and the software ensures your files are transmitted in the correct format.
  • Worry-free Wi-Fi – The only way to benefit from a high-quality mobile computer is to have a stable Wi-Fi connection. The TC21 has one thanks to its Mobility DNA tools.
  • Power Precision Console – It can be hard to determine which batteries in your fleet are holding your workforce back. Zebra TC21 has the Power Precision Console to solve this problem. It detects aging batteries, allowing you to replace them before they take a toll on your team.
  • Device Tracker –You can easily find missing TC21s thanks to the integrated Device Tracker. Every misplaced gadget is a risk you can’t afford, but you won’t have to with your robust Device Tracker.

How to Purchase Zebra TC21

Zebra TC21 How to Purchase

As previously discussed, you can choose between numerous configurations for your Zebra TC21. This is a major advantage, but it can also prolong your shopping process if you don’t know what suits your needs best. If you rush the decision, you may end up buying an incompatible gadget that offers little to no value. Energy Electronics is here to prevent this. Get in touch with our experts, and we’ll provide personalized tips on buying the most suitable model. This way, we ensure you have the right gadget in your business from day one.

Markets and Applications

Zebra TC21 A wide scope of Markets and Applications

The TC21 has numerous applications. It can be used to streamline your operations in these environments:

  • Retail – TC21’s robust communication and scanning solutions allow you to talk to your team without any interruptions and capture barcodes with ease. Plus, you can share updates within seconds.
  • Hospitality – You can depend on TC21 to manage your hotel operations from any of your company’s locations. This means you don’t have to be next to your receptionist or other staff to assign duties.
  • Warehousing – The TC21 can help you achieve next-level warehouse management by ensuring accurate inventory tracking, real-time communication, and fast data capture. The scanning capabilities also enable you to scan barcodes without climbing ladders.
  • Manufacturing – If you’re a manufacturing company, you can gain a lot from the Zebra TC21. In particular, you can track inventory status and receive client orders in real-time.
  • Field service – Field workers are an essential part of many industries. If you belong to this group, you can’t go wrong with the TC21. It optimizes team communication to lower the chances of costly errors and ensure your team goes to the correct location faster.
  • Direct store delivery (DSD) – The Zebra TC21 is a match made in heaven for DSD environments, mainly due to its long battery life. It supports instant connectivity, communications, and the ability to multitask. As a result, you can complete demanding DSD tasks all day long without worrying about running out of power and missing critical deliveries.
  • Route accounting – If you’re a route accounting professional who wants to reduce labor costs, the TC21 is a great device for you. It expedites paperwork entry and management while optimizing your route scheduling.

Zebra TC21 Reviews

Zebra TC21 Review

Here are a few customer reviews of the TC21:

“So far, I like the TC21. It looks like a modern Android phone, but it’s much more than that once you get your hands on this bad boy. The rugged design makes me more comfortable when I work in my factory because it’s much stronger than standard smartphones. I also like the fact that Zebra improved communication features, and the price is more than reasonable.”

“There’s no need for me to get another mobile computer now that I have the TC21. It’s a well-made device with a great all-around design, but I especially enjoy the NFC capabilities. They let me set up password-free authentication and log into my device in seconds. The large screen is also great, and it works fantastic in bright sunlight.

“I needed a device with good communication tools, and I found them in the Zebra TC21. Staying in touch with my co-workers is effortless with this device because you can choose from many ways to talk to them. Whether you’re looking for voice communication or texting through Wi-Fi apps, it doesn’t get any better than this gadget.”

Power and Batteries

Zebra TC21 Power and Batteries

Zebra has stepped up their battery game with the TC21. Unlike some other models, you can now remove the battery when it dies and swap it out for a new one. This lets you keep working without interruptions. As for the capacity, there are two options – the standard (3,300mAh) and the extended (5,260mAh).

Accessories and Add-ons

Zebra TC21 Accessories and Addons

When considering the right accessories for your mobile computer, your best option is to contact an industry expert. Energy Electronics can analyze your needs to determine appropriate add-ons that elevate your productivity without denting your budget.

When it comes to the TC21 in particular, here are some of the accessories you can include:

  • 1-5-slot charging cradles – You can mount them on racks and charge your devices with ease.
  • 1-5-slot communication cradle – Charge your devices while communicating with others.
  • Trigger handle – Scan barcodes more easily with an ergonomic trigger handle.
  • Hand strap – This accessory allows you to prevent accidental drops by improving the grip.
  • Soft holster – Holster your TC21 when not in use to further enhance impact protection.

Talk to an Expert

Talk to Energy Electronics Tech Expert

There’s no going wrong with the Zebra TC21 if you need a heavy-duty, high-performance mobile computer. However, make sure to contact Energy Electronics before purchasing. We can recommend the right configuration for your needs to prevent compatibility problems. Get in touch with us, and we’ll respond within one business hour.