Zebra MC9300 handheld

Zebra MC9300
Mobile Computer

Zebra MC9300 Ultra-Rugged Mobile Touch Computer— the next evolution of the world’s best-selling and most trusted Android enterprise mobile computer, delivering the ultimate Android platform for business and the ultimate in application support.

Zebra MC9300 is a Wi-Fi-enabled Android mobile computer one of the the best in application support. The MC9300 can capture barcodes as close as 3 inches, and as far as 70 feet.

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Zebra MC9300 handheld mobile computer with keypad


The MC9300’s ultra-rugged design is virtually waterproof, drop-proof, dust-proof, and tumble-proof, offering superior reliability.


Features an ultra-powerful 8-core processor, up to eight times the RAM, and 16 times the Flash memory for greater storage capacity.


The MC9300 has a WLAN for local wireless communication, and Bluetooth 5.0 BLE for wireless connectivity.


Zebra’s handheld mobile computers’ multi-touch 4.3 in. display allows workers to view more data while providing best-in-class indoor/outdoor readability.

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Multi-functional Mobile Solutions

construction worker looking at his device


Automatically adjusts display and keypad backlight brightness with motion sensor.

warehouse worker packing a box in a fork lift


Multiple-user multiple input/output that helps keep your WiFi network up and running at peak performance.

warehouse worker who holds a box and scans the barcode


Fast-charging batteries, and a power precision that improves battery technology for longer cycle times.

storage room worker scans a barcode using handheld scanner

Field Service

Ready to outlast virtually every device in its class in any environment — including the freezer.

a woman who scans inside the storage room


A user-environment device that resists condensation and has an integrated window heater.

an old inspector man scans a barcode in a distance

Law Enforcement

Extended Range Imager captures barcodes in hand from 3 inches to as far as 70 feet away.

Power + Resilience

Optimize your workflow with the Zebra MC9300

Worker in Warehouse using the Zebra MC9300

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