zebra et51 enterprise product review

Business owners and managers face many challenges in their day-to-day operations. They need to keep track of performance levels and inventory, as well as communicate with their workers in real time. Many businesses use tablet computers, such as the the Zebra ET51 to solve their logistic and communication issues.

Here’s our complete review on everything that need to know about the Zebra ET51 before you make this decision. Our score of the Zebra ET51 is a 6/10.

Operating System for Zebra ET51

Using Tablet at a Desk

With the Zebra ET51 Enterprise you choose from two models with either Android 10 or Windows 10 as the operating system so you can customize your tablet to suit your company’s needs. With the Android version you’re getting Android 10 which provides a fast and user friendly mobile experience. However if you’re already using Windows that may be a better option for you.

The Android 10 platform provides a fast network that helps your team communicate seamlessly and perform the toughest tasks. It also lets you determine how much of your data will be shared, which devices can see your information, and lets you make any other adjustments from a single location. Additionally, workers who own Android smartphones may already be familiar with the OS and the user-friendly interface is convenient in mobile settings.

ET51 Processor

Using Zebra ET51 for inventory

The tablet features a Octa-core processors that runs on 2.2GHz. They eight cores enable you to perform a large number of tasks without facing slowdowns and keep the battery from emptying quickly. Zebra’s ET51 Enterprise uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 model.

You’re getting a slight edge in terms of graphics quality with Zebra’s processor, when compared with other devices.

Wi-Fi and Cellular Capabilities

men using rugged tablet Zebra ET51

With regards to the Zebra ET51 Enterprise, the Wi-Fi settings are pretty decent. The platform has some strong points, such as the capability to communicate with several devices at once. However, the tablet is not 4G LTE optimized so you would need to stay within range of a wi-fi network for it to work, which limits the mobility of the device.

Specs of the Zebra ET51

Zebra ET51 Enterprise Display

using tablet on forklift Zebra ET51

The Zebra ET51 Enterprise boasts a 2560×1600 8.4-inch Gorilla Glass display so the screen resolution is great. It features solid properties, such as decent outdoor readability, and can be used with a stylus, glove, or while wet.

Build of the Zebra ET51

Using Tablet in Warehouse Zebra ET51

The Zebra ET51 Enterprise is classified as a rugged tablet computer; it is designed to withstand heavy use and harsh working conditions. Each device carries a MIL-STD 810G rating which makes it resistant to drops and extreme temperatures, among other environmental conditions. The Zebra ET51 is also IP65 certified so it is resistant to low pressure contact with water. In terms of weight, the rugged tablet stands at 1.6 pounds so it’s not too heavy to carry around.

Battery Life

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With the Zebra ET51 Enterprise your getting a Li-ion model battery that features 6440 mAh which should get you through most of a typical work day. Additionally, replacing the battery is easy which means you can swap in a fresh one and go multiple shifts without charging.

Memory of Zebra ET51

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The Zebra ET51 Enterprise gives you 4GB of RAM which offers great speeds and lowers the chance of facing bugs. However, flash memory stands at 32GB so if you’re looking to store a large number of critical files you may need more space. The RAM is plenty to run a large number of apps simultaneously and ensure high performance.

Data Capture

Scanning box with Sonim RS80

The Zebra ET51 Enterprise gives you a few options in terms of scanning abilities. The base ET51 tablet does not include a scanner although you could add one using the expansion back accessory at an additional cost. The upgraded model does come with an integrated scanner and supports third-party mobile payment expansion packs that you can attach to your device. It also comes with some cool applications such as the Device Tracker which allows you to easily track misplaced devices. In addition, the tablet is vehicle mountable so it’s a practical solution for truck drivers and forklift operators.

Software Tools

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  • SafeGuard – This feature lets you control all your applications and ensure all mobile computers have work-related configurations.
  • Setup Wizard – You can set up and modify your device settings in no time. Plus, there are no errors that come with manual machine customization.
  • MDM Helper – By determining the accessible and inaccessible features, you’ll be able to manage areas critical to your business operations.
  • Kiosk Mode – Managing apps is a simple task, and you can modify both their look and feel. For instance, you can eliminate any distractions while your workers are operating in potentially harmful environments. This ensures no risks arise due to lack of focus.


Sonim RS80 barcode scanner construction site

Zebra offers quite a few additional items like charging bays, docking station, USB ports, hand and shoulder straps, and rugged frames.

  • Dispatch Equipment
  • Carrying Solutions (hand strap is included in box)
  • Battery charging components and multi-bay handset
  • Cables and adapters
  • In-vehicle pro-install and passive kits
  • Wireless and wired PTT headsets
  • Bluetooth RSM and smart button

The accessories are standard protocols for modern mobile computers. Not all of these accessories will be necessary for all industries.

MSRP Price for Zebra ET51

using rugged tablet for work Zebra ET51

The Zebra ET51 Enterprise varies in price depending on the configuration you choose. The tablet starts at around $1,300 for the base model, but that number increases drastically if you need the added features such as the integrated barcode scanner.

The price for this tablet is higher than industry standards but it is not the most expensive mobile computer in the market.


Zebra’s warranty convers your ET51 for one year against material and workmanship defects from the date of your shipment.

Final Verdict on the Zebra ET51

All things considered, the Zebra ET51 is a decent mobile computer, however not the best value for the price when compared to other devices in the industry.

It combines good speed, key equipment, and good battery life in one rugged tablet that comes at an average-to-high price point. Other options that are slightly more worth the cost are the GETAC T800, or the Honeywell Dolphin CT60.

The model is specifically designed around the needs of various industries and includes powerful management software and the ability to choose Windows or Android is key for businesses looking to integrate existing programs. Whether you’re working in harsh environments, inspecting merchandise, or providing healthcare services, it is a fair option.

The major disadvantages are the fact that the tablet doesn’t support cellular service and that the IP65 rating doesn’t give the device as much protection as some of its competitors. Additionally, the price really starts to climb if you need the barcode scanner and there are other devices with similar specs that include the scanner at a lower cost. All in all, we rank the Zebra ET51 with a ranking of 6/10 or 60%. Good performance, but pricey and not the best value.

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