Two Zebra ET45 mobile computer, front view

Zebra ET45
Mobile Computer

Introducing the Zebra ET45 enterprise tablet with both Wi-Fi 6 and 5G connectivity which is ideal for delivery drivers and other professionals who work in the field.

Can capture sharp and detailed photographs to provide proof of condition and delivery; enable faster data entry with a customized soft keyboard tailored for your data types.

The Zebra ET45 can help with a variety of location-based tasks, from providing directions to the next delivery stop location of drivers.

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Rugged Design

ET45 is designed to withstand drops on tile or concrete floors, and can be used inside or outside in extreme heat or subzero temperature. For even greater durability, you can add an optional rugged boot.

Exceptional Performance

Zebra ET45 has powered with an optional hot-swappable secondary battery — ideal for multiple shifts, and are are built to last years

Wireless Connectivity

With Wi-Fi and cellular which is ideal for delivery drivers and more out in the field for cost-effective wireless connectivity in the largest indoor and outdoor facilities​

Designed to Last

An advanced range scanner to capture items in hand or across the room, with detailed photographs for proof of condition and delivery, and visual in-store merchandising audits to ensure quality and compliance.​

Zebra ET45 mobile computer, front facing

Zebra ET45 Photo Gallery​

Multi-functional Mobile Solutions


Rugged and ready for all-day business. Power options keep your tablets up and running over multiple shifts.​


Featuring Wi-Fi 6 and 5G internet speeds, ideal for indoors in retail and hospitality


ET45 has an advanced range scan engine that can capture multiple barcodes with a single scan.

Field Service

Capture items in hand and across the room. Zebra ET45 has a split-second first-time capture of virtually every barcode.


Connect cordless headsets and printers with Bluetooth ensuring that information is transferred easily.

Law Enforcement

Compact easy-to-carry 8-inch screen or a larger 10-inch display for easier viewing of information-rich apps.

Power + Resilience

Optimize your workflow with the Zebra ET45.

Zebra ET45 mobile computer scanned a barcode
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