Warehouse Manager Checking Products Using Zebra ET45

The Zebra ET45 is a cost-effective, rugged tablet designed to help front-line workers excel at their job, regardless of their work environment. This reliable device provides enterprise-class features and support, with additional accessories tailored to specific applications. Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of the Zebra ET45.

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Product Ranking

Zebra ET45 Ranking 10/10

The Zebra ET45 checks all the boxes regarding durability, performance, and ease of use, making it a 10/10 device.

Product Specifications 

Operating SystemAndroid 11 (can be upgraded)

8-inch model: 1280 x 80010-inch mode: 1920 x 1200Corning Gorilla Glass
Weight8-inch model: 1.07 pounds10-inch model: 1.52 pounds
Dimensions8-inch model: 8.42 x 5.32 x 0.4510-inch model: 10.15 x 6.41 x 0.45
Battery8-inch model: 6100 mAh10-inch model: 7600 mAh
CPUQualcomm Snapdragon SM6375Octa-Core: 2.2 GHz (2) and 1.8 GHz (6)
RAMStandard: 4 GBPremium: 8 GB
StorageStandard: 64 GBPremium: 128 GB
Camera13-megapixel rear-facing camera5-megapixel front-facing camera

SE4100 1D/2DSE4710 1D/2DSE55 1D/2D with IntelliFocus technology
Network ConnectionsWi-Fi 6, 5G, Bluetooth v5.1, NFC, CBRS (available in the U.S. only)

Product Pricing

Sales Lady Helping Customer Using Zebra ET45

On average, the Zebra ET45 tablet costs around $900. However, like all Zebra devices, this tablet is highly customizable, so the exact pricing depends on your chosen specifications.

The best way to obtain this price is to contact Energy Electronics, a certified reseller of the Zebra ET45. Our experts can offer you an exact quote for the model based on your needs and desires. If you want to equip your business fully with this handy tool, you might be eligible for a discount for bulk purchases.

Regardless of the final price, the Zebra ET45 is a highly cost-effective option for any business.

Many business owners choose to purchase consumer-grade tablets to reduce the upfront costs of these devices. Unfortunately, regular tablets aren’t suitable for demanding working environments. As a result, they will need pricey add-ons, frequent repairs, and even replacements soon after the purchase date.

The Zebra ET45, on the other hand, is up for the challenge right out of the box. It outperforms consumer tablets by a wide margin while keeping up with super rugged tablets that cost thousands of dollars.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons for Zebra ET45

Built for continuous peak performance, the Zebra ET45 offers numerous advantages to its users.

Consumer-grade tablets often last only 12 to 18 months, forcing you to spend money on new devices frequently. One of the best things about the Zebra ET45 is its durability and long life span.

Thanks to its rugged construction, the Zebra ET45 can take quite a lot without breaking. Of course, we’re not saying to throw it around recklessly. But if you were to drop this sturdy tablet, it wouldn’t break even if you dropped it on a tile or concrete floor. The same goes for extreme temperatures.

Regardless of the environment you use it in, you’ll be able to experience the Zebra ET45’s high-speed connectivity firsthand. Being a Wi-Fi and cellular device, the Zebra ET45 has Wi-Fi 6 and 5G capabilities.

Dispatch drivers and others working in the field can take advantage of the Zebra ET45’s GPS capabilities. Besides the standard uses of GPS, it can also be used by business owners to track the driver’s location.

For those primarily working indoors, the Zebra ET45 can become a two-way walkie-talkie. This way, the employees can remain productive and efficient, regardless of the size of the facility.

When it comes to the disadvantages of using the Zebra ET40, there’s nothing major to note.

The only potential downside could be the size of this tablet. Those used to standard smartphones might find it challenging to maneuver the ET40 at first. However, one of the reasons Zebra added this model to its product family was the calls of front-line and healthcare workers for a tablet-size device for their needs.

If you still think the size will pose an issue, we suggest opting for the 8-inch ET45 model rather than its 10-inch counterpart.

Display, Cameras, and Scanners

Zebra ET45 Display, Cameras, and Scanners

When purchasing the Zebra ET45 tablet, you can choose between two screen sizes: an 8-inch or a 10-inch display. The compact 8-inch screen is easier to carry. At the same time, the 10-inch model offers a better way to view information-rich apps and programs.

Regardless of the screen size, the device has a Corning Gorilla Glass display. This is a special type of highly durable and scratch-resistant glass. Although thin and lightweight, it provides superior protection, allowing the Zebra ET45 to perform well, even with intense use.

As for the cameras, the ET45 model features two. The 13-megapixel rear-facing camera can take sharp, ultra-high-resolution photos that can be used for various purposes. Whether you need to take a proof of condition upon delivery or perform visual in-store merchandising audits, this camera is up for the challenge.

The 5-megapixel front-facing camera is ideal for video calls that can streamline your business operations, saving time and reducing errors. Say you run a computer repair service, and one of your less-experienced field technicians gets stumped by a task.

The Zebra ET45 also comes with an integrated scanner for virtually any task. If you’re looking for a reliable scanner to track and manage your inventory levels at the warehouse, the ET45 has got you covered.

As far as barcodes go, they can be faded, damaged, or even under frost. The ET45 will still be able to scan them. Similarly, the ET45’s integrated scanner can reach up to 3 feet, allowing you to scan objects some distance away.

Since the ET45 has a powerful scanner integrated into the device, there’s no need to buy a separate scanner that will eventually get misplaced. This offsets some of the cost of purchasing an enterprise-level device.

Operating System and Programs

Zebra ET45 Operating System and Programs

By default, the Zebra ET45 runs on Android 11. It’s one of the latest Android operating system versions and features an improved interface, privacy controls, and overall performance.

However, the ET45 model is upgradable to a newer operating system, including the latest Android 14, which is still in the testing phase.

While this system is robust on its own, you can further upgrade it with numerous Mobility DNA tools. These tools were developed by Zebra Technologies to transform a standard Android platform into an enterprise-ready mobile solution.

The optional programs can improve the device’s security and manageability and your staff’s overall productivity and motivation. Here are some of the most popular program choices and their uses:

  • Mobility Extensions (Mx): add hundreds of features missing in standard Android-operated tablets
  • Enterprise Mobility Development ToolKit (EMDK): integrate all your ET45’s features into your apps
  • StageNow: configure all your ET45s in seconds
  • Enterprise Home Screen: manage permissions for apps and device features across your organization
  • DataWedge: control and manage data capture with little effort
  • GMS Restricted Mode: control which GMS apps and services are available on your ET45
  • OEM Config: automatically enable EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) support for every feature in your ET45
  • RxLogger: compile relevant diagnostics for easier problem-solving
  • Device Diagnostics: quickly test the hardware, battery, software, and connectivity on your ET45

How to Purchase Zebra ET45

Zebra ET45 Purchasing Advice

Taking in all this technical information can be challenging, especially if you aren’t tech-savvy. For this reason, consulting with an expert is the way to go. The Zebra experts at Energy Electronics will be happy to break down this tablet’s impressive features and help you choose the best configuration for your needs. Reach out to an expert to remove the confusion and stress from the purchasing process.

Markets and Applications

Zebra ET45 Wide Scope of Markets and Applications

The Zebra ET45 is a general-purpose rugged tablet that can be used in multiple industries and environments.

  • Retail. The ET45 can do wonders for the retail industry. It supports multiple point-of-sale (POS) applications and tap-to-pay functionality, allowing retail associates to perform assisted selling and reduce wait times and checkout queues. Besides making the associates’ working days less hectic, the ET45 significantly improves the in-store customer experience.
  • Hospitality. The ET45 offers numerous benefits to the hospitality industry, including easier staff management, guest check-in, and supply ordering. With Zebra’s Workforce Connect Voice feature, this tablet can even turn into a headset. This eliminates the need to purchase additional voice-enabled devices to facilitate easier communication and collaboration between the staff.
  • Transportation. In transportation, the ET45 can be used for routing and dispatch, proof of pickup and delivery, in-vehicle inventory management, and invoicing, thanks to the mobile point-of-sale capabilities.
  • Logistics. Thanks to the integrated scanner, fulfillment personnel in logistics can use the ET45 to automate their systems and master the best warehouse management practices.
  • Healthcare. The ET45 checks all the boxes for a high-performing healthcare tablet. It can handle constant disinfecting, features an emergency alert button, and has an integrated scanner and several network connections. These features make the ET45 ideal for doctors, nurses, and caregivers in acute settings and patient homes.

Zebra ET45 Review

Zebra ET45 Review

The user reviews for the Zebra ET45 tablet are overwhelmingly positive. Here are some of our favorite ones across different industries:

“I work in retail and was thrilled to get my hands on the Zebra ET45. Wherever I am within the store, I can help the customers and avoid chaos at checkout. Plus, at my store, we use this tablet to communicate with each other too, so we got rid of our annoying headsets.

“This tablet has been nothing short of a lifesaver. I’m on the road all day and need something to rely on wherever I am. I don’t have to take much care of it, yet it will always tell me where to go and help me complete each delivery hassle-free.”

“I’m a waitress and use this tablet primarily for taking orders. I love that I don’t have to worry about spilling something on the tablet and damaging it. We received a strap with the tablet, so I can keep my hands free while between tables.”

“Our hospital has recently started using the Zebra ET45, which has made a significant difference in our daily operations. The tablet is rugged enough to withstand the occasional bumps and drops that come with a busy hospital setting. We especially appreciate the walkie-talkie feature, which has helped us communicate easily and quickly. We got a 10-inch display, and it’s perfect for reviewing charts. “

“The Zebra ET45 is a must-have for any logistics company! We’ve been using these tablets for over a year now for warehouse management, and they still perform like new ones. “

Power and Batteries

Delivery Man Checking Packages Using Zebra ET45 before Loading

The Zebra ET45 features PowerPrecision batteries manufactured and tested to meet rigorous standards. These batteries provide constant power of 6100 mAh for the 8-inch model and 7600 mAh for the 10-inch ET45.

For double shifts, you can purchase an additional 3400-mAh battery. It can be hot-swapped, meaning you can replace the battery without turning the tablet off. This possibility minimizes downtime, which is crucial for the healthcare industry in particular.

You also have an insight into the battery statistics, making it easy to spot and discard unhealthy batteries that can’t hold a full charge anymore.

These battery properties eliminate the detrimental impact of dead batteries on productivity and time management within a business.

Accessories and Add-ons

Accessories and Add-ons

Zebra Technologies manufactures various versatile accessories to help customize your ET45 for optimal efficiency and convenience. Of course, you don’t need to pick up every accessory you see in the catalog. The Zebra experts at Energy Electronics can help you select and order the perfect additions for your ET45.

Some of the most widely used choices include the following:

  • Rugged boot: improves ET45’s durability and drop rating for highly demanding environments
  • 4-Bay tablet charging dock: charges up to four ET45 devices simultaneously
  • Hand strap: enhances portability
  • VESA mount: allows mounting the ET45 anywhere, including at the patient’s bedside
  • Presentation stand: transforms the ET45 into a point-of-sale (POS) checkout spot or check-in kiosk
  • Battery expansion back: increases the ET45’s battery life

Talk to an Expert

Talk to Energy Electronics Tech Expert

The Zebra ET45 offers numerous possibilities that can completely transform your business model. However, these impressive results can only occur if you choose the correct configuration for your business needs. That’s where Energy Electronics comes into play.

Our Zebra experts will guide you through the ordering process, from picking the right display size to adding the most valuable programs and accessories. Fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page, and our experts will get back to you within one business hour.