Warehouse Personnel Checking Stocks Using Zebra ET40

There’s no need to take a chance with poor-quality devices when the Zebra ET40 is readily available. The gadget has all you could ask from a rugged device, including exceptional sturdiness and remarkable performance. This article will provide a comprehensive review of this model.

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Zebra ET40 Ranking

Zebra ET40 10/10 Product Ranking

The ET40 is a 10/10 rugged tablet. It blends a wide range of cutting-edge features to facilitate ease of use, device management, and effortless communication.

Zebra ET40 Specifications 

Display10-inch 500-nit 1280×800 WXGA DisplayCorning Gorilla Glass
Weight24.32 Ounces
Dimensions10.15 x 6.41 x 0.45 Inches
Battery7,600mAh 3.87V Rechargeable BatteryOptional Swappable 3,400mAh 7.6V Battery
CPUOcta-Cora Qualcomm Snapdragon SM63751.8GHz-2.2GHz (Depending on the Configuration)
Flash Memory64GB-128GB
Camera13MP (Rear)5MP (Front)
Scanning1D/2D SE41001D/2D SE47101D/2D SE55
Network ConnectionsWWAN 5GWi-Fi 6

Zebra ET40 Pricing

Salesman Helping Customer Using Zebra ET40

You can find the Zebra ET40 for approximately $600-$900, depending on your desired specifications. Like many other Zebra devices, the ET40 allows for different customization, impacting the number of features in your product. The best way to ensure you have a streamlined device for your business from day one is to get in touch with Energy Electronics. Our tech specialists offer personalized advice on selecting the right model and provide accurate quotes.

Pros and Cons

Employees Exploring The New Zebra ET40

There are many reasons you should consider boosting your operations with the Zebra ET40. First, the device features an industry-leading lifecycle with optimal support.

Second, this is one of the most robust tablets on the market. The gadget is designed for the harshest of conditions, making it ideal for your warehousing and manufacturing need.

Third, you should incorporate this device into your workflow due to its impressive wireless connectivity that keeps you connected throughout the day.

Another remarkable aspect of the ET40 is its Bluetooth technology. It provides an advanced version of this well-established connectivity method to help you link the ET40 to practically any device.

Complementing the Wi-Fi, 5G, and Bluetooth is state-of-the-art GPS. With just a few taps on your screen, you can get directions to your next location or delivery stop.

What’s more, the ET40 is completely payment-ready. It lets you set up an improvised payment station anywhere due to its Point-of-Sale (POS) functionality.

Next, if you want to enhance collaboration through video calls, you can’t go wrong with the ET40. The rugged tablet lets you prevent errors and save time otherwise spent making phone calls with poor-quality smartphones.

For instance, suppose your team member is in a hotel room fixing leaky faucets that require urgent repair. They’re inexperienced, so they need assistance from seasoned remote specialists to diagnose and address the issue.

Furthermore, you may want to turn your device into a walkie-talkie that delivers crisp communication indoors and outdoors. If that’s the case, the ET40 has precisely what you need – optional Push-to-Talk (PTT) functionality.

Finally, you can easily turn your ET40 into a private branch exchange (PBX) handset. This is because it comes with Workforce Connect Voice, which enables you to manage your devices and restrict access to the network.

Display, Cameras, and Scanners

Zebra ET40 Display, Cameras, and Scanners

Some projects require an extra-large screen for viewing information clearly. For example, you might be a healthcare worker reviewing patient data.

The ET40 lets you do just that. It comes with a 500-nit 10.1-inch screen that reduces the need for endless scrolling. It presents more information than standard tablets or mobile computers to help you be more productive and accurate.

Another extraordinary aspect of the display is that it’s covered in Gorilla Glass. Produced from chemically strengthened materials, the glass delivers practically unrivaled protection from impact, scratches, and other forms of damage.

You’ll also enjoy the capacitive touch technology that comes with the display. It allows you to use the screen with multiple forms of input, such as bare fingers, gloves, and styluses.

High optical quality is another strong suit of the display. The ET40 features a glass substrate underneath the electrode film, which transmits huge amounts of light to the surface.

As for the camera, Zebra has gone with a reliable solution. You can capture images and videos with a 13MP rear camera, which features a user-controllable flash. The 5MP front camera works great, too, in illuminated conditions.

When it comes to the scanning capabilities of the ET40, the rugged tablet blows the competition out of the water.

The primary scanners (SE4100 and SE4710) are ideal for daily scans that don’t require you to find a sweet spot for your barcode. It’s easy to use and provides remarkable responsiveness.

The third scanner is even more advanced than the first two. It extends the scan range to improve your efficiency.

If you get the highest configuration of the ET40, you also gain access to IntelliFocus technology. It adds polished aiming patterns and illumination to each scanning job to help you capture items in dark rooms.

Operating System and Programs

Zebra ET40 Operating System and Programs

Out of the box, the ET40 runs on Android 11. It’s one of the most recent Android operating systems, featuring high-security standards and interface improvements. It contributes to a smoother performance and better-looking apps from day one.

Your device can also come with numerous Mobility DNA tools. These proprietary platforms streamline your gadget management, security, and other aspects to boost your operations. Here are some of the tools you can integrate into your configuration:

  • Mobility Extensions – Incorporate enterprise functions into your Android OS (you can choose from hundreds of features to enhance tablet management and security).
  • StageNow – Stage your fleet of ET40s within seconds.
  • Enterprise Home Screen – Make sure your team can only use their ET40s for work by controlling the features and applications they can access.
  • DataWedge – Enter barcodes in various apps without any programming.
  • Enterprise Mobility Development ToolKit – Incorporate the features of your ET40s with third-party apps.
  • GMS Restricted Mode – Restrict the services and applications available on the tablets.
  • OEM Config – Automatically activate EMM support for different features.
  • RxLogger – Gather advanced troubleshooting data for smooth diagnostics and repairs.
  • Device Diagnostics – Further improve your troubleshooting capabilities and eliminate the need to visit a repair provider by testing your tablet functions.
  • SimulScan – Capture 100 barcodes at the same time on multiple labels using just one scan. You can also detect signatures or images to retrieve key information and add them to other apps.

How to Purchase Zebra ET40

Purchasing Advice for Zebra ET40

The Zebra ET40 is a phenomenal rugged tablet, but this doesn’t mean you should rush your buying decision. As previously indicated, you can select several different configurations, influencing the available features and price of your product. You need to choose your functions carefully to ensure the device is suitable for your operations and budget. Energy Electronics can help you do so. Reach out to us, and we’ll point you in the right direction when it comes to configuring your ET40.

Markets and Applications

Wide Markets and application of Zebra ET40

One of the best things about the Zebra ET40 is its versatility. It’s a flexible tablet you can use in an array of industries and markets:

  • ET40 for healthcare – You can add the ET40 to your healthcare center to enhance patient engagement. Other uses include performing remote scans and imaging, consulting specialists remotely, monitoring patients, and providing payment terminals.
  • ET40 for retail – A great way to eliminate bulky checkout stations is to utilize the ET40. It has POS software that lets you maximize floor space, increase your inventory, and manage your stock more easily.
  • ET40 for logistics – The ET40 automates all your systems to save your logistics company the costs associated with heavy paperwork. For example, you can organize booking effortlessly and improve transparency with cashless ticketing.
  • ET40 for warehousing – This rugged tablet is shipped with an integrated scanner, which is a must-have in any warehouse. The ET40 allows you to capture barcodes in split seconds due to advanced technologies and long ranges.
  • ET40 for the hospitality industry – If you’re a hotel manager or administrator, you can simplify many operations with ET40. There are robust reporting tools to monitor your desk projects, room services, housekeeping, and other aspects.

Zebra ET40 Reviews

Zebra ET40 Review

The reviews of the Zebra ET40 are overwhelmingly positive:

“I decided to try the ET40 because it looks attractive and easy to use. And I never looked back. It not only looks great but also works smoothly and is extremely durable.”

“The ET40 fit right into my workflow. I spent 8+ hours in my warehouse, so I needed a reliable scanner and a long battery life. The ET40 delivered both and then some!”

“Zebra has been my go-to provider of rugged tablets, and the ET40 might be their best model yet. I especially like the display protection and super-fast CPU.”

Power and Batteries

Delivery man using Zebra ET40 Power and Batteries

The ET40 has an exceptional 7,600mAh battery to power your shifts. You can also replace and recharge the battery when it dies to continue your operations seamlessly.

Accessories and Add-ons

Zebra ET40 Accessories and Add-ons

Energy Electronics can help you pick the right accessories for your ET40 due to our vast experience in this field. You can choose from many extras:

  • USB wall power supply – Charging your device from 0% to 80% in less than 3 hours
  • Single-slot cradle – Charging the tablet from 0% to 80% in less than 2.5 hours
  • Multi-slot cradles – Fits multiple ET40s
  • Rugged boot – For extra durability
  • Shoulder strap – Improves portability

Talk to an Expert

Talk to Energy Electronics Tech Expert

You can get a lot of value from the ET40, but only if you select the right configuration for your enterprise. That’s what Energy Electronics can help you with. Contact us, and we’ll get back to you within 1 business hour to recommend suitable specifications.