Zebra DS3600-ER right facing display

Zebra DS3600-ER
Ultra-Rugged Scanner

The DS3600-ER, powered by Zebra’s PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology, reads 1D and 2D barcodes on labels with exceptional accuracy. Offering an impressive scanning range from 3 inches (7.6 cm) to 70 feet (21.4 meters).

Experience unrivaled battery power and management with the Power Precision+ 3100 mAh Li-Ion rechargeable battery.

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Rugged Design

Designed to withstand being dropped up to 10 ft and tumbled from a height of 3.3 feet (1.0 meter) and can endure such impacts up to 7500 times.

Exceptional Performance

The DS3600-ER is capable of performing over 70,000 scans on a single full battery charge enhancing productivity and reducing downtime.

Wireless Connectivity

Supports Bluetooth Class 1 with Version 4.0 (LE). Zebra DS3600-ER is compatible with serial port (SPP) and HID profiles.

Designed to Last

The DS3600-ER is the first in its class to offer an IP65 and IP68-sealed cradle. It has durable charging contacts, with Zebra's Connect+ Contact technology.

Zebra DS3600-ER barcode scanner

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Multi-functional Mobile Solutions


The DS3600-ER includes a convenient battery 'charge gauge' and Bluetooth status LED for easy monitoring of power and connectivity.


Equipped with a Bluetooth radio, the device supports Bluetooth Class 1, Version 4.0 (LE), and offers compatibility with serial port (SPP) and HID profiles.


The DS 3600-ER, with Zebra's PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology, can read 1D and 2D barcodes on labels from closer and farther distances compared to similar models.

Field Service

Features Multi-Code Data Formatting (MDF) capability, allowing the DS3600-ER to capture multiple barcodes in a single scan.


The DS3600-ER, featuring dual IP65/IP68 sealing, offers exceptional protection against dust, water jets, and complete submersion in water.

Law Enforcement

The DS3600-ER can withstand drops to concrete from heights of 10 ft./3 m and endure 7,500 tumbles, ensuring durability in rugged conditions.

Power + Resilience

Optimize your workflow with the Zebra DS3600-ER.

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