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Zebra barcode scanners are one of the most reliable manufacturers of heavy-duty barcode scanners. These gadgets can optimize your efficiency, whether you’re a warehouse or retail business. You can choose from numerous devices from their collection, but we’ll list the 15 best options.

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1. DS8178 Handheld Imager

Zebra DS8178 black handheld barcode scanner

Top Features:

  • Interchangeable batteries
  • Versatile scanning
  • Ruggedness


The DS8178 is one of the most widely-sold barcode scanners in the world, and it’s easy to see why. The gadget has multiple power sources to accommodate different scanning situations. You can use the machine for over 20 hours on a single charge, powering the most extended shifts. Plus, the model captures 1D and 2D barcodes.

  • Exceptional battery life and versatility
  • Seamless scanning


This machine is a bit on the expensive side.

Why We Like It: The DS8178 blends all the features you need from a high-quality barcode scanner, including the ability to capture multiple types of barcodes and long battery life.

2. DS3600-KD

Zebra DS3600-KD yellow green & black barcode scanner

Top Features:

  • Color display
  • Ergonomic keypad
  • Dustproof


Zebra has another gem in its assortment – the DS3600-KD scanner. It has a color display, an ergonomic keyboard, and built-in applications for faster operations. Furthermore, the model is dustproof, waterproof, and sprayproof.

  • Built to last
  • Seamless data capture and input


Getting used to the device might be challenging if you’re not used to scanners with keypads. It’s also one of the most expensive gadgets on the market.

  • Slight learning curve
  • Expensive

Why We Like It: You’ll have no trouble entering and scanning information once you get the hang of the DS3600-KD’s keyboard and display.

3. LI3600-SR

Zebra LI3600-SR yellow green and black handheld barcode scanner

Top Features:

  • More working range
  • Captures damaged codes
  • Remarkable configuration


The LI3600-SR scanner provides 30% more scanning range than some other products. It lets you capture distant items, even if they’re dirty or damaged. In addition, you get built-in tools that allow you to set up and manage your device without a hitch.

  • Versatile scanning
  • Long-distance capturing


You’ll need about $500 to buy this machine, which might be too high for your budget.

  • Costly option

Why We Like It: This scanner has top-of-the-line 1D imaging performance and integrated tools to set up your system within minutes.

4. DS4608-SR

Zebra DS4608-SR gray and black handheld barcode scanner

Top Features:

  • Designed for retailers
  • Scans barcodes of all sizes
  • Sealed construction


Another exceptional Zebra barcode scanner is the DS4608-SR. This gadget is perfect for retailers, as it promotes fast scanning of all items, regardless of their size. Whether you’re capturing bulky products in shopping carts or mobile coupons, you get seamless performance. On top of that, the device has a sealed design and can endure multiple drops onto concrete.

  • Fast scanning
  • Compatibility with most barcodes
  • Extremely durable


Although it’s ideal for a retail business, the device might not perform as great in heavy-duty industrial settings.

  • Might not be suitable for extreme environments

Why We Like It: This product is a great pick because it speeds up shopping, making sure customers return to your store.

5. CS60 Companion Scanner

Zebra CS60 black barcode scanner

Top Features:

  • Revolutionary design
  • Compact and lightweight


Few barcode scanners are versatile and adaptable. However, the CS60 is one of these high-end models. This flexible gadget lets you adapt to practically any workflow since you can cycle back and forth between cordless and corded operations. Whether you need handheld or hands-free mode, you’ll easily be able to adjust the machine. You also get a compact design, allowing you to wear the model on a lanyard or in your pocket.

  • Simple yet highly effective construction
  • Versatile scanning
  • Takes up minimal space in your bag or pocket


You need to be careful when using this device near chemicals or other toxic substances because they can harm the electronics.

  • Chemical sensitivity

Why We Like It: The CS60 is a phenomenal Zebra scanner that integrates a user-friendly design, admirable scanning range, and multiple modes.

6. DS4608-XD

ZEBRA DS4608-XD black  and white barcode scanner

Top Features:

  • Works with an array of barcodes
  • Long range
  • Solid construction


If you’re having a hard time scanning high-density barcodes or direct part marks, the DS4608-XD is the right product for you. It captures these items without a hitch with its intuitive design. Some of the items you can scan include 1D, 2D, and PDF417 barcodes. Additionally, the scanning range is long, and the gadget boasts tremendous durability.

  • Scanning hard-to-capture barcodes
  • Rugged and perfect for long-distance use


Getting the hang of the device may take some time due to its advanced functionality.

  • Might have a slight learning curve

Why We Like It: The machine is built for production lines, which often involve hard-to-scan barcodes.

7. DS2278 Cordless Scanner

ZEBRA DS4608-XD black  and white handheld barcode scanner

Top Features:

  • Simple charging
  • Easy configuration
  • Intuitive settings


You won’t find a barcode scanner that’s easier to use than the DS2278. It has a straightforward setup due to the intuitive wizard. Once you load the software, configuring the desired setting will be effortless. Another great thing about the model is that you can charge it with a USB cable, so there’s no need for cradles. Finally, it offers cordless operation.

  • Terrific for first-time users
  • User-friendly design and charging
  • Cordless operation


The DS2278 lacks a few advanced features heavy-duty users could integrate into their routine.

  • Lack of advanced functionality

Why We Like It: You don’t need to be tech-savvy to make the most of the DS2278. The streamlined design has a minimal learning curve.

8. LI2208

ZEBRA LI2208 in black and white barcode scanner

Top Features:

  • Works with computer and smartphone displays
  • Scanning functionality out of the box
  • Optical design


Whether you want to scan paper barcodes or electronic ones on smartphones, tablets, or computers, you can use the LI2208 barcode scanner. It provides dependable performance in each scenario. You can also scan out of the box – there’s no need for additional modifications. There’s even a cutting-edge optical design that increases your range and lets you capture items at extreme angles.

  • State-of-the-art scanner
  • Ready to go from day one
  • Higher range and maneuverability than most other products


The device might not perform as well when scanning barcodes on illuminated screens.

  • Could be more versatile in terms of lighting

Why We Like It: The LI2208 barcode scanner is a phenomenal device for everyday scanning. Its maneuverability can increase your team’s productivity. On top of that, it’s an affordable device, making it a great budget-friendly option.

9. LI4278 Handheld Scanner

Zebra LI4278 black handheld barcode scanner

Top Features:

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Higher security
  • Can be used in extreme environments


If a cordless operation is your priority, you can’t go wrong with the LI4278 handheld scanner. It lets you work without worrying about cables. Furthermore, you can stay connected with other team members using Bluetooth. Another impressive feature is enhanced encryption, which provides better security and reliable wireless performance. Lastly, you can use the machine in wet and dusty environments due to its sealed design.

  • Facilitates team communication
  • Safe connections
  • Resistant to water and dust intrusion


Prolonged chemical exposure can damage the materials and sensitive electricals.

  • Limited chemical resistance

Why We Like It: The LI4278 is a flexible handheld scanner you can employ in practically any environment. It’s a highly secure model with robust connectivity tools.

10. LS1203 General-Purpose Barcode Scanner

Zebra LS1203 white with yellow switch general-purpose barcode scanner

Top Features:

  • Reduced manual input
  • Several interfaces
  • Reliable solution for retailers


The LS1203 is a top-rated gadget that works like a charm in standard settings. Whether you need a scanner for your storage or check-out line, the device offers terrific performance while reducing the need for manual keying. Moreover, the system features multiple interfaces, allowing you to connect to other computers and gadgets.

  • Streamlines retail operations
  • Multiple interfaces promote ease of use


This gadget is not as sturdy as some other Zebra barcode scanners.

  • Limited durability

Why We Like It: The LS1203 general-purpose scanner is a terrific all-around device. It provides basic scanning features without overwhelming you with arduous setup or complex configurations.

11. LS2208 General-Purpose Barcode Scanner

Zebra LS2208 Black general-purpose handheld barcode scanner with yellow button

Top Features:

  • Ergonomic design
  • Flexible scanning range
  • International keyboard
  • Affordable


The LS2208 general-purpose barcode scanner delivers fast and dependable scanning in a lightweight yet ergonomic package. Additionally, the device captures barcodes from multiple ranges. Whether you’re 1 or 17 inches away from the item, you’ll have no trouble scanning data. Lastly, the product supports nearly 100 international keyboards and is one of the cheapest barcode scanners out there.

  • Streamlined lightweight design
  • Industry-leading scanning performance
  • Compatible with numerous languages
  • Doesn’t dent your budget


Like the previous model from the LS series, the LS2208 doesn’t have impressive construction. Drops onto metal and concrete can be a major threat.

  • Could be sturdier

Why We Like It: The LS2208 general-purpose barcode scanner offers valuable features at a low price.

12. LS1203-HD General-Purpose Handheld Scanner

Zebra LS1203-HD black general purpose handheld barcode scanner with yellow button

Top Features:

  • Optimizes scanning for electronics manufacturers
  • Single-board construction


If you’re an electronics manufacturer, there’s no going wrong with the LS1203-HD general-purpose handheld scanner. It effortlessly captures high-density barcodes on various assemblies. In addition, it has single-board construction to lower maintenance and repairs. There are even multiple interfaces to help you stay connected to other systems.

  • Highly robust
  • Speeds up work for electronic applications


The machine might not be very versatile. Other than the electronics industry, it might not work quite as well for retailers and other professionals.

  • Design might be too narrow

Why We Like It: We like the LS1203-HD general-purpose handheld scanner because it’s easy to operate and enables you to access your system on the go.

13. DS457

Zebra DS457 black barcode scanner

Top Features

  • Effortless data capture
  • Versatile design


The DS457 scanner has many high-quality features, but its data capture might be its strongest point. It can read practically any barcode, such as 1D, 2D, and direct part marks. The speed is excellent, and you can attach the gadget under your counter, register, and virtually anywhere else.

  • Great scanning capabilities
  • No need to worry about space constraints


If you prefer handheld devices, you should check out other models on this list.

  • Unfit for hand operation

Why We Like It: The DS457 eliminates the problem associated with bulky scanners. You can install it anywhere and enjoy high scanning speeds.

14. DS7708

Zebra DS7708 black barcode scanner front view

Top Features:

  • Large field of view
  • Advanced 2D imaging
  • Fantastic maneuverability


If you need a large field of view, the DS7708 is a superb option. It has advanced 2D imagery to enable seamless barcode capture. Its design also means you don’t have to rotate the gadget to capture barcodes.

  • Oversized field of view for effortless scanning
  • Optimized 2D imaging


This barcode scanner offers limited functionality in warehouses and industrial settings since it’s meant to be mounted in one place.

  • Fixed position

Why We Like It: The large field view of the DS7708 turns the scanning process into a breeze.

15. DS9900

Zebra DS9900 black handheld scanner

Top Features:

  • High-resolution sensor
  • Hands-free and handheld use
  • Automatic adjustment


The DS9900-series scanners feature a high-resolution sensor, intelligent imaging, and an 800Mhz processor to elevate scanning performance. You can capture damaged or poorly-printed items with ease. Plus, it’s perfect for hands-free and handheld use, and the scan range adjusts automatically.


Although it has automatic adjustments, you may need to move the device around for smooth capturing.

  • Some maneuvering might be necessary

Why We Like It: The DS9900-series barcode scanners are a great pick for any industry where you often encounter poor-quality barcodes.

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