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Using technology to
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Warehouse Mobile Computing Solutions

A Better Way to Manage Your Warehouse

Mobile devices are a crucial element of running an efficient warehouse. But with thousands of products and accessories to choose from, finding the right tech solutions for your warehouse can be a challenge. 

That’s where Energy Electronics comes in. 

Our sales reps have the experience and industry connections to help each client select the best lineup of devices for their business. You tell us your challenges; we design a solution plan based around the issues and operational needs of your business. 

A comprehensive mobile computing solution plan

custom designed for your Warehouse

Energy Electronics specializes in advanced mobile computing solutions, custom planned for each customer. Our expert warehouse consultants have the experience and resources to help you strategize and implement a mobile computing solution to meet the challenges and needs of your business operation. 

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Streamlining Every Step of the Supply Chain

Warehouse Receiving


Boost supplier visibility, reconcile packing slips, and swiftly sort incoming materials for put-away.

A warehouse man put away the box clip art

Put Away + Replenishment

Optimize pick efficiency, analyze inventory turnover, and prevent lost sales by placing receivables in their proper location.


Inventory Management

Maximize productivity and cycle count efficiency by tracking the real-time status and location of all assets.

Shipping from Warehouse Clipart


Improve accuracy and efficiency by eliminating manual loading checks.

A man seated on a chair while looking at computer technology Clipart

Reverse Logistics

Track assets throughout the reverse supply chain for swift receiving, resolution assignment, and restocking to inventory.

Packing boxes in warehouse graphics

Packing + Staging

Enable hands-free working for your staff to keep their focus on tasks and maintain an efficient workflow.

Essential Warehousing Features

Effortless Scanning

Accelerate your warehouse workflow using advanced mobile computing hardware that features integrated scanning for easy and rapid barcode capture.

Wireless Connections

Enable warehouse staff to send, receive, and process information in real time with Wi-Fi and 4G LTE enabled wireless devices.

Seamless Integration

Select powerful mobile devices that easily integrate with your existing warehouse management software.

Devices that Work Faster Longer Better

Reduce operation expenses with rugged mobile computing devices. 

Energy Electronics offers warehousing mobile devices that are built for maximum durability, enabling them to be used throughout the logistics chain without breaking, dying, or failing. This keeps your operations running smoothly and reduces equipment costs as these devices have considerably longer lifespans than standard tablets or handhelds. 

Our Partners & Manufacturers

Some of our partners and manufacturers

Mobilizing Your Warehouse

Implement integrated warehouse solutions to effectively manage operations using mobile computing technology.

Inventory management

All-in-one warehouse mobile computers help maximize productivity while reducing workloads and eliminating errors. By providing accurate and up-to-date information on inventory locations and quantities, you can better manage order fulfillment and reorder schedules.

accurate tracking

Instant scanning allows warehouses to automate processes such as verifying shipments, printing labels, and checking truck assignments. Documenting orders along every stage of fulfillment, from picking to delivery, enables businesses to provide customers with accurate tracking info and reduce issues like delays and lost shipments.


We offer warehousing devices that feature familiar operating systems powered by Android 10 and Windows. These platforms allows for advanced customization and can be integrated with existing systems, providing employees with a clear and easy-to-use interface that allows them to quickly find what they need. 

Increased Productivity

Mobile computing is key to reducing warehouse waste, improving customer satisfaction, and increasing efficiency. With significantly shorter times spent on tasks and instant visibility into all processes and inventory locations, warehouses operate most effectively, getting more done, with less work and less manpower.

Increased Mobility

Warehousing mobile computers eliminate the need for bulky hardware by combining data capture, computing, and communication applications in one device that's easy to transport. Unlike traditional barcode scanners, these devices allow you to complete any task from any location without the need for extra equipment. The enhanced mobility saves time and helps workers complete their tasks efficiently. 

Critical Insights

With all warehouse operations and data recorded through the mobile computers, managers can gain access to vital analytics and better understanding of workflow processes. This allows them to make necessary changes and improvements wherever needed and enables them to build a more efficient supply chain.

Built to Last

Our warehousing devices are built for maximum durability, so they can be used throughout the logistics chain without breaking, dying, or failing. This keeps your operations running smoothly and reduces equipment costs as these devices have considerably longer lifespans than standard tablets or handhelds. 

Any Warehouse Operation

Designed to endure shocks, drops, and impact, without sustaining damage to the device, and even without a protective case.

Any Warehouse Environment

Sunlight readable and glove and wet-touch enables touchscreens. Resistant to water, dust, and extreme temperatures.

Any Warehouse Shift

High-capacity multi-shift battery lasts through long work days and can be easily replaced if needed.

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Knowledge & Service

Our experienced representatives have years of combined knowledge in the warehousing industry, and are readily available to get you what you need, when you need it.

Industry Connections

We leverage our connections with industry-leading manufacturers to find the perfect products for our clients from thousands of makes and models on the market.

Expedited Processing

We've got the means and inventory to move merchandise quickly and efficiently. With direct access to our management team, you'll cut unnecessary waiting and tedious red tape.

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