Thermal Imaging camera use by a firefighter woman

Firefighters are always on the lookout for reliable thermal imaging cameras to help determine hot spots, analyze the situation on the field, locate victims, and many other use cases. Here we’ll review the top 15 thermal imaging cameras to narrow down your search.

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Top 15 Thermal Imaging Cameras

1. CAT S62 Pro

CAT S62 pro black thermal imaging camera for firefighting

Top Features

  • 1280 x 720 thermal resolution
  • Refresh rate up to 9Hz
  • Wide dynamic range
  • 4,000 mAh battery
  • Constantly clear image


CAT S62 Pro is an excellent firefighter thermal imaging camera with an exceptional refresh rate of 9Hz. Features like spot temperature measurement, wide dynamic range, and taking videos and photos make this model well worth considering. A waterproof design means the camera is suitable for outdoor use.

  • Waterproof
  • Takes photos and videos
  • Has spot temperature measurement


This camera has a slightly thicker design due to plenty of protection. It also may perform slower during multitasking compared to some competitors.

  • Thick design
  • Not the best for multi-tasking

Why We Like It: We like CAT S62 Pro for its reliable thermal camera, sharp image, and waterproof design. The device is well worth it for firefighters regardless of experience level.

2. FLIR K55

FLIR K55 black handheld thermal imaging camera

Top Features:

  • Crisp thermal images
  • Bright LCD
  • 320 x 240-pixel IR sensor
  • 60 Hz frame rate


The FLIR K55 is a robust camera with a maintenance-free sensor that produces 320 x 240-pixel images for easy navigation through smokey conditions. Firefighters can store up to 200 photos and videos in the device and use it on the computer for later analysis.

  • Stores up to 200 photos and videos
  • 320 x 240-pixel thermal images rich in details
  • 10-year detector warranty
  • Lightweight design
  • Numerous image modes


The FLIR K55 camera is as good as it gets. The only downside is a lack of compatibility with other systems.

  • Only compatible with FLIR systems

Why We Like It: We love the FLIR K55 thermal image camera for its numerous image modes (IR, black and white, basic fire-fighting mode, fire mode, heat detection mode, etc.). The camera comes with a great set of features for a range of applications, including firefighter use.

3. FLIR K65

FLIR K65 black handheld thermal imaging camera

Top Features:

  • NFPA-compliant
  • 320 x 240-pixel thermal images
  • FSX digital image enhancement
  • Fixed focus


FLIR K65 is your go-to high-end thermal imaging camera with a 2x digital zoom, 200 file support (videos + images), 60 Hz image frequency, and a 9 mm focal length.

  • Advanced features
  • Rugged design


The only downside to FLIR K65 is the high price. The camera isn’t the most expensive on the market, but it still has a hefty price tag.

  • High price tag

Why We Like It: We like the K65 model due to its specific design to fit most firefighter needs. It offers high-resolution images and can withstand extreme conditions.

4. Seek Thermal Reveal Pro

Seek thermal reveal pro black thermal imaging camera

Top Features:

  • Lightweight
  • Detects temperatures up to 1500 degrees C
  • Long battery life
  • Easy to use


The Seek Thermal Reveal Pro is a go-to camera for all firefighting needs. It has unique features that make it suitable for any type of fire emergency. The lightweight camera has a rugged surface, 320 x 240 resolution, and temperature detection up to 1,500 degrees Celsius.

  • High-temperature detection range
  • Great IR resolution
  • 4-hour battery life
  • Lightweight


The Seek Thermal Reveal Pro’s screen is only 2.4 inches big. The thermal zoom is also difficult to use.

  • Challenging to use the thermal zoom
  • Small LCD screen

Why We Like It: The affordable price, high-resolution camera, and 300-lumen LED flashlight makes this an excellent camera for firefighting teams on a budget.

5. CAT S61

Cat S61 grey and black thermal imaging camera

Top Features:

  • 4G connectivity
  • FLIR thermal camera
  • 16MP autofocus
  • Dual LED flash
  • Waterproof


The CAT S61 is among the most comprehensive thermal imaging cameras on the market. It has cameras on the front and back of the device, IP68 and IP69 certifications for waterproof features and element resistance, and it’s compatible with multiple screening apps.

  • Waterproof design
  • SAF/EST app compatibility
  • Measures temperature, volatile organic compounds, and humidity
  • Huge battery


The only downside to the CAT S61 is its limited availability.

  • Limited availability

Why We Like It: CAT S61 is a classic firefighter thermal imaging camera with all the features you need for fast and efficient service.

6. FLIR TG297

FLIR TG297 black handheld thermal imaging camera

Top Features:

  • Up to 1030 C thermal scope
  • MSX image enhancement
  • Waterproof
  • Excellent thermal sensitivity


This handheld camera is suitable for extreme heat. It has an infrared sensor, a 1600 x 1200 visual camera, allowing the user to pinpoint a specific hot spot they want to measure. The 100-lumens LED light is perfect for hitting those dark spots.

  • Bluetooth and USB connectivity
  • Easy image transfer
  • IR sensor
  • Stores 50,000 JPG images


  • Lack of radiometric thermal data in the images

Why We Like It: The FLIR TG267 camera is perfect for commercial use, firefighters, and other professions. Its rugged design makes it resistant to the elements. We love the high accuracy for temperatures from 50 to 100 degrees C.

7. MSA Evolution 5200

MSA Evolution 5200 black with green button handheld thermal imaging camera

Top Features:

  • Sharp images
  • Easy operation
  • 160 C to 560 C temperature range


The MSA Evolution 5200 is a robust camera with high-resolution imaging capabilities for hands-on visualization. The compact design makes transport and operation easy.

  • Automated features
  • Lightweight design
  • High-resolution thermal imaging
  • Enhanced image quality


The two major downsides to this camera are its relatively short battery life span and limited availability.

  • Battery life could be better for long-term usage
  • Limited availability

Why We Like It: This camera has automated features that make a firefighter’s job faster and more efficient.

8. FLIR C5

FLIR C5 black pocket thermal imaging camera

Top Features:

  • Wi-Fi handheld
  • High-resolution
  • Rugged design
  • Easy to use


The FLIR C5 camera is durable and can withstand drops from up to 3m. It’s suitable for commercial and residential use, with firefighting being one of its main use cases. The ergonomic design with a low-profile probe tip makes the device easy to use.

  • 3-in-1 thermal camera, LED floodlight, and visual inspection camera
  • MSX image enhancement
  • The rubber case has an IP54 rating
  • 1 GB free cloud storage


  • Slight processing speed lag
  • Images can only be downloaded from the FLIR Ignite Cloud

Why We Like It: This camera is excellent for finding small issues and makes it easy to move from diagnosis to repair.

9. FLIR T400

Flir T400 red, black and gray thermal imaging camera for firefighter

Top Features:

  • 3.1 MP light camera
  • 320 x 240 resolution
  • 0.05C thermal sensitivity
  • 8x digital zoom


This feature-dense camera has everything you need in a reliable firefighting thermal imaging device:

  • 1,200C temperature calibration standard
  • 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen
  • Audible alarm temperature screening
  • Panorama function


The main downside of this camera is the extremely high price tag. However, you’re unlikely to find a camera with as much value.

  • Hefty price tag

Why We Like It: This feature-dense camera has excellent image quality, advanced functionalities, and a wide range of lens options. We love it for its versatility and ease of use.

10. CAT S60

Cat S60 gray and black thermal imaging camera

Top Features:

  • Extra-rugged body
  • Built-in thermal imaging camera
  • Expandable storage
  • Latest Android operating system


If you’re looking for a reliable Android thermal imaging camera, CAT S60 may be your best bet. The device has plenty of pre-installed apps, a rugged design, and an infrared camera.

  • Infrared camera
  • Designed to take a beating
  • Good image quality


CAT S60 comes from a reputable company, and users pay a good sum. However, the overall value for money could be better.

  • Sluggish sensors
  • Not the best value for the money

Why We Like It: Thermal imaging cameras hardly get any better than CAT. This model has Wi-Fi connectivity, a waterproof design, and a 13MP autofocus rear camera.

11. FLIR E8-XT

FLIR E8-XT black and grey handheld thermal imaging camera

Top Features:

  • The infrared camera with an extended temperature range
  • +/- 2% thermal accuracy
  • In-Built Wi-Fi
  • Hot and cold spot measurements
  • -20C – 550C temperature range


The FLIR E8-XT is a go-to reliable, fast, and feature-packed thermal imaging camera for firefighters. The 76,800-pixel infrared detector (320 x 240) and expanded temperature range make it an all-around firefighting camera solution.

  • Feature-packed
  • Easy connection with FLIR Tools Mobile App
  • Non-Wi-Fi version available


  • Only holds up to 500 images

Why We Like It: We like this camera for its extended temperature range, flexible product variations (Wi-Fi, non-Wi-Fi, and NIST-certified), and hot and cold spot measurements.

12. HTI@XT Instrument Thermal Imager

HTI@XT Instrument  black thermal Imager

Top Features:

  • 3.2-inch full-color display
  • 220 x 160 resolution
  • 3 GB built-in memory


If you’re looking for a thermal imaging camera on a budget, look no further than this solution. It gets the job done without breaking the bank and comes in five variations.

  • Super affordable
  • High resolution
  • Five pallets
  • Great for professionals


  • Low resolution

Why We Like It: This affordable camera can’t compete with high-end solutions on the market, but it’s certainly one of the best low-budget options. The large display, high accuracy, and universal use (indoors and outdoors) make it a great purchase.

13. Parrot ANAFI Thermal Drone

Parrot ANAFI black and white thermal drone

Top Features:

  • FLIR Lepton 3.5 module
  • Temperature range from -10C to 400C
  • FreeFlight 6 app connectivity
  • Camera self-orientation 90 degrees upwards
  • 2D mapping function


The drone’s 2D mapping function doesn’t require internet connectivity. The system is compatible with numerous software, including Pix4Dcapture, Pix4Dmapper, FLIR Tools, and FreeFlight 6.

  • Assisted flying
  • Radiometric sensor
  • Subject isolation (heat leak, water leak, etc.)


This drone is more complicated to use than regular mobile computers. However, it’s well worth it for those eager to learn.

  • Higher learning curve
  • Hefty price tag

Why We Like It: The drone industry is growing and quickly spreading to the thermal imaging camera market. This drone has everything you want and more to help any firefighter’s task run smoothly and with unparalleled accuracy.

14. FLIR T1010

FLIR T1010 black and blue thermal imaging camera

Top Features:

  • 3.1 MP resolution
  • Superior thermal sensitivity
  • 3-month software subscription


Firefighters who have never used thermal imaging cameras as well as those with extensive experience can benefit from the FLIR T1010.

  • Three product variations
  • HD resolution images
  • Thermal measurements up to 650 degrees C
  • Agile GUI
  • 120-degree rotating compact frame optical block


  • Expensive

Why We Like It: The T1010 is one of the most serious and feature-dense thermal imaging cameras on the market. If you have the budget, you won’t make a mistake getting this model and benefiting from the latest technology updates.

15. FLIR K2

FLIR K2 black with green button handheld thermal imaging camera

Top Features:

  • Multi-spectral dynamic imaging
  • Compact design
  • IP67 water resistance
  • Automatic hot detection


This camera is an excellent solution for firefighters looking for an effective, stable, and flexible camera.

  • Lightweight design
  • Rugged structure
  • Powerful performance


The IR sensor of the camera has a notably low resolution. It also has a slower refresh rate.

  • Slow refresh rate
  • Low IR sensor resolution

Why We Like It: This camera has a great battery life, quick charging, and simple operation. We love it for its single-button operation and relatively good value for money.

How FLIR Thermal Imaging Helps Firefighters

A man with a white helmet holding a thermal device
  • It helps detect sources of heat in a smoke-filled area
  • Finds hot spots in fires
  • Locates trapped victims
  • Helps find escape routes
  • Helps find hazardous materials
  • Assists in employing efficient firefighting strategies on the field
  • Promotes situational awareness

Understanding the Overall Settings on a Thermal Imaging Camera

a man holding a thermal imaging camera
  • IR Resolution – recording the finest possible details
  • Display – a monitor to access the thermal image
  • Image Modes – settings to adjust how the image appears to the user
  • Object Temperature Range – minimum and maximum temperature range the camera can record
  • Depth of Filed – focusing on things located at different distances
  • Spectral Filtering – filtering out specific infrared radiation wavelengths
  • Spectral Response – detecting infrared radiation wavelengths
  • Temperature Measurement Units – displaying the temperature in multiple units like Celsius, Kelvin, or Fahrenheit
  • Field of View – the scene visible on the display
  • Image Processing – enhancing the image using various algorithms

Talk to a Firefighting Tech Expert

Thermal imaging cameras make firefighters’ jobs faster, more efficient, and safer. Choosing the best camera for your team can be overwhelming due to the wide range of available brands and models with different functionalities.

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