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Sonim XP5s
Ultra-Rugged Phone

Mission critical communication meets industrial strength in the all-new ultra durable Sonim XP5s.

This fully rugged mobile phone ensures reliable and clear communication in even the noisiest industrial environments.

With one touch Push-To-Talk and multi-shift battery life, the Sonim XP5s is a perfect solution for dependable communication in strenuous working conditions. 

Ultra-rugged design

Designed for use in rugged working environments. Military tested for resistance to shocks, drops, and vibrations. Waterproof, dustproof and operational in extreme temperatures.

Long Battery Life

Multi-shift battery provides enough power to keep you connected throughout extra long work shifts.

Extra-Loud Audio

Front facing dual 100dB+ speakers provide extra loud audio for noisy industrial environments. Noise-cancellations allow for critical communication no matter the sound conditions.

Glove Friendly

Large tactile and glove-friendly keys. Fast and reliable communication with dedicated one touch Push-To-Talk button.

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