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Ultra-rugged communication devices for janitorial workers.

Communication Solutions for Janitors

Janitors are vital employees in every company. They are in charge of cleaning and maintaining the building, performing routine inspections, communicating with management regarding potential issues, ordering supplies, etc. A good janitor has excellent attention to detail, is focused, responsible, and has great time-management skills. While no machine can do a janitor’s work efficiently, some tools can increase productivity. Although it may not be the first thing that comes to mind, a mobile device can be incredibly helpful for janitors, and CAT phones are an excellent choice.

Durable Construction

CAT phones feature a high-quality, sturdy build that doesn’t succumb to damage easily. They are IP-rated and have gone through tests that confirm their durability.

Long Battery

Running out of battery during a shift can lead to communication issues. Fortunately, this scenario is unlikely to happen with CAT phones. They have a long battery life that can last the whole day, despite heavy usage.

Communication Made Easy

Communication is important for every profession, and janitors are no exception. CAT has manufactured their phones with an emphasis on stable and easy communication.

An Ideal Accessory for Janitors

Programmable Buttons

The physical buttons can be customized according to your preferences. With just one click, you can access your favorite app, call your colleague, or take advantage of push-to-talk technology.

High-Quality, Sunlight-Readable Display

Not being able to see the screen clearly when you’re outside can be a problem. This isn’t an issue with CAT phones because they feature displays that are readable in direct sunlight.


Working as a janitor often means exposure to dirt and dust, and proper hygiene is essential. Everyone who cares about hygiene will love CAT phones because they can be washed with soap and water, bleach, or any other cleaning product.

Optimized for Janitors

Android Support

All CAT phones run on the Android OS. With more than two and a half billion users worldwide, Android is the most popular operating system. Having an Android phone means access to virtually countless apps and programs that could make a janitor’s work much easier. With these apps, scheduling, stock control, time monitoring, and problem reporting is a breeze. Streamlining work and increasing efficiency means less stress and employee burnout.


Janitors often move around and work with water and different cleaning products. Hence, they need a phone that won’t stop working after an accidental drop or exposure to water and chemicals. All CAT phones are built to last and have certifications that prove this. They feature the highest IP ratings (IP68 and IP69) and MIL-STD certifications. You can drop it, submerge it in water, expose it to extreme temperatures, shocks, or vibrations, and the phone will still look and work as good as new.

Easy to Clean

Some of the duties of every janitor include sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, etc. If you keep your phone with you while you work, it’s bound to get dirty. Instead of hiding your phone from the dust and risking missing an important call or message, you can carry it in your pocket without worrying about germs. Unlike regular smartphones, CAT phones are incredibly easy to disinfect. All you need is water, soap, bleach, or any other cleaning product you have available. This means you can wash your phone every time you wash your hands and ensure it’s disinfected and germ-free.

If you want to take it a step further and prevent bacteria from developing on your phone in the first place, CAT S42 H+ has what you need. This phone has unique antimicrobial properties that inhibit bacteria growth. The phone’s external parts are covered in silver ions that ensure maximum protection against germs. The ions can’t be stripped away or damaged with washing.

FLIR Thermal Imaging

Besides cleaning, janitors are responsible for maintenance. Detecting potential issues early on is invaluable and can save a lot of money. While visual inspections are significant, thermal imaging can be an additional tool for detecting leaks, overloaded or overheating circuits, identifying potential intruders, etc. Thermal cameras give janitors the capability to spot problems before they escalate. CAT S62 Pro features an integrated professional-grade FLIR thermal camera that can increase janitors’ productivity and efficiency.

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Clear Communication

Janitors often need to go to areas that don’t have good reception, like basements or supply rooms. In such cases, push-to-talk technology can be incredibly useful. With only one click, you can reach your colleagues and enjoy clear and stable communication.

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