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Mobile Communication for Doctors

Ultra-rugged and medical-safe communication devices for workers in medicine.

The Best Communication Solutions for Doctors

Medicine is considered one of the noblest professions. Doctors, nurses, and technicians dedicate their lives to treating patients. They never stop learning and researching new ideas and advancements for the sake of humanity. While being a doctor is rewarding, it can also be quite challenging. Helping others stay healthy and overcome diseases often goes hand in hand with working in extreme, unhygienic conditions. For this reason, doctors need a mobile device that can handle almost anything and is easy to clean. CAT phones offer a wide range of features medical professionals find useful.

Easy to Clean

CAT phones are excellent for everyone who cares about hygiene. When they get dirty, you can wash them with soap and water (or even something as strong as bleach).


IP ratings and MIL-STD certifications confirm that CAT phones are resistant to water, solid particles, shocks, vibrations, drops, and much more.

Easy Communication

Clear communication is essential for every medical professional. CAT phones feature modern options that guarantee a stable connection regardless of the environment.

A Perfect Fit for All Doctors

Customizable Buttons

Programmable physical buttons allow you to speed dial, access an app quickly, or enjoy push-to-talk communication.

Modern Design

Although rugged, CAT phones don’t stand out from regular smartphones thanks to their stylish design.

Android Enterprise

CAT phones run on the Android OS, meaning they support hundreds of apps available on the Play Store.

Functionality, Style, and Hygiene

Easily Disinfected

Hygiene is essential for lowering the risk of transmitting disease and maintaining a healthy working environment. Throughout the day, doctors take measures to ensure hygiene is at a high level, like washing their hands, sanitizing the working environment, wearing masks and scrubs, etc. With so many duties, it’s easy to forget to sanitize the phone. With CAT phones, hygiene isn’t an issue. The phones can be washed with the same soap you use for your hands. You can even clean them with bleach and other strong cleaning products without worrying about damage.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imagining allows you to discover a whole new world otherwise invisible to the naked eye and can be helpful in medicine. Cameras that detect temperature changes can be used for temperature screenings, diagnostics, creating treatment plans, etc. CAT S62 Pro features a high-quality FLIR thermal camera doctors can use to increase their efficiency and get accurate results.

Silver-Ion Plating

All CAT phones are hygiene-conscious and can be cleaned easily, but not all of them have the technology that prevents bacteria growth. Those who want to take phone hygiene one step further will love the CAT S42 H+. This phone’s external components are coated with silver ions that provide exceptional germ defense. The ions won’t fade away or lose their efficiency with washing.

High-Quality Cameras

Phones with high-quality cameras allow doctors to take photos and videos of ultrasound images, X-rays, or prescriptions and forward them to their colleagues, assistants, or patients. Having a phone with an excellent camera can make communication much easier and faster, increase productivity. All CAT phones come with cameras with a high resolution and extra features that make taking and sending photos and videos straightforward.

Long Battery Life

Doctors often need to work long hours during which they need to be available at every moment. For this reason, they require a phone with a powerful battery that doesn’t drain fast, even with heavy usage. CAT phones feature high-quality batteries that guarantee all-day power, thus ensuring your coworkers, assistants, and patients can reach you at any time during your shift.


CAT phones are manufactured to handle extreme conditions without a scratch. The phones’ ruggedness is confirmed by the highest IP ratings that prove their resistance to water and solid particles. You can submerge the phones in water and expose them to dust and dirt without worrying about malfunctions. Besides the IP ratings, CAT phones have MIL-STD certifications.

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