Skorpio X5 XLR Review

Skorpio X5 XLR by Datalogic is among the most advanced mobile computers on the market. It’s a perfect addition for transportation, retail, healthcare, and manufacturing workers but has many other applications. Read on to find out what makes Skorpio X5 XLR great and how its purchase can benefit your business.

Product Ranking

Skorpio X5 XLR Energy Electronic ranking

The Skorpio X5 XLR is a pure 10/10. With some of the latest high-end hardware, an extensive feature list, and the industry’s largest multi-touch display, you’re unlikely to find a better deal for the price. We highly recommend Skorpio X5 XLR for everyone who is after better productivity, reduced error rates, and a happier workforce.

Product Specifications

CPUQualcomm SD660 octa-core; 2.2 GHz
Operating System Android 10, Google Mobile Services (GMS) included
Memory3 GB or 4 GB RAM, 32 GB or 64 GB flash 
DisplayBacklit TFT on a 6-inch multi-touch screen 
Display size4.3 inches, 480 x 800 x 320 pixels; 217 ppi
Keyboard28-key numeric, 38-key functional, 47-key alphanumeric
Weight17.2 ounces (488 grams)
Power3,460 mAh, 15-watt wireless charging 
ScannerOptional: 1D, 2D, or mid-range 2D
Connectivity Bluetooth v5.0, Wi-Fi,

Skorpio X5 XLR Product Pricing

Skorpio X5 XLR Energy Electronics Pricing

The Skorpio X5 XLR is a versatile device with a range of additional features and functionalities. The price range depends on the levels of customization and goes from $950 to $1,600. Our experts at Energy Electronic can help you pick the right device for your needs to ensure you only spend money on features you’ll use. We also offer discounts on some bulk purchases. Contact us to find out more.

Pros and Cons

Skorpio X5 XLR pros and cons

The Skorpio X5 is your go-to mobile computer, unlocking new flexibility and versatility levels. The device is packed with new features compared to its predecessor, so plenty of upgrades are on the table. Some include an Android 10 with Google Mobile Services (GMS) compatibility, the largest display in the category, and an IP65 sealing rating.

Before Skorpio X5 XLR, these mobile computers used to run on Windows. Some versions included both Windows and Android. With Skorpio X5 XLR, the manufacturer shifted focus completely to the Android system (Android 10). It’s now fully optimized to make the most out of the device’s hardware setup. This device is modern and upgraded to meet the most demanding needs.

Another major benefit is the rugged design. You can take this beast anywhere, including warehouses or outdoors, without worrying about occasional drops. The mobile computer has an IP65 rating, is dust-resistant, has waterjet protection, and can withstand drops up to 6 feet or 1.8 meters.

Additionally, the Gorilla Glass display serves as additional protection against accidental scratches. You can use a rubber boot accessory for industry-grade resistance as well.

The powerful processor, some of the latest and most advanced hardware for Android devices, offers fast and unparalleled performance. If you’re a multitasker or have to deal with large files, Skorpio X5 XLR won’t disappoint.

Next comes the unique extra-large display. Enjoy exceptional indoor and outdoor viewing experiences, even in extra bright conditions. The large screen allows for faster information reading and less scrolling, making this device suitable for workers with visual impairments or reading issues.

Exceptional ergonomics make working with Skorpio X5 XLR a breeze. You can pick one from multiple keypads for specific uses, including 28 keys numeric, 28 keys function, and 47 keys alphanumeric keyboard options. Multiple scan key options include two side options, a central one, a bottom option (HH version), and a trigger (Pistol version). The Soft Spot feature also makes scanning comfortably in all positions possible.

You can equip your Skorpio X5 XLR with numerous accessories. These accessories help customize and expand the functionalities to meet your business needs or personal preferences regarding protection, scanning possibilities, batteries, and more.

However, Skorpio X5 XLR isn’t a perfect gadget. For example, its robust hardware affects the weight. The device feels bulkier than the competitors and can be tiring to carry around all day. Fortunately, you can get carriers and hand straps to help.

The Skorpio X5 XLR also has surprisingly limited storage. With 32 GB and 64 GB flash memory, you’ll likely need an additional SD memory card or a cloud subscription to fill the gap. You can expand the storage to 256 GB using a Micro-SDXC card slot.

The Skorpio X5 XLR also has a bit steeper learning curve. If you’ve never worked with similar devices before, you or your team could use training beforehand. This powerhouse has much to offer, but only to those who know how to reap its benefits.

Finally, the Skorpio X5 XLR may not be compatible with some programs or software applications you used on previous Windows devices. This can be a downside to those familiar with the Skorpio ecosystem. However, the company has adapted most of the applications for the new system.

Display, Cameras, and Scanners

Skorpio X5 XLR display, cameras and scanners

The Skorpio X5 XLR has the largest multi-touch display on the PDT market. Its 6-inch multi-touch display has Gorilla Glass protection for accidental damage protection, and the 4.3-inch touchscreen offers a clear, sharp, and vivid image in multiple viewing conditions and angles. With just enough space for most applications, your workforce will have an easy time manipulating this gadget.

This device doesn’t include cameras (neither rear nor front). It’s not meant to be a device that takes images and videos. However, users can still take pictures using the in-built scan engine on the XLR model.

You can get a Skorpio X5 in numerous scanning setups. A 1D imager can auto-detect all standard 1D codes, while the 2D imager captures your 2D codes. There are also mid-range 2D imagers with advanced features and extra-long range (XLR) solutions. The X5 XLR is the most advanced and can read codes at distances up to 20 meters or 65 feet. For example, if you’re a picker on a forklift, you can remain in your seat while performing warehouse operations. This possibility makes warehouse management far less demanding and faster.

The images allow the reading of barcodes in any conditions, regardless of the label’s state. The barcode can be scratched, damaged, or located under a plastic wrap or 13 centimeters to 20 meters from you, and Skorpio X5 XLR’s super fast scanning engine will capture it for you.

The Datalogic has added a “good read” green spot feedback on the code to simplify the scanning process. If your code has this green dot, your shot succeeded.

Operation System and Programs

Operating system and programs

The Skorpio X5 XLR runs on an Android 10 operating system. The device is part of the Android Enterprise Recommended program that fulfills a set of requirements set by Google when it comes to hardware, support, and software.

Regarding the CPU, the latest hardware was built using the industry-first Qualcomm SDA 660 system-on-chip. The processor ensures enough power and speed for success, and the Skorpio X5 XLR CPU checks all the boxes with eight cores and 2.2 GHz. You can run intensive apps without glitches and multitask using multiple applications simultaneously with zero lag.

The device also leverages Google Mobile Services (GMS), which open doors to a range of Google Enterprise APIs for deployment and security. Some of the built-in programs in the Skorpio X5 XLR include:

  • Waveling Terminal Emulation – Access and manage connections to applications.
  • Pal Communicator – Manage data transfer from one computer to another.
  • Wavelink Avalanche – Take care of mission-critical deployments across your rugged computers.
  • SOTI cloud environment – A mobility management solution based on the cloud.
  • Surelock – Ensures industry-grade protection and security for your Skorpio device at all times.

Users can also download any app from the Google Play Store or have their developer teams create a fully customized app for their business on the Android platform.

How to Purchase Skorpio X5 XLR

Skorpio X5 XLR purchase

As you can see, Skorpio X5 XLR is a highly customizable and complex device. Users often have a hard time figuring out what the perfect setup is for their industry and needs. That’s why Energy Electronics experts are here. Contact us with your needs, preferences, and requirements, and we’ll recommend the best Skorpio X5 XLR option for your business.

Markets and Applications

Market and applications

The Skorpio X5 XLR is an ideal fit for numerous markets and applications, including but not limited to the following:

  • Pharmacies – Take product identification, inventory management, and payments to another level by implementing Skorpio X5 XLR in your pharmacy.
  • Healthcare – Skorpio X5 XLR has wide use in the healthcare sector thanks to its versatility and plenty of data-capturing options.
  • Manufacturing – Much like healthcare, the extensive range of data-capturing options and the robust battery make Skorpio X5 XLR perfect for manufacturing applications.
  • Retail – Streamline your payment process, track inventory, and boost delivery accuracy with Skorpio X5 XLR.
  • Transportation and logistics – Skorpio X5 XLR can increase efficiency and optimize workflow in transportation and logistics by streamlining delivery timelines and making shipment or product identification a breeze.

Skorpio X5 XLR Review

Skorpio X5 XLR Review

Skorpio X5 XLR is among the most advanced and powerful mobile computers on the market, and many favorable online reviews will attest that it’s a favorite. Here are some of our favorite customer reviews:

“It costs a fortune, but Skorpio X5 XLR is without a doubt the best addition for retail business owners. If you want to streamline your operations to lower the risk of error, make your clients and workers happy, and significantly reduce wait times, think no further – Skorpio X5 XLR is the right choice for your company. I love how long the battery lasts and how fast the scanner is. There’s nothing I’d add or take from this retail powerhouse.”

“Skorpio X5 XLR is one of those mobile computers you feel intimidated by at first but fall in love with once you start using them. Together with my team, we organized a short training to explain to everyone how to use the device. The vast application choice and plenty of built-in features were too much for our workers, so we had to take it slow. After two weeks, everyone has gotten so used to these computers that they can’t imagine working without them. Success!”

“I’m amazed by how powerful Skorpio X5 XLR is. It handles multiple operations at once and has not lagged once in more than six months of active use. We regularly use the extended battery because of the long shifts, and the battery hasn’t failed us once. I use the mid-range 2D imager version and am mind blown by the accuracy and readability when scanning old and dusty labels. Overall, this device is well worth the investment, and I highly recommend it for warehouse and transportation applications.”

“Honestly, I was afraid to cash out $3,000 to equip each of my team members with a mobile computer. As a small business owner, I didn’t know if the investment would pay off. Three months after purchasing Skorpio X5 XLR, I couldn’t be happier. Not only is Skorpio cost-efficient, but it has drastically increased my customer retention rates. We had a horrible inventory management system that never allowed us to inform our customers of existing products. Now all that’s history. Beyond blessed with this purchase.”

“Skorpio X5 XLR is one of those upgrades you only buy once in a blue moon and hope they turn out well. We use Skorpio in healthcare and couldn’t be happier with it. I’m grateful for the special software that makes patient management and data capturing a breeze. We no longer have to use separate devices to scan data, store it, and expand on it. Some of the team members had a more challenging time figuring out all the features, but once we showed them a short tutorial, they picked up on it pretty quickly. I recommend the Skorpio X5 XLR to all healthcare providers out there who need a reliable device to streamline their daily operations.”

Power and Batteries

Skorpio X5 XLR power and batteries

The Skorpio X5 XLR runs on a hot-swappable battery with some of the most advanced battery management ecosystems the market has seen. The 3.7 V battery runs on a 3,460 mAh capacity. The extended battery comes with a 6,080 mAh overall capacity.

This device can recharge wirelessly with a 15-watt charging connector. You can also use standard pogo-pin connectors.

The replaceable battery has a 12.8-watt-hour standard version, while the extended version is 22.1-watt-hours. You can choose the battery setup you want – wireless or not, standard or extended.

Overall, the Skorpio X5 XLR battery can power through long shifts in backroom operations, fieldwork, retail in-store, and most other applications.

Accessories and Addons for Skorpio X5 XLR

Acessories and addons

The Skorpio X5 XLR has dozens of accessories and addons in multiple categories. Getting these accessories can boost the device’s price by hundreds of dollars. That’s why you should talk to an Energy Electronics expert to make sure you get a customized fit for your needs and preferences.

Below is an overview of some of the most commonly purchased accessories:

  • Wireless charging dock – A range of docks is available, including single-dock and three-slot wireless dock charging, slot docks for ethernet communication, and more.
  • Battery chargers – Choose from multiple battery chargers for up to four batteries.
  • Cases and holsters – Belt holsters for handheld and pistol grip devices with belt clips, rubber boots, and belt holsters are available.
  • Hand strap – Make carrying the Skorpio X5 XLR easier with a heavy-duty hand strap.
  • Lanyard kit – Carry around the Skorpio X5 XLR with a hands-free strap and get the job done faster.
  • Screen protector – A 5-piece package of screen protectors is available for added protection against scratches and cracks.
  • Power supplies and cords – Numerous cords are available to meet markets in Australia, the EU, Argentina, the UK, Japan, the Netherlands, and other countries.

Talk to an Expert

Talk to a tech expert

The Skorpio X5 XLR is a highly versatile but also complex mobile computer. If you’re considering its purchase, you need to take into account the multiple forms this powerhouse comes in. There are many characteristics to consider, from physical format to software to memory. Fill out a short form below, and an expert from Energy Electronics will reach out to you in one business hour to help you with your purchasing decision.