Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3 Review

Tablet computers have revolutionized the modern workplace. These handheld devices enable your team members to communicate and perform remote tasks without a hitch. Rugged models in particular, like the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3, are perfect for any environment due to their durable build.

In this article we’re reviewing Samsung’s take on rugged tablets, the Galaxy Tab Active 3. We’ll cover all the specs to help you determine whether it will be a good fit for you.

Operating System

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The first metric we’ll consider is the operating system, and Samsung is great in this regard. The tablet runs on Android 10, offering you a seamless and fast machine that can support even the most demanding applications. You also get tremendous privacy setting options you can use to determine all data sharing conditions, such as when the sharing takes place and how much of your information is available. Plus, there’s the Focus Mode that allows you to pause apps temporarily, limiting workplace distractions.

Another thing to consider is user experience. Android’s user-friendly interface is simple to navigate and most workers are familiar with the platform. This can drastically reduce employee training time since most will already know how to use the device.


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Samsung’s Galaxy Active Tab 3 runs on an interesting model. Four of its core are Mongoose M3, whereas the other four feature Cortex-A55 and operate at 1.7GHz.


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The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3 features Wi-Fi 6 as well as LTE capabilities on some models.


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The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3 comes with an eight-inch display. It’s a plane-to-lane switching (PLS) model with a 1920×1200 resolution, however, its performance in extreme lighting conditions is questionable.


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The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3 comes with several durability certifications. It carries both MIL-810H certification as well as IP68 ratings for resistance to water and other elements. In terms of weight, it’s on the lighter side as far as rugged tablets go, weighing just under 1lb.


Samsung opted for a pretty decent battery for their Galaxy Tab Active 3. The tablet comes with a 5050 mAh Li-ion battery that should last you through a good part of your day.


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In terms of memory, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3 comes with 4GB of RAM, accompanied by 64GB or 128 GB of flash memory, depending on the model you choose. You can also add up to 1TB of external memory via a microSD card.

Data Capture

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As far as scanning capabilities go, the Galaxy Tab Active can capture barcodes and QR codes from the camera or you can add a scanning accessory case, like a pistol grip.


using Samsung Galaxy Tab Active to accept payments

Samsung offers several helpful features compatible with their Galaxy Tab Active. Wireless DeX allows the user to connect the device to a monitor or smart tv. In addition, the Programmable Active key can be customized to launch critical applications with one click, such as Push-to-Talk. Another handy feature is the mPOS compatibility which lets the tablet process payments from NFC-enabled contactless credit cards without additional hardware.

In terms of added software, the Galaxy Tab Active is compatible with Enterprise Edition, Samsung’s suite of mobile management apps and it comes with a one-year free subscription to Knox Suite.


Using Sonim RS80 with handstrap

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3 features a wide range of accessories. You can get useful items, such as an S pen and charging cradle.


Samsung’s price point for the Galaxy Tab Active 3 is pretty reasonable. Depending on the amount of memory and whether you choose a cellular or Wi-Fi model, the price will range from about $500 to $600. For what it offers, the Active 3 is one of the most cost-effective tablets on the market.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3 comes with limited coverage for up to a year.

Sonim offers extensive two-year coverage against any manufacturing defects. There’s also an optional three-year coverage.

Final Verdict

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It really comes down to what you need and expect out of your device. The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3 is a great option for average work operations that don’t involve a heavy amount of data capture. It also makes an ideal choice for someone looking for a durable tablet, such as parents purchasing for children who tend to break their devices frequently.

If your business operations are on a larger scale, performed in rugged environments, or involve heavy-duty data capture, it may not be the best option for you. It does not have an automatically integrated barcode scanner and does not come with software built for warehouse data. The Active 3 does not have a rugged specification, and although it is built well, it is not built for all environments. A better option for your business may be the Honeywell RT10A or the Getac T800.

Overall, our score for the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3 is 4/10.

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