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Utilizing Mobile Tech to Save Lives

Mobile devices play a critical role in facilitating a prompt and effective response to emergency situations. But with a plethora of products and accessories to choose from, finding the right technology solutions for your agency can be overwhelming.

At Energy Electronics, we have the expertise and industry connections to guide you through the process. Our sales representatives are equipped with specialized knowledge to assist you in selecting the best mobile devices for your organization. By understanding your operational needs and concerns, we tailor a solution plan that addresses the specific challenges of your agency.

Our primary objective is to equip you with the appropriate tools to respond swiftly and efficiently to any emergency.

A comprehensive mobile computing solution plan

custom designed to streamline activity

Energy Electronics specializes in advanced mobile computing solutions, custom planned for each customer. Our expert Public Safety Consultants have the experience and resources to help you strategize and implement a mobile computing solution to meet the challenges and needs of your safety operation. 

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Upgrading Tech for Public Safety

Law Enforcement

Police and Law Enforcement

A mobile computer for a police officer can be used for communication, data capture, and information access, providing valuable tools for effective law enforcement.

Two firefighter wearing a PPE with fire extinguisher


A mobile computer for a firefighter can be used for communication, real-time situational awareness, and data management, providing valuable tools for effective emergency response.

Emergency Medical Technicians logo

Emergency Medical Services

A mobile computer for EMS personnel can be used for communication, patient data management, and real-time access to medical resources, providing valuable tools for effective emergency medical care.

Security guard with earpiece

Security Agents

A mobile computer for a security guard can be used for communication, real-time monitoring, and incident reporting, providing valuable tools for effective security management.

A firefighter man wearing a PPE looking at forest

Wildland Fire Services

A mobile computer for a wildland fire service can be used for communication, mapping and navigation, and real-time situational awareness, providing valuable tools for effective firefighting and safety management in remote areas.

parole officer talking into handheld radio

Parole and Probation Officers

A mobile computer for a parole and probation officer can be used for communication, real-time monitoring, and case management, providing valuable tools for effective offender supervision and compliance.

Important Public Safety Features

Rugged and Tough

Mobile computers need to be rugged and tough for emergency workers to withstand harsh environments and potential drops or impacts, ensuring reliable communication and access to critical information in life-threatening situations.

All Conditions

Devices used by emergency workers need to be able to withstand hot and cold conditions to ensure optimal performance in extreme environments and to prevent malfunctions that could jeopardize their safety or impede their ability to respond effectively.

Security & Privacy

Devices used by public safety workers need to have robust privacy and security features to safeguard sensitive information and prevent unauthorized access, ensuring the safety and confidentiality of both the public and the workers themselves.

Ambulance Worker with EMS and Mobile Computer Rugged Tablets

Fully-rugged Build

Impervious to dust and water, and able to operate in extreme temperatures. Withstands drops, shocks, and vibrations.

High Capacity battery

Powerful multi-shift battery keeps the device functional throughout the longest workdays.

Lightweight Design

Slim and compact design. Lightweight and easy to transport. Forklift and vehicle mountable and includes an in-box hand-strap for easy carrying. 

Mobilizing Your Emergency Team

Streamline your emergency response operation with effective mobile computing technology.

Inventory management

All-in-one mobile computers for emergency workers can help increase efficiency, reduce errors, and manage safety inventory more effectively by providing accurate and real-time information on inventory locations and quantities, allowing for better order fulfillment and planning.

Accurate Tracking

Instant scanning for emergency workers enables automation of tasks such as verifying shipments, printing labels, and checking truck assignments, while documenting every stage of order fulfillment from picking to delivery, which provides accurate tracking information to customers.

Recording and Documenting

For emergency workers, having powerful devices that can record and document emergency events is crucial for accurate documentation and analysis of incidents, allowing for informed decision-making and improved response strategies in the future. These devices can also serve as valuable evidence for legal or investigatory purposes, ensuring accountability and transparency in emergency operations.

Increased Productivity

Mobile computing is a crucial tool for emergency workers in reducing waste, improving satisfaction, and increasing efficiency, as it allows for shorter task completion times and real-time visibility into all processes and inventory locations, resulting in optimal operation and increased productivity with less labor required.

Enhanced Emergency Mobility

Mobile computers are valuable tools for emergency workers during emergency events, as they combine data capture, computing, and communication applications in a single, easy-to-transport device, eliminating the need for bulky hardware and allowing for task completion from any location without additional equipment. The enhanced mobility of these devices saves valuable time and increases efficiency, enabling emergency workers to complete their tasks quickly and accurately, and respond effectively to emergencies.

Critical Data and Insights

During emergency events, mobile computers can record all relevant operations and data, providing managers with vital analytics and insights into workflow processes that can help identify areas for improvement and enable the creation of a more efficient supply chain. These insights can be crucial for emergency workers as they allow for informed decision-making, more effective response strategies, and faster recovery after an emergency event.

Our Partners & Manufacturers

Some of our partners and manufacturers

Built to Save

During emergency events, our durable devices are specifically designed to withstand harsh environments, ensuring they can be used without breaking, dying, or failing. This not only keeps operations running smoothly but also reduces equipment costs as these devices have longer lifespans compared to standard tablets or handhelds, providing more reliable communication and access to critical information during emergency situations.

Difficult Operations

Designed to endure shocks, drops, and impact, without sustaining damage to the device, and even without a protective case.

Difficult Environment

Sunlight readable and glove and wet-touch enables touchscreens. Resistant to water, dust, and extreme temperatures.

Difficult Changes

High-capacity multi-shift battery lasts through long work days and can be easily replaced if needed.

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