Sonim RS60 Firefighter Solutions

Sonim RS60
Handheld/Smart Scanner

Introducing the Sonim RS60, a lightweight fully rugged handheld computer and Smart Scanner. 

Engineered to the toughest performance standards in the industry, the Sonim RS60 makes it easy to communicate, scan, and quickly collect data in the most extreme work environments. 

Powered by Android 10 and equipped with a high-capacity multi-shift battery, the Sonim RS60 mobile computer provides an all-in-one solution for corporate communication and logistic needs. 

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all-in-one solution

Competitively priced and equipped with a full suite of software tools to streamline workflow and enhanced productivity.

Fully Rugged

Water-proof, dust-proof, and drop-resistant. Built with industry-leading materials for maximum durability.

Barcode Scanner

Quick and efficient data collection with the integrated high-speed barcode scanner.

chemical resistant

Waterproof and chemical resistant for safe and easy disinfection with harsh cleaning agents.

Sonim RS60 Firefighter phones

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How Rugged is the Sonim RS60?

Build to withstand the harshest of conditions, the RS60 can handle extreme use in tough environments.

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Mobile Computing Solutions

Warehouse Management

Collect data, reduce errors and keep workers connected.


Easily track goods through every stage of transport.


Track progress, manage inventory, and increase productivity.

Field Service

Accurately identify equipment and repair instructions.

Fire and EMS

Verify patient information, track equipment and stay connected.

Law Enforcement

Quickly scan and process information. Improve evidence and inventory tracking.

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