PowerScan PD9531-AR review

The PowerScan PD9531-AR is a top-tier barcode scanner and a robust 2D imager perfect for those who depend on reliability and speed. It can read barcodes from computer screens and uses the latest technology to enhance productivity and efficiency. Here we’ll provide an in-depth review of the PowerScan PD9531-AR.

Product Ranking

Product ranking of PD9531-AR

Due to its rugged construction, exceptional features, and advanced optics that allow you to scan barcodes from a significant distance, the PowerScan PD9531-AR is a 10/10 device.

Product Specifications 

Dimensions8.3 x 4.3 x 2.9 inches 
TypeHandheld, corded barcode scanner 
Input Voltage4.50-40 VDC 
Field of ViewNear field: 14 degrees (H) x 10.50 degrees (V)Over 3m/10 ft: 14.40 degrees (H) x 10.80 degrees (V)
Decoding Capability1D/linear codes2D codesPostal codesStacked codes 
Protection RatingIP65
InterfacesKeyboard wedge
Resolution1D codes: 3 mils
2D codes: 4 mils 
Reading IndicatorsBeeperDatalogic three green lights good read feedbackDatalogic “Green Spot” on the codeDual Good Read LEDs 

Product Pricing

Pricing information for PowerScan PD9531 AR

You can purchase the PowerScan PD9531-AR for around $600-$700. If you want to get a good price on this powerful barcode scanner, you should reach out to Energy Electronics, a certified reseller of the PowerScan PD9531-AR and other models by this brand. You may be able to get an excellent deal on bulk purchases if you buy multiple devices for your company.

Pros and Cons

PowerScan PD9531-AR pros and cons

This premium barcode scanner offers a wide range of advantages to its users. Let’s start with its design: the manufacturer used high-quality materials for this device. The barcode scanner underwent tests to withstand even the most extreme conditions while providing consistent and reliable reading performance.

It has a lightweight, ergonomic enclosure that guarantees maximum comfort, especially during scan-intensive operations. The device can enhance workplace productivity thanks to the built-in metal tether hook for suspended operation.

Another advantage of the PowerScan PD9531-AR is that it can withstand a wide range of temperatures. It will perform smoothly in temperatures ranging between -4 and 122 degrees Fahrenheit, while you can store it in temperatures between -40 and 158 degrees. If you’re often working outside, you’ll be happy to know that this barcode scanner is immune to direct exposure to sunlight, allowing a clear view and ease of use.

The PowerScan PD9531-AR features an ingress protection (IP) rating of 65. This rating indicates that the device is resistant to dust and water, so you can use it in rough conditions and not worry about damage.

Besides being resistant and durable, this device offers an intuitive aiming system and multiple interfaces, allowing you to read any barcode in seconds. All you need to do is aim, trigger, and decode. Snappy reading is guaranteed regardless of your environment and weather conditions.

Since the PowerScan PD9531-AR operates with minimal programming, you can set it up and start using it quickly. Moreover, training employees to work with this device is a breeze, regardless of your industry.

One of the best things about this barcode scanner is its versatility. The device is designed to be a valuable asset for a wide range of industries, from warehouses and retail to healthcare, schools, and online home businesses. Due to its ease of use and incredible scanning capabilities, the PowerScan PD9531-AR saves time and resources.

In terms of drawbacks, it’s worth pointing out that this is a corded scanner, not wireless. While this doesn’t have to be a disadvantage, some people find wireless barcode scanners easier to work with due to their portability.


PowerScan PD9531-AR scanner gallery photos

The PowerScan PD9531-AR is one of its tier’s most powerful barcode scanners. This handy device has an impressive decoding capability:

  • 1D/linear codes – The PowerScan PD9531-AR autodiscriminates all standard 1D codes. It can read these codes from up to 65 feet.
  • 2D codes – The device can scan 2D codes such as Aztec Code, Data Matrix, China Han Xin Code, QR Code, etc. It can read 2D codes at a range of 65 feet.
  • Postal codes – The PowerScan PD9531-AR can scan China Post, Australian Post, Japanese Post, IBM, Royal Mail Code, and many others.
  • Stacked codes – The barcode scanner can scan EAN/JAN Composites, GS1 DataBar Stacked, UPC A/E Composites, etc.

Using the scanner is incredibly simple. You only need to aim the scanner toward the barcode you want to scan, and the device will do its magic. Thanks to omnidirectional reading capabilities and exceptional optical characteristics, the device can scan barcodes even in low-light environments.

The PowerScan PD9531-AR features Datalogic’s Three Green Light (3GL) technology that guarantees good-read feedback. When the scanner registers a barcode, you’ll see the Datalogic “Green Spot” on the code and dual LEDs on the device. This convenient feature is especially useful for those working in direct sunlight or loud environments.

The barcode scanner features impressive reading ranges. Here are typical depths of field:

  • EAN 13: 7.80-114.10 inches
  • Code 39:

10 mils – 5.90-63 inches

40 mils – 20-433 inches

100 mils – up to 75 feet

  • Code 128:

15 mils – 11.80-129.90 inches

40 mils – 23.60-335 inches

100 mils – up to 65 feet

  • DataMatrix:

10 mils – 7.80-33.50 inches

55 mils – 11.80-216.50 inches

100 mils – 11.80-349.50 inches

200 mils – up to 65 feet

Keep in mind that the reading performance depends on contrast, ambient light, and printing resolution.

Operation System and Programs

PowerScan PD9531-AR operating systems and programs

The PowerScan PD9531-AR, like other models from the series, features multiple interfaces, including RS-232, Keyboard Wedge, and USB. Thanks to this versatility, the barcode scanner can work with different operating and point-of-sale systems. This is another reason this barcode scanner has a wide range of uses and is suitable for many industries.

As mentioned, setting up the PowerScan PD9531-AR is fairly straightforward, even for those who aren’t tech-savvy. This is possible thanks to Datalogic Aladdin, a unique all-in-one software tool that provides a fast and easy barcode scanner setup. The tool also makes formatting and upgrading firmware much easier. This configuration program is available for download at no additional charge.

How to Purchase PowerScan PD9531-AR

Purchasing advice for power scan 9531-AR

If this is your first time purchasing a barcode scanner, you may have many questions about its features and capabilities. Therefore, you should only rely on experienced, reputable sellers who can answer your questions, explain the product’s potential uses, and choose the best configuration for your industry. The best way to purchase PowerScan PD9531-AR is to rely on Energy Electronics. We’ll help ensure the process is quick and smooth.

Markets and Applications

Markets-and-Applications PD9531 AR

The PowerScan PD9531-AR combines a rugged design with exceptional scanning options. Therefore, this handy device can be used in various industries. Here are some of them:

  • Big-box stores– When we think of barcode scanners, one of the first things that come to mind is a check-out counter at a store. Every product sold at a big-box store features a barcode. While we may not think of it often, barcodes have revolutionized how big-box stores operate. Barcodes and barcode scanners allow employees to keep track of inventory. Thanks to barcode scanners, employees can tell how many items are in the store or warehouse and, if necessary, order more. These devices also allow store owners to save time and resources through self-check-out counters where customers can scan their products by themselves.
  • Healthcare – The healthcare industry can greatly benefit from barcodes and barcode scanners. Keeping track of inventory, like medications, surgical equipment, and patients’ records, is crucial for a hospital to run smoothly. Since one small error can have devastating consequences, automatizing inventory management improves efficiency and productivity. These days, patients also have their barcodes. By scanning them, healthcare professionals ensure patients receive the right treatments and get detailed information about their status.
  • Factories – Barcode scanners can be used in every part of a factory production process. With barcodes and barcode scanners, employees ensure they have enough parts. Moreover, they can double-check whether the right components are in the correct place and accurately track the production process. Using barcode scanners reduces the risk of human errors and enhances accuracy and efficiency.
  • Schools – Like other institutions, schools must manage their inventory and ensure everything’s always in order. The importance of proper inventory management rises as the equipment becomes more expensive; nowadays, many schools use high-end equipment, computers, tablets, and other items that feature a hefty price tag. Not being able to keep track of these items could raise questions and lead to audits and inspections. Barcode scanners also make tracking library book check-outs and course enrollment easy and quick.
  • Online home businesses – Whether you’re operating an Etsy store or any other online home business, a barcode scanner can help you in many ways. Barcode labels make managing inventory a breeze since you’ll have a detailed insight into how many products you have available. Good inventory management leads to better customer service and faster shipping. Plus, when you’re well-organized, you’ll be able to save money and reduce unnecessary expenses.
  • Government organizations – Law enforcement, fire department, emergency services, the military, and other governmental organizations can benefit from the PowerScan PD9531-AR. With this barcode scanner, organizations can keep track of their inventory. Every piece of equipment is always accountable, ensuring transparency and lowering the risk of loss or theft. Plus, with barcode scanners, these organizations make sure that they never run out of valuable supplies.
  • Professional sport – The PowerScan PD9531-AR can be used in the sports industry. Whether tracking inventory or organizing competitions, a powerful barcode scanner guarantees great time management, exceptional organization, and enhanced productivity.
  • Warehouses – Thousands of products are often stored in warehouses, and good organization is key to ensuring everything’s in stock and at the right place. If you’re running a small warehouse, you may be able to get away with manual inventory tracking. But, at some point, you may realize barcodes and scanners are more efficient solutions. With this method, you can accurately track a large number of products and prevent issues, delays, and theft.

PowerScan PD9531-AR Reviews

PowerScan PD9531-AR review

Here’s what customers from different industries say about the PowerScan PD9531-AR:

“I’ve been a warehouse manager for almost 20 years and have used dozens of barcode scanners, but the PowerScan PD9531-AR is definitely my favorite. Its rugged construction and resistance make it exceptionally durable. I’ve had it for a few years now, and the device looks as good as new, even though I dropped it more times than I could admit. It can scan barcodes from a great distance and has no issues, even with damaged or faded barcodes. While its price may be a bit higher compared to the competition, I assure you the product is worth it.”

“I operate an Etsy jewelry store. I started out small but managed to grow my business over the years. At one point, I realized I needed a more efficient way to manage my inventory because keeping track of it manually wasn’t working anymore. I did some research and decided to use barcodes and the PowerScan PD9531-AR barcode scanner. I couldn’t be happier with it! It allows me to organize my inventory with ease. I can say the barcode scanner helped me save a lot of time and prevent mistakes.”

“The best thing about the PowerScan PD9531-AR is its ease of use. I found the device incredibly easy to set up, even though I’m not tech-savvy. Its reading capability is impressive, even from a greater distance. Since I work in a factory where there’s a lot of noise at all times, I appreciate the good-read feedback that allows me to improve my efficiency. In my opinion, the PowerScan PD9531-AR features the best of both worlds: exceptional functionality and a rugged design.”

“Our hospital has started using the PowerScan PD9531-AR recently. The device has done wonders for our department’s efficiency. We use it to scan medications, double-check and adjust our patients’ treatments, and track medical supply inventory. My coworkers agree that the barcode scanner has made shift handovers much smoother.”

“I run a convenience store that sells thousands of products, and inventory management was a nightmare before I purchased the PowerScan PD9531-AR. This tool has made my life much easier. I can get detailed information on how many products I have in stock in only a few seconds. Since it’s made of high-quality materials, this barcode scanner will last years, so I consider it a wise investment. If you own a store and want to save time, enhance productivity, and reduce the risk of human error, you should purchase this barcode scanner.”

Power and Batteries

PowerScan PD9531AR Power Batteries

The PowerScan PD9531-AR is a corded device. Therefore, it requires electricity to operate and can’t run on batteries.

Accessories and Add-ons

PowerScan PD9531-AR accessories and addons

The PowerScan PD9531-AR can be paired with different accessories and add-ons that contribute to its ease of use and efficiency. If you’re unsure which addition is the best option for you, you can always reach out to experts from Energy Electronics to get ideal recommended solutions.

Here are the best accessories and add-ons for the PowerScan PD9531-AR:

  • Datalogic HLS-P080 Universal Holster – It keeps the barcode scanner safe and secure.
  • Datalogic STD-P090 Hands-Free Stand – It allows you to scan products without holding the barcode scanner.
  • Barcode scanner bag – It is a quality bag that protects the scanner from dust and damage and is especially handy if you often carry it around.
  • Datalogic HLD-P080 Desk/Wall Holder – It lets you set the barcode scanner on a wall or desk for more convenience.
  • Datalogic 7-0404 Industrial Take-Up Reel – It helps you keep your barcode scanner secure and within reach.

Talk to an Expert

Talk to energy electronic expert

The PowerScan PD9531-AR offers valuable features that can take inventory tracking to a new level. This amazing device can help you be more productive and efficient, minimizing the risk of errors. In the long run, the barcode scanner saves both time and resources and allows organized and streamlined operations.

If you want to fully take advantage of the PowerScan PD9531-AR and transform your business, reach out to experts from Energy Electronics. We’ll walk you through the ordering process, help you choose the best accessories, and ensure you’ve made the right call.

Contact us, and someone will get back to you within one business hour to discuss details.