Communication Solutions for police officers

Rugged Mobile Devices for Police Officers

Communication for Police Officers

Ultra-rugged communication devices for workers in mission-critical situations.

Emergency Response

Police officers work in a dynamic, fast-paced environment. Going back and forth from the station to the street, assisting in emergency situations, and responding to accidents and crimes is exciting, but it can also be dangerous. For police officers, constant communication and availability are key. That’s why they require mobile devices that provide the highest level of functionality even in the harshest conditions. These rugged phones are stylish, offer plenty of useful features, and can handle drops, shocks, vibrations, etc.


CAT phones offer constant availability and functionality regardless of the environment. They have IP and MIL-STD ratings that confirm their high-quality build and resistance to various elements.

Durable Battery

Long shifts aren’t a problem for CAT phones because they feature high-quality, durable batteries that hold a charge for hours of heavy usage.

Instant Communication

Police officers often team up for the best results, and an interruption in communication can have serious consequences.

Everything Police Officers Need Packed in One Device


CAT phones are resistant to water, drops, shocks, extreme temperatures, impacts, vibrations, etc. Military-grade ratings confirm the devices feature a high-quality construction and can be used in military applications.

Sunlight-Readable Display

Drop-resistant displays are readable in direct sunlight, allowing police officers to communicate with their coworkers with ease in all conditions.

Programmable Buttons

Customizable physical buttons can be used for accessing different apps, speed dialing, or push-to-talk.

Be Ready for All Situations

Reliable Connections

Radio dispatch may be the preferred method of communication, but it’s often unstable and provides limited service. CAT phones offer reliable reception and service from any location. Whether it’s Wi-Fi, 4G, or push-to-talk, you can be sure you’ll never lose connection with your coworkers. Thanks to GPS, captains can track their officers’ location and communicate the next move in only a few seconds.

FLIR Thermal Camera

CAT phones offer a wide range of options police officers find invaluable. One of them is the FLIR thermal camera featured in CAT S62 Pro. The camera can detect tiny differences in heat, which can be quite useful for every police officer in the field. With this camera, police officers can observe potential criminal activity at a distance and in low-light conditions, monitor suspects, investigate collisions, etc. These images can later be used as evidence.

Access to Numerous Useful Apps

CAT rugged phones operate on Android OS and support dozens of valuable apps and programs like US Cop, SceneDoc, Miranda Warnings, etc. These apps can help police officers streamline their work, increase productivity, and ease communication. Plus, CAT phones allow quick file transfers, which can sometimes be crucial in the field.

Stylish Design

It’s undeniable functionality and ruggedness are some of the most important phone features many police officers are interested in. However, we can’t neglect the design. There’s no point in having a rugged phone if carrying it around imposes a challenge. That’s why CAT created lightweight, stylish phones that don’t look much different from regular smartphones. You can place them in your pocket and grab them with ease. Since they are designed to handle harsh conditions and offer a firm grip, these phones don’t require a case.


Switching environments makes maintaining hygiene very challenging. With CAT phones, this isn’t an issue because they can be washed with soap and water, and even bleach. Those particularly worried about hygiene will definitely be interested in CAT S42 H+. This phone has state-of-the-art anti-microbial properties that prevent bacteria growth. The silver-ion technology ensures the phone stays clean even when you touch it with dirty hands. It won’t wear off no matter how often you wash the device.

Ultra-Rugged Features

All CAT phones are built to withstand extreme conditions, making them perfect for police officers. They have a sunlight-readable Corning Gorilla Glass screen with shatter-proof technology. Moreover, they have IP68 and IP69 ratings that prove their resistance to water and solid particles. As if this isn’t enough, all phones were built according to strict military standards, confirming their ruggedness.

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