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Reliable Connectivity and Handy Tools

The day-to-day workflow of an electrician is definitely not for everyone. Electricians are responsible for repairing and installing various electrical systems, varying from power drives and lighting to communication devices and heavy-duty equipment. This is a highly physical line of work, as electricians are typically on their feet the whole day. Not to mention the potential dangers and risks this job entails.

Since electricians have different tasks and responsibilities every day, they need mobile devices that can keep up with the demands. This is where CAT smartphones come in. These rugged devices are built for maximum durability.

Thanks to their military-grade protection, there’s nothing they can’t handle. From being dropped from significant heights to being submerged in water, these smartphones can handle almost anything you throw at them.


CAT phones are IP68 and IP69 rated, which means they have the highest level of resistance to water, sand, and dirt. They also have MIL-SPEC 810H certifications, so they can also withstand vibrations, drops, impact, and extreme temperatures.

Long Battery Life

Electricians never stay in one place for too long. Hence, they need smartphones with durable batteries. CAT phones are packed with high-capacity batteries that support fast charging.

Quick and Easy Access

With programmable Push-to-Talk buttons, you can answer an emergency call, contact other technicians, or access an app. You can also use the fingerprint scanner located on the rear side for instant access.

Optimized for Electricians

Thermal Shock-Proof

These rugged devices are thermal shock-proof, and they can operate normally from 13 to 131 degrees Fahrenheit.

Corning Gorilla Glass

CAT phones are manufactured using shatter-resistant technology and Corning Gorilla Glass. This material is light, thin, and scratch-resistant.

Glove-Friendly Screen

Not only is the display break-proof, but it’s also extremely responsive. It’s sunlight-readable, and you can use it with gloves or wet hands. Put simply, it’s optimized for outdoor environments.

Easy Grip

CAT phones have an ergonomic design and fit comfortably in your hand.

How Can Electricians Benefit From CAT Phones?

Ultra-Rugged Exterior

CAT phones are built to last and are made from industry-leading materials. They’re resistant to water, shocks, vibrations, dirt, and impact. In fact, they can be dropped from a height of 6 feet onto concrete and be immersed in 5 feet of water for 35 minutes. They’re built to withstand extreme outdoor conditions and demanding working environments.

Easily Sanitized

Since they’re waterproof, CAT phones are easily cleaned and disinfected. Soap and water are enough to keep them squeaky clean. If you want to go a step further, you can clean your CAT device with bleach and alcohol. That’s because these rugged devices can withstand repeated cycles of harsh chemical wipes.

Precise Diagnostics

As an electrician, you need to be careful of your surroundings. One wrong move could result in serious consequences. This is where the CAT S62 Pro can make your job much easier. It features a built-in FLIR Lepton 3.5 thermal imaging camera to identify issues with electrical circuits and sources of heat.

Programmable PTT Communication

Electricians need rugged smartphones that can last the whole day on a single charge. CAT phones come with large, multi-shift Lithium-Ion batteries that provide all-day operation. All CAT phones support fast charging, while the CAT S62 Pro supports wireless charging.

Lightweight Design

While other rugged phones are typically heavy and bulky, CAT smartphones are lightweight. They’re the perfect combination of ruggedness and comfort. You can carry your CAT phone in your pocket or attach it to a holster if you need to use both hands.

All-Day Power

Cat rugged smartphones facilitate instant access to key data including patient records and medication lists. Paramedics can utilize the phone’s camera to upload sharp photos for diagnosis and video chat with physicians.

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