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Ultra-Rugged Mobile Devices for Carpenters

The ideal solution for active work environments and unpredictable conditions.

Optimized for Extreme Environments

Carpenters do a lot of heavy lifting. They’re usually on their feet the whole day, whether constructing framework, installing machinery, or repairing furniture. Every day on the job looks different, as carpenters are tasked with various challenging and dangerous tasks. Handling sharp tools and power equipment and working on construction sites, where it’s easy to slip and fall, are just some of the things that carpenters face on a daily basis.

This is why carpenters benefit from rugged communication devices, such as CAT smartphones. Made from industry-leading materials, CAT phones are rugged mobile devices engineered for active, on-the-job environments. They can withstand the most extreme working conditions, rapid temperature shifts, and multiple drops.

Effortless Connectivity

Instant communication is extremely important in this line of business. Contact coworkers, send valuable information, and access files quickly with programmable Push-to-Talk buttons.

Military-Grade Protection

You can drop your CAT phone on concrete from 6 feet, and it will remain fully functional. CAT phones are built to handle rough treatment.

Accurate Diagnostics

With the integrated FLIR thermal imaging camera, you’ll be able to locate and identify issues and repair them twice as fast. Low lighting, hard-to-reach places, and other obstacles are no match for the FLIR camera.

All You Need in One Rugged Device

  • High-Capacity Multi-Shift Battery

CAT phones are equipped with durable, large batteries that provide you with all-day power. They also support fast charging and wireless charging.

  • Extra-Loud Speakers

Noisy work environments make communication harder, which is why CAT’s extra-loud speakers can be of great use.

  • Programmable Buttons

All CAT mobile devices come with Push-to-Talk programmable buttons for instant communication and access to various apps.

  • Instant Access

CAT displays support sunlight-readability and glove-touch, allowing you to access your phone in various situations.

Why Choose CAT Phones?

Built to Last

All CAT phones have IP68, IP69, and Mil-Spec 810H certifications, making them waterproof, shatterproof, and dustproof. To be more specific, CAT phones can withstand immersion in 5 feet of deep water for over 35 minutes and be dropped onto concrete from a height of 6 feet. They are thermal-shock resistant, and can withstand extreme temperatures from -22 degrees to 167 degrees Fahrenheit.

Functional Design

Even though CAT phones are fully-rugged, they’re still lightweight, so you can carry them around the whole day. They have a functional design and easy-to-hold grip. In fact, they don’t look much different from regular smartphones. Keep in mind that these rugged devices don’t require protective cases. For those who don’t like big smartphones, the CAT S22 Flip has a traditional flip phone design, and it comes with large tactile buttons and a touchscreen.

Hygiene Conscious

The CAT S42+ has antimicrobial protection and is made with silver ion-based enhanced plating. Construction sites can be messy places. If you get your phone dirty, no worries. It can be easily cleaned and disinfected. Since CAT phones are 100% waterproof, you can wash them with soap and water. The internal ports are sealed, so no water can infiltrate.

Various Sensors

CAT phones are equipped with all the necessary sensors to make your job easier, starting with the built-in FLIR thermal imaging camera. With this state-of-the-art camera, you’ll be able to identify any hidden issues and quickly fix them. The FLIR Lepton 3.5 camera is designed to sense heat sources and smoke, missing insulation, locate a leak or moisture, and identify electrical issues. CAT phones feature other sensors, including a fingerprint sensor, an accelerometer, a proximity sensor, an ambient light sensor, an e-compass, and a gyroscope.

Android Support

CAT phones run on the Android 10 OS, but they can be upgraded to Android 11. The CAT S22 Flip is powered by Android 11 (Go Edition). You’ll have access to hundreds of apps on Google Play. What’s more, these rugged devices are enterprise-ready with EMM and MDM support.

Reliable Connectivity

CAT phones offer instant connection no matter the environment. These rugged devices also provide you with excellent service reception and call quality. They come with PTT buttons that allow you to answer the phone with one press of a button. Thanks to the 4G LTE and band 14 FirstNet connectivity, you’ll get a stable connection no matter where you are.

What Our Customers Have to Say

phones for EMS workers

CAT rugged devices are engineered to withstand almost anything, optimized for outdoor working environments, making them the perfect communication devices for carpenters.

  • Easy to clean – You only need soap and water to clean your CAT phone, but you can also disinfect it with bleach and alcohol.
  • Weather-resistant – These devices are impervious to all elements and can operate in extreme temperatures.
  • Drop-proof – No matter how many times you drop your CAT phone, it will remain intact.

If you’re interested in the CAT S62 Pro, the CAT S42 H+, or the CAT S22 Flip, or if you have any questions regarding CAT devices, feel free to fill out the form below. We’ll get back to you within one business hour.

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