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For All Environments

Mobile technology plays a vital role in facilitating seamless military operations. However, with a plethora of products and accessories available, selecting the ideal tech solutions can be overwhelming.

At Energy Electronics, we simplify this process for you.

Our team of seasoned sales representatives possess the expertise and industry links to aid clients in handpicking the most suitable range of devices for their military operations. We listen to your challenges and devise personalized solution plans that cater to the specific needs of your military operation.

A comprehensive mobile computing solution plan

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At Energy Electronics, we specialize in cutting-edge technology solutions that cater to the unique needs of military operations. Our team of proficient consultants possess the requisite experience and tools to assist you in devising and executing a mobile computing solution that aligns with the specific challenges and requirements of your operation.

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Effective Communication

Military Operations Directed from Military Headquarters

Command and Control

Energy Electronics can provide military personnel with rugged devices that are optimized for performing a wide range of tasks, including streaming video feeds from UAVs, sending coordinates and positions, relaying intelligence to higher command, surveying terrain, and configuring SATCOM. Our devices boast robust processing power and graphics capabilities that are essential for modern-day military operations.

American Military soldiers Using Rugged Tablet for Situational Awareness

Situational Awareness

At Energy Electronics, we offer rugged devices that can effectively handle the challenges of running multiple applications simultaneously. Whether it's mapping, mission sets, terrain assessment, or reach-back capabilities to a command center, our products are designed to cater to all your requirements. With Energy Electronics, you can rest assured that you are covered for all your military operations.

Soldier communicating from the field with rugged military laptop

Mission Planning

Energy Electronics offers military-grade rugged devices, which are equipped with large display solutions ideal for joint mission planning. Our devices provide reliable performance, from the processor to the graphics, enabling military personnel to execute all aspects of mission planning seamlessly. With our rugged solutions, you can count on superior performance for your military operations.

Army officer communicating from headquarters with headset

Logistics Support

We provide military-grade rugged tablets and computers with built-in Bar Code Readers that have proven to be immensely useful in streamlining the movement of ground equipment across the entire military supply chain. Our rugged devices are designed to withstand harsh conditions while providing the necessary tools to facilitate the efficient movement of military assets.

soldier in forest using rugged military laptop for strategy

Flightline Maintenance

We offer MIL-STD compliant rugged laptops, phones and tablets that are equipped with sunlight-readable touchscreens, making them ideal for deployment to military bases worldwide. Our rugged devices enable military maintainers to complete repairs and inspections in some of the most challenging environments while ensuring that they have access to critical information at their fingertips.

American Military Soldier Talking on Mobile Phone in the Field

Tactical Communication

Energy Electronics understands the importance of tactical communications for keeping defense and relief forces securely connected. That's why we offer devices that serve as a critical link between field forces and the command post. Our rugged devices are MIL-461F/G certified and can be combined with a satellite tracking system to enable ground forces to track and communicate with individual vehicles on the frontline.

Essential Military Features

Effortless Scanning

Optimize your military logistics operations with rugged devices that integrate scanning technology, providing rapid and accurate barcode capture to accelerate workflow.

Wireless Connections

Empower military logistics personnel to process and exchange data seamlessly in real-time, utilizing rugged wireless devices that support both Wi-Fi and 4G LTE connectivity.

Seamless Integration

Choose rugged mobile devices with robust processing capabilities that seamlessly integrate with your current military logistics management software.

Devices that Work Long Fast Strong

Discover rugged mobile computing devices 

Energy Electronics offers military mobile devices that are built for maximum durability, enabling them to be used throughout the logistics chain without breaking, dying, or failing. This keeps your operations running smoothly and reduces equipment costs as these devices have considerably longer lifespans than standard tablets or handhelds. 

Our Partners & Manufacturers

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Mobilizing in Extreme Conditions

Streamline your military solutions and effectively manage operations with mobile computing technology.

Inventory management

Improve efficiency and minimize errors in your military logistics operations by utilizing all-in-one mobile computers designed for all environments. These devices provide real-time information on gear locations and quantities, enabling effective management of fulfillment and restocking.

accurate tracking

Rapid scanning capabilities on military-grade mobile computers allow for streamlined processes such as inventory verification, asset labeling, and vehicle assignment checks. By documenting each step of the supply chain, from deployment to delivery, military operations can ensure accurate tracking and reduce issues such as delays or lost assets.


Energy Electronics provides rugged mobile computers with familiar operating systems such as Android 10 and Windows, offering advanced customization options and seamless integration with existing military systems. The clear and user-friendly interface enhances the efficiency of military personnel by enabling quick access to necessary information.

Increased Productivity

Rugged mobile computers are critical to improving operational efficiency and reducing issues in military effectiveness. These devices provide real-time visibility into locations and streamline tasks, allowing personnel to complete their work more quickly and effectively.

Increased Mobility

Military-grade mobile computers can provide a compact and versatile solution for data capture, computing, and communication needs, eliminating the need for bulky hardware and allowing users to complete tasks from any location with ease. With enhanced mobility and versatility, these devices can help increase efficiency and productivity for military personnel working in demanding environments.

Critical Insights

Through mobile computers used in the military, all logistics operations and data can be tracked and recorded, providing military leaders with valuable insights and analytics to help them make informed decisions and identify areas for optimization, ultimately leading to a more effective and efficient supply chain.

Combat Ready

Our rugged military devices are engineered for unparalleled durability, making them ideal for deployment without compromising their performance. This ensures seamless military operations while reducing equipment expenses as our devices have significantly longer lifespans compared to conventional tablets or handhelds.

Any Operation

Designed to endure shocks, drops, and impact, without sustaining damage to the device, and even without a protective case.

Any Environment

Sunlight readable and glove and wet-touch enables touchscreens. Resistant to water, dust, and extreme temperatures.

Any Time

High-capacity multi-shift battery lasts through long work days and can be easily replaced if needed.

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