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Using technology to
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Rethink Patient Care Management

Mobile devices are a crucial element in running an efficient medical practice. With so many options available, finding the right tech solutions for your healthcare facility can be overwhelming.

That’s where Energy Electronics comes in.

Our sales representatives have the expertise and industry connections to help you select the best lineup of mobile computers for your medical practice. Just tell us your challenges, and we’ll design a customized solution plan based on the specific operational needs of your business, so you can focus on providing top-notch patient care.

A comprehensive mobile computing solution plan

custom designed for your Medical workflow

Energy Electronics specializes in advanced mobile computing solutions, custom planned for each medical practice. Our expert technology consultants have the experience and resources to help you strategize and implement a mobile computing solution to meet the challenges and needs of your facility. 

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Streamlining Medicine with Technology

Private Practice Doctor using tablet to communicate with patient

Private Medical Practice

A private medical practice would be able to utilize a mobile computer for tasks such as tracking patient information, recording real-time documentation of patient care, and managing inventory and medical supplies.

Doctor using tablet to check patient chart

Group Medical Practice

A group medical practice would be able to utilize a mobile computer for tasks such as collaborating on patient care with team members, accessing electronic medical records securely, and managing appointments and scheduling with patients.

male nurse checking patient chart on tablet

Health Medical Organization

An HMO would be able to utilize a mobile computer for tasks such as remote patient monitoring, accessing real-time data and analytics to improve health outcomes, and streamlining administrative processes such as claims processing and billing.

med student showing attending patient chart on tablet

Hospital & Large Health Clinic

A hospital would be able to utilize a mobile computer for tasks such as tracking patient care, accessing real-time medical data and test results, and improving overall workflow and communication between healthcare professionals.

doctor using smartphone with stethoscope

Locum Tenens Physicians

A locum tenens physician would be able to utilize a mobile computer for tasks such as accessing patient records and histories on-the-go, securely communicating with healthcare team members, and managing appointments and scheduling with patients.

resident doctor having patient fill out form on tablet

Medical and Health Professional Students

A medical student would be able to utilize a mobile computer for tasks such as accessing medical textbooks and resources on-the-go, recording patient observations and notes, and collaborating with healthcare professionals for case studies and research projects.

Essential Medical Features

Positive Identification

Mobile computers can improve positive identification in a medical practice by allowing healthcare professionals to quickly and accurately access patient records and confirm their identity, reducing errors and improving patient safety.

Medical Mobility

Mobile computers can improve untethered mobility in a medical practice by allowing healthcare professionals to access patient information and complete tasks on-the-go, improving efficiency and reducing wait times for patients.

Seamless Integration

Mobile computers can successfully incorporate existing programs in a medical practice by providing compatibility with software systems and allowing for seamless integration.

Devices that Work Faster Longer Cleaner

Discover medical mobile computing devices 

Medical tablets and handheld computers

Energy Electronics offers medical mobile devices that are built for maximum durability, enabling them to be easily disinfected between uses without breaking, dying, or failing. This keeps healthcare worker operations running smoothly and reduces equipment costs as these devices offer considerably longer lifespans than standard tablets or handhelds. 

Our Partners & Manufacturers

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Mobilizing Your Medical Practice

Streamline your integrated medical solutions and effectively manage operations with mobile computing technology.


All-in-one mobile computers for healthcare practices help maximize productivity while reducing workloads and eliminating errors by providing accurate and up-to-date patient information, enabling healthcare professionals to better manage patient care and treatment plans.

accurate tracking

Instant scanning in healthcare practices enables automation of processes such as verifying patient identity, printing labels, and checking treatment assignments, allowing for efficient documentation of patient care at every stage of treatment, from diagnosis to recovery, reducing issues such as delays and medical errors.


We offer mobile computing devices for healthcare practices that feature familiar operating systems powered by Android 10 and Windows, enabling advanced customization and seamless integration with existing healthcare systems, providing healthcare professionals with a clear and user-friendly interface that allows for quick access to patient information and improved workflow.

Increased Productivity

Mobile computing is key to reducing medical waste, improving patient satisfaction, and increasing efficiency in healthcare practices. With significantly shorter times spent on tasks and instant visibility into all patient processes and medical inventory locations, healthcare professionals operate most effectively, providing high-quality patient care, with less work and increased efficiency.

Increased Mobility

Mobile computers in healthcare practices eliminate the need for bulky hardware by combining data capture, computing, and communication applications in one device that's easy to transport. Unlike traditional medical equipment, these devices allow healthcare professionals to complete any task from any location without the need for extra equipment. The enhanced mobility saves time and helps healthcare professionals complete their tasks efficiently, improving patient care and reducing wait times.

Critical Insights

With all medical operations and patient data recorded through mobile computers, healthcare managers can gain access to vital analytics and a better understanding of healthcare processes, allowing them to make necessary changes and improvements wherever needed and enabling them to build a more efficient healthcare system that provides high-quality patient care.

Built for Medicine

Any Medical Situation

Discover medical mobile computing equipment, designed to endure contestant and continuous use without fear of breakage or failure.

Any Medical Environment

Find devices that feature glove-touch enabled touch screens, antimicrobial hardware, and cart mountable options.

Any Medical Shift

Choose handheld mobile devices that feature extended battery life for continuous use throughout long shifts.

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Energy's connections with industry-leading contacts enables us to offer the best deals on premium mobile devices. Our cost-effective infrastructure helps us cut costs and increase profit margins.

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