Medical and Healthcare Technology

Medical and Healthcare Technology encompasses a wide range of innovative tools and solutions designed to revolutionize the healthcare industry. These advanced technologies have the potential to greatly enhance daily work for healthcare professionals by improving efficiency, accuracy, and patient care. From electronic health records and telemedicine to wearable devices and artificial intelligence, Medical and Healthcare Technology empowers professionals to streamline workflows, access real-time data, and make informed decisions for optimal outcomes.
Fixed/mounted computer in hospital
dt research 362 md

DT Research 362MD

Handheld Medical Tablet

301MD medical tablet

DT Research

2-in-1 Medical Tablet

DT313Y medical tablet

DT Research 313Y/MD

2-in-1 Medical Tablet

DT313T Medical and Healthcare Technology​

DT Research

Medical Tablet

DT316MD medical tablet

DT Research 316T/MD

Rugged Medical Tablet

DT 373T Medical and Healthcare Technology​

DT Research 373T/MD

Rugged Medical Tablet

Zebra TC52AX-HC​ front view


Mobile Computer

Zebra TC21-HC


Mobile Computer

Zebra ET40 health care tablet


Healthcare Tablet Inside Facility

Zebra ET45 5G health care front view


Healthcare Tablet Out in the Field

CAT S42 H+ Medical and Healthcare Technology​

S42 H+

Rugged Tablet

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