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Sonim RS60 Firefighter Solutions

Sonim RS60

Mobile Computer and smartscanner

Sonim RS80 Firefighter tablet

Sonim RS80

tablet and smarscanner

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Streamlined Logistics Management

Fractured infrastructure is a thing of the past with the latest in mobile computing technology, the Sonim RS60 and RS80.

These ultra-durable mobile computers are equipped with integrated scanners and contain all the features needed to provide better visibility and enhanced tracking along every step of the supply chain.

From communicating while on the road, to scanning shipments and processing cargo, these rugged mobile devices will help reduce errors and keep your operations flowing smoothly.


Track information, process data and communicate in real time with advanced Wi-Fi and 4G LTE capabilities.

Built-In Scanning

Simple data capture with the integrated 1D/2D scanner makes for easier tracking and helps reduce errors.

Vehicle Mountable

These lightweight devices are easy to carry and transport, with vehicle mounts for use on the road.

Optimize your supply chain

Plan, implement and control your supply chain with advanced mobile computing technology.

Unparalleled Visibility

Mobile computing gives you complete visibility into every aspect of your operation, which in turn allows you to make better and more informed decisions. A fully mobilized operation ensures accurate fulfillment and increased success. 

accurate documentation

Recording critical information is crucial to ensuring secure transports and customer satisfaction. The Sonim RS60 and RS80 make it easy to document, store, and access vital information like proof of pickup and delivery via e-signature and photo records.


Powered by Android 10, the Sonim RS60 and RS80 feature familiar and user-friendly interfaces that makes it easier for employees to complete their tasks. With support for advanced customization, these devices can be easily integrated with existing software. 

Increased efficiency

Save time and increase productivity using mobile devices to plan efficient routes for deliveries. The Sonim RS60 and RS80 are equipped with powerful batteries so drivers can remain connected throughout long work shifts without needing to recharge. 

Reliable Communication

Easily contact drivers and personnel with enhanced voice communication capabilities. 4G LTE support allows drivers to communicate and share data, no matter their location. Programmable buttons and Push-To-Talk support make instant communication a simple and easy process.

Real-Time Tracking

The Sonim RS60 and RS80 allow you to accurately trace orders statuses by tracking every detail of order fulfillment along the way. GPS tracking provides real-time locations which allows for easier vehicle monitoring and fleet management. 

Built to Move

Built for maximum durability, the Sonim RS60 and RS80 are designed for continuous and strenuous, use without fear of device failure or breakage.

With considerably longer lifespans than standard consumer devices, these rugged mobile computers help keep operations flowing smoothly and reduce overall equipment costs. 

Use on the Road

Built to endure shocks, drops, and impact, without sustaining damage, these devices are built with industry leading material and don't deteriorate from constant vibrations.

Use in Any Weather

Delivery drivers work in all weather conditions. With sunlight readable and glove and wet-touch enables touchscreens, as well as water, dust, and extreme temperature resistance, these devices can perform no matter the environment.

Use on Long Shifts

Equipped with a high-capacity multi-shift battery these devices last through the longest work days without needing to recharge. The user replaceable battery can be easily changed if necessary.

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