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Cat S62 Pro EMS workers

Cat S62 Pro

Rugged Smartphone with
Thermal Imaging

Cat S42 H+ Last Mile Delivery

Cat S42 H+

Rugged Smartphone with
anti-microbial coating

Getting Products Where They're Supposed to Go.

Say goodbye to the stress of unhappy customers, wasted time, and loss of money. Cat phones are a reliable last-mile configuring solution for so many companies, and now, it’s your turn.

Featuring fully rugged hardware that can withstand constant use, multiple drops, and inclement weather conditions, these smartphones help streamline the process of processing and tracking shipments through the final leg of their journey.

With barcode scanning capabilities built into the phone camera, Cat phones run on Android technology that can support your business and seamlessly coordinate packages from warehouse to final destination. 

last mile delivery handoff to homeowner

Wireless Connections

Ultra-fast connection makes the Cat devices perfect for deliveries. Where you go, tracking information goes. And so does inventory syncing, updates and communication.

Integrated Scanning

Adaptive technology turns the Cat camera into a barcode scanner on-the-go, streamlining delivery. The Android interface is familiar and easy to use.


Deliveries to your local coffee shop? A construction site? The Appalachian Trail? Cat all-terrain devices will get you there, even if you drop it on the way.

package last mile delivery outside home

all your needs. one device.

Fully-rugged Build

Cat devices are certified to MIL-810H standards, and have ratings of IP68-69. They are completely waterproof, and drop proof up to 6ft minimum. 

Hygiene Conscious

You can wash your Cat phone with soap and water (or something stronger), while you wash your hands. 

Lightweight Design

Cat devices are slim and lightweight, making them easy to transport use with one hand. The rugged build means they can be used as is, without protective casing adding extra bulk.

Enterprise ready

Automate the process of deploying and managing your devices.

Mobile Device management

All Cat devices purchased by a single business are MDM-ready, allowing for automatic software updates overseen by HQ, remote syncing, application download control and settings changes. Updates and changes can be easily made for an entire fleet of devices at once, no need to manage each device separately.  

a fully capable smartphone

Cat smartphones run on an Android OS, and can be used with millions of different apps and software solutions, built to work with Google mobile services, including any custom-developed apps used within your organization.

Security Guaranteed

Cat phones issue software updates and maintenance releases for its devices to add new features, fix bugs, improve performance or stability of various features, or to update Android. Enterprise Mobility Management allows businesses to monitor security breaches on specific devices. 

Programmable button / PTT

Cat phones include a yellow programmable physical button on the side of the device. This can be set to perform a simple action such as turning on the flashlight, or it can be used to open a regularly used application on the device. One simple click provides enhanced accessibility and quick access to business apps.

Play Video about delivery

Cat phones are built with specific attention to detail. Every device is built in a high-pressure environment, and sealed shut against all invasive materials. 

Any Operation

Stomp on it, dunk it, run over it with a tractor; these devices are incredibly durable and can handle it all. No protective case needed.

Any Environment

Use any Cat device with wet or gloved fingers, or utilize the PTT programmable buttons on the device and take advantage of the powerful speakers that work in any environment.

Anyone. Anywhere.

Cat phones run on an Android operating system- the most well-know and often used system on the market. No need for lengthy training and onboarding, your employees can get right to work.

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