Janam XT3 Review

If you need a compact yet fully mobile computer to streamline your workflows, the Janam XT3 is an excellent choice. This gadget has an adequately sized, robust screen that delivers high performance in virtually all conditions. There are many more impressive features of this device. Coming up is a detailed review of this model.

Janam XT3 Ranking

Janam XT3 Ranking

The Janam XT3 doesn’t deserve anything less than 10/10. This top-rated device has an exceptionally well-designed body that can endure impact, extreme temperature changes, and other challenges without a hitch. Furthermore, it has a robust CPU that contributes to its lightning-fast performance, which is essential for healthcare, warehousing, manufacturing, and other environments.

Janam XT3 Specifications 

Display5.0-inch, 500-nit, 1280x720Corning Gorilla Glass
Weight20.16 Ounces
Dimensions9.7 x 6.5 x 1.1 Inches
Battery2.900mAh (Standard)5,800 (Extended)
CPUOcta-Cora Qualcomm Snapdragon SM63751.6GHz-2.2GHz (Depending on the Configuration)
Flash Memory32GB/64
Camera13MP (Rear)8MP (Front)
Network ConnectionsWWAN 4G LTEWi-Fi

Janam XT3 Pricing

Janam XT3 Pricing

The price of the Janam XT3 can be anywhere between $1,000 and $2,000. This product has such a broad price range because it comes in different specifications. You can opt for basic or advanced versions – the more features you add to your model, the higher your price. The best way to receive an accurate quote is to contact Energy Electronics. We’ll consider the desired functions and tell you the exact cost of your computer.

Pros and Cons

XT3 Pros and Cons

The XT3 mobile computer is a remarkable all-around model. The software and hardware are well-balanced and feature numerous high-end functions.

One of the most notable aspects of this device is its connectivity. You get a smooth 4G LTE network to reduce the latency associated with traditional communication and reach your team members practically anywhere. As a result, you no longer need to rely on outdated networks and face daily delays due to inadequate bandwidths.

Another remarkable connectivity feature is Wi-Fi 802.11. This state-of-the-art solution has many improvements over its predecessors, such as higher data rates and increased capacity. Furthermore, you get streamlined power efficiency and better performance in places with a large number of connected devices. This lets your staff stay in touch and send or receive crucial information instantly in crowded healthcare centers, stores, warehouses, hotels, and other facilities.

The cutting-edge high-sensitivity GPS integration is also convenient. It offers next-level positioning to help optimize your services and product delivery. It provides directions to your destination faster than older technologies and allows you to track the whereabouts of your drivers. It’s a handy feature you can utilize to provide your customers with real-time data about their shipments.

When it comes to the design of this gadget, you’ll hardly find a more durable mobile computer than the XT3. The device is constructed for heavy-duty use all day long, offering dependable operation no matter where you take it. For example, there’s no need to panic after dropping your model onto concrete from a moderate height. The product is designed to withstand a powerful impact, giving you peace of mind in challenging environments.

Moisture resistance is a strong point too. You’ll especially appreciate this feature if you’re a healthcare professional. Your device might be exposed to noxious chemicals, but you’ll be able to deal with them using water. Hose your gadget off without worrying about damaging the electronics. You can do so safely because the model has a sealed design that prevents water, dust, and other threats from getting inside.

Regarding battery power, Janam has gone with a superb solution. You’ll have enough power for some of the longest shifts, whether you stick to the standard model or use the extended unit. Therefore, you won’t need to postpone your operations due to a low or empty battery. Simply recharge your device once your work day is over, and it’ll be ready to go the next morning.

If high-speed performance is a priority, the XT3 won’t let you down. Powered by an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, the device can easily perform even the most challenging tasks. That’s especially the case with the highest configuration, which comes with a 2.2GHz processor. It expedites your operations and lowers the latency you’d otherwise get with poor-quality mobile computers.

More performance enhancements come from the mobile computer’s RAM. The gadget features 4GB of RAM, which should do the trick for most multitasking requirements. You’ll be able to browse the internet and scan or do other heavy-duty assignments without any issues.

As for flash memory, the XT3 has excellent capacity in all configurations. The 32GB model is perfectly fine for most businesses, as it can store countless PDF files, images, videos, and other documents. However, consider switching to the 64GB model if you’re a large organization that processes vast amounts of data on a daily basis.

In addition, this device isn’t a run-of-the-mill mobile computer. It’s a versatile gadget you can use instead of many other technologies:

  • Payment terminals – The software comes with NFC reading capabilities, enabling you to set up a payment terminal wherever you are. The solution is compatible with sophisticated payment solutions, promising a remarkable user experience.
  • Walkie-talkies – The optional Push-to-Talk (PTT) functionality allows you to transform your mobile computer into a walkie-talkie-style device. Once you configure your device, you can make calls through your Wi-Fi network. Secure messaging is also available whether your team is inside your facility or out in the field.
  • Safe communications – If you want to enhance privacy when communicating with your staff, the XT3 has you covered. It features robust communication solutions, some of which let you manage your voice devices. The gadget also comes with advanced telephony features.

Janam stands behind all these features with their support and customer service availability. Practically anytime after your purchase, you can contact their technical staff, who will help you troubleshoot your gadgets and make the most of them.

In terms of downsides, you’ll hardly find any in this device. The only potential issue might be the front camera. The model has relatively low resolutions, which might be inadequate if you’re looking for crisp-quality images and videos. However, various display features, such as adjustable brightness and Corning Gorilla Glass, more than makeup for this.

Display, Cameras, and Scanners

Janam XT3 Display, Cameras, and Scanners

The XT3 boasts a 5.0-inch display that gives you a large viewing surface for your information. Unlike standard smartphones, it reduces the need for frequent scrolling to improve your productivity. The screen also has 500 nits and automatic brightness adjustment to make your device suitable indoors and outdoors.

This rugged mobile computer is also equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass. Densely constructed, it protects the display from shattering, even if you drop the device screen-first. Drops from considerable heights may lead to some cracks, but the Gorilla Glass keeps them from spreading.

Finally, the display has capacitive multi-touch technology. It allows you to use your screen with multiple fingers, which is handy when you want to zoom in on patient records, barcodes, and other documents. You can use the display with your fingers, styluses, and gloves. Regardless of the type of input, premium responsiveness is guaranteed.

As for the cameras, Janam has equipped the rear camera with an 8MP lens. The front unit delivers 5MP.

When it comes to scanning, the Janam XT3 delivers a phenomenal solution. You can choose from two different scan engines: 1D and 2D. Both are ideal for regular scanning operations, allowing you to capture barcodes in standard conditions. The solutions are also perfect for advanced scanning, as it features a longer range and can even process damaged items.

Operation System and Programs

XT3 Operation System and Programs

The XT3 features a dependable operating system. Powered by Android 9 (Pie), it features smooth app interfaces and security to streamline ease of use and management. You can also upgrade the OS to future versions, including Android 14.

How to Purchase Janam XT3

Purchasing of Janam XT3

The XT3 has no shortage of available features. However, you might not need every function for your organization. Similarly, you want to ensure you’re not missing out on mission-critical features. That’s why you should get in touch with Energy Electronics when purchasing this device. We’ll consult you on buying appropriate specifications to meet your business needs and help scale your enterprise.

Markets and Applications

XT3 Markets and Applications

You can benefit from the XT3 if you’re part of practically any industry. The device has countless applications:

  • Assisted selling in your pharmacy – You can check prices and inventory of your medicines more easily with XT3’s integration with your apps. Furthermore, the device enables you to stay on top of your inventory level, allowing you to determine when you need to resupply.
  • POS terminals in retail – The XT3 lets you set up an NFC terminal practically anywhere to make the shopping experience smoother for your customers. On top of that, you can communicate with team members in other stores more easily, eliminating the need to visit those locations physically.
  • Inventory management in warehousing – If you run a large warehouse, the device’s scanning capabilities let you manage your inventory without any issues. Within seconds, you obtain critical information and can send it to the rest of your team for further processing.
  • Guest check-in in hotels – You can automate the check-in process with the XT3. This results in higher customer satisfaction, as they complete their paperwork more easily. Another way this improves your client satisfaction is that it allows your staff to move around your hotel freely. Since they don’t need to worry as much about check-ins, they can offer other services to make people’s stay more pleasant.
  • Delivery and fulfillment in transportation – The robust GPS integration and other tools allow you to stay on top of your product delivery process. You can reach out to your truck drivers at any point in transit to provide them with crucial updates or change the delivery location.
  • Staff collaboration in any industry – All industries require businesses to create reliable staff communication channels. That’s exactly what the XT3 enables.
  • Seamless information access for healthcare professionals – You and your patients can gain from the XT3 because it gives them access to essential information at their fingertips. The gadget lets you set up portals where you can review diagnoses, make appointments, and prescribe medications.

Janam XT3 Reviews

Janam XT3 Review

Adding the XT3 to your workflow is one of the smartest decisions you can make. Thousands of customers have done the same and are thrilled with their devices:

“My patient records can get quite long, so I looked for something that lets me see more information without scrolling. The XT3’s compact screen proved great. I can access key data much faster now. Another feature I enjoy as a healthcare worker is its chemical resistance. I accidentally spilled many substances on this device, but there was no permanent damage. All it took was a few wipes of my antibacterial wipe, and the XT3 was good to go.”

“I can manage my warehouse inventory much faster with this machine. I rely on its productivity tools to speed up my work and increase accuracy across the board. Before the XT3, I used a standard smartphone and downloaded various third-party apps to stay on top of my warehouse projects, but I wasn’t happy with their performance. The XT3 filled the gaps left by those devices. Not to mention, it’s incredibly durable.”

“The XT3 is perfect for my indoor operations and fieldwork. I can stay in touch with the rest of my team without using multiple devices. Whenever I reach out to my employee, they respond instantly, and there’s no lag in our calls. This has helped us troubleshoot various problems for our customers and reduce the need to send multiple workers in the field.”

“It takes an insane amount of power to even put a dent into the XT3. I know it’s been tested, but I decided to test it myself in my warehouse. I dropped it onto the concrete floor repeatedly, and it came out unscathed. It’s safe to say that I don’t plan on replacing my XT3 anytime soon.”

“With the XT3 in my fleet, there’s no need to haul heavy computers to my office. I equipped all my team members with this device, and we couldn’t be happier with the device. We can communicate seamlessly while performing other time-sensitive tasks with ease, be it scanning or providing customer support. The machine is also the toughest mobile computer I’ve ever used.”

Power and Batteries

Janam XT3 Power and Batteries

If you’re looking for a long-lasting power source for your devices, the XT3 has all you need. The gadget boasts a 2,990mAh rechargeable Li-Ion polymer battery that provides enough power for multiple shifts.

What’s more, there’s an optional extended battery. It features 5,800 to further reduce the need for recharging.

Accessories and Add-Ons

Janam can ship the XT3 with an array of accessories, and Energy Electronics can help you select the right add-on. Contact us, and we’ll help you choose from the following extras:

  • Vehicle cradle – Mount the XT3 inside your vehicle to free up your hands and allow for easier communication in the field.
  • Trigger handle – Make effortless scans with this accessory. It’s ergonomic and fully functional to help streamline your operations and manage inventory.
  • Handstrap – Another way you can free up your hands when performing time-sensitive operations is to incorporate Janam’s hand strap. This accessory also lowers the risk of dropping your mobile computer.
  • 4-slot battery charging kit – As the name suggests, this add-on allows you to charge 4 XT3s at the same time.
  • Styluses – Janam has a number of styluses you can add to your package. Each enables you to interact with your display without a hitch.
  • AC/DC power adapter – Provide the right energy source for your XT3 with a convenient AC/DC power adapter.

Talk to an Expert

Talk to an Expert Janam XT3

If the XT3 seems like a perfect device for your business, but you’re not sure which features you need, fill out the form to get in touch with Energy Electronics. We’ll respond within a business hour to help you make an informed buying decision.