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If you’re looking for a powerful tablet to streamline your work processes and make your daily task list less messy, Honeywell RT10A may be the right fit. This fully rugged device is made for fast and accurate service in various applications. Here’s everything you need to know before making the final decision.

Product Ranking

Ranking Review Score for Honeywell RT10A

Honeywell RT10A is a 10/10. Its manufacturer, Honeywell, has combined the best of hardware and software into one versatile and handy device. You’re looking at an all-around flexible and functional device with a relatively low total cost of ownership.

Product Specifications

Operating System Android P, support through Android R
Display10.1 inches, 1920 x 1200 resolution 
ProcessorQualcomm 64-bit Snapdragon octa-core, 2.2 GHz
Camera8MP front, 13 MP rear with autofocus and flash 
Dimensions 10.7 x 7.76 x 0.77 inches
Battery Standard 5,900 mAhExtended 10,280 mAhHot-swappable
Scanning 1D, 2D
Network and ConnectivityBluetooth V5.0, Wi-Fi, WWAN, NFC
Drop Specification IP65
Memory4 GB RAM, 32 GB Storage

Product Pricing

Pricing Information Honeywell RT10A Review Man on Tablet

The Honeywell RT10A price ranges from $2,500 to $4,000. Different models, accessories, software setups, and styling can affect the price. Given the high customizability levels of the RT10A, you’ll want to get the exact quote for your specific configuration requirements. The experts at Energy Electronics can help you with that.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of RT10A Driver using tablet in truck

Honeywell RT10A is known for its durability, minimized TCO, and lightweight. This compact tablet with a 10.1-inch display comes with high resolution and provides reliable service all day long. You can use this device for a range of tasks like data capturing, sharing, networking, or even customer management. The dust- and drop-resistant surface prolongs the lifespan of the tablet and makes it suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.

You can drop this device to concrete from up to 4 feet and it won’t skip a beat thanks to the IP65 certification.

Although packed with advanced features, RT10A isn’t a perfect mobile computer. It comes at a relatively high price point and has limited storage capabilities. If you need a device for long-term data capturing that includes videos and images, you’ll need a cloud upgrade for data storage. With that in mind, the RT10A can be super expensive, making it out of reach for businesses and employees with a limited budget.

Display, Cameras, and Scanners

Honeywell RT10A Photo Gallery Front Side and Angled

With Honeywell RT10A, you’re getting a 10.1-inch touchscreen display with a high resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels. These specs mean that you can enjoy a sharp and clear image of zoomed objects, presentations, and other visual elements.

The RT10A has two built-in cameras in the front and the rear. You can use the front camera for all the tasks and use cases you perform with a regular smartphone – video conferencing, taking selfies, or sharing your surroundings with a robust 8 MP front imager.

The rear camera is equipped with autofocus, flash, and all the basic features of Android cameras. The rear imager also serves as a scanner for capturing important data from a single device.

As far as data capture is concerned, the FlexRange dual-lens imager captures 1D and 2D barcodes. The distance from which it can operate is from 5 inches (0.1 m) to a whopping 35 feet (10.7 m). Whether you’re located in a warehouse, restaurant, or hospital, you can scan barcodes from across the room without having to approach each code closely. This functionality makes it easy to scan numerous codes at fast speeds, therefore increasing your productivity levels.

The combination of scanners, imagers, and a versatile display make Honeywell RT10A an ideal device for use in multiple applications:

  • In retail POS systems
  • For inventory management
  • For asset performance management
  • For online conferencing
  • For product identification

We’ll discuss more on different industry applications elsewhere in this article.

Operation System and Programs

Operating systems and programs with image

The Honeywell RT10A runs on an Android P (also known as Android Pie or Android 9) while having support through Android R (Android 11). This ninth version of Android was released in 2018 and introduced some flexible features that have received significant improvements in the later versions.

The mobile computer runs on a Qualcomm 64-bit Snapdragon octa-core processor at a 2.2 GHz speed. If you’re unfamiliar with these specs, they roughly translate to a fast and multitasking-friendly user experience.

When it comes to environmental features, you can expect a stable performance between 14 and 122 degrees Fahrenheit and -10 to 50 degrees Celsius. The storage temperature is from -22 to 158 F or -30 to 70 C. The computer will work fine in most humidity conditions, including those from 10 to 90%.

  • Mobility Edge. Honeywell has designed a specific platform for its devices that combines the best of hardware and software functionalities to create an effective agile-based work environment. You only need to activate the platform once when setting up your device to deploy it everywhere. All processes from data capture, storage, and communication are better and future-proof. Finally, it also makes your device more secure.
  • Honeywell Launcher. This application allows you to enhance the security environment of your Android-powered computer. It boosts your work productivity and adds secure lock screens for admins and users. You can limit user access, lock control panel access, set PINs and passwords, and more.
  • Honeywell Enterprise Browser. Use this app to run basic web applications and browse the web. Control the environment so everyone has equal access (or locked access) to different websites and programs. You can also scan and print files through JavaScript interfaces.
  • Honeywell PowerTools and Demos. All Honeywell Android-powered mobile computers have Power Tools apps for performing different system tasks. It lets you customize your computer, execute commands, disable or enable apps, get battery health information, run diagnostics, and much more.
  • OBDQuickLink. Write, update, or delete the NFC connection between computers and your vehicle dock.
  • CloneNGo. This app helps you get your device up to date by transferring or cloning computers. The feature lets you clone applications, settings, files, operating systems, licenses, and more.

Honeywell has dozens of software and support solutions for their devices. Many of them are available on request or may not be available at all for your specific Honeywell model. For this reason, it’s recommended to check the product documentation of your device for a detailed overview of available software. Experts at EE can also assist you with recommendations on the best software for your specific needs and industry.

How to Purchase Honeywell RT10A

Honeywell RT10A Purchasing Advice

Honeywell RT10A is available in multiple formats and configurations. You should always purchase from a reputable distributor or reseller to avoid getting scammed. Experts at Energy Electronics can advise you on the best version of RT10A along with accessories to fit your budgets and specific needs. Stay away from purchases on eCommerce shops like Amazon, especially if you’re unsure about the exact features you need.

Markets and Applications

Honeywell RT10A is a highly versatile device. You can use it across industries and applications. Some of the popular ones include:

  • Warehousing. An excellent mobile computer for warehousing has a highly functional data capture system. With the ability to scan 1D and 2D scans from close and far, Honeywell RT10A checks all the boxes. A set of accessories, software, and in-built features make this device perfect for employment in warehouse settings.
  • Transportation. Use the Honeywell RT10A to optimize every single one of your transportation tasks and projects. Customize routes using the navigator, check on your products, scan and print remotely, and communicate with the clients all while on the road. Choose the right accessories to make usage more comfortable in the truck for an all-around exceptional experience.
  • Logistics. Similarly, with warehousing and transportation, Honeywell RT10A is ideal for logistics applications. It has all the necessary software and hardware specs to deliver, starting from data capture, analytics, communication, and more. Get specialized apps to boost your logistics management and processes and increase worker productivity tenfold.
  • Field service. Field service calls for a durable and flexible device that can handle temperature changes. Honeywell RT10A is all that and more. Perform all the tasks you need with bare hands or gloves in the mist, sunset, dusk, and in any other work condition and environment thanks to a highly responsive touchscreen. This highly versatile computer won’t disappoint.
  • Retail. This mobile computer has all the features needed to make your retail work experience faster and more productive. Scan products, provide customers with fresh inventory and product information, and communicate with your team throughout the shift.
  • Hospitality. Although not marketed as a hospitality computer, this device can get the job done in this application as well, especially if you also run a restaurant or sell products. Use the RT10A to keep track of your inventory, scan product labels, and much more.

Honeywell RT10A Reviews

Honeywell RT10A is a user-favorite mobile computer. Here’s what clients who have already worked with the device have to say:

“I was looking for a durable yet lightweight device to help my flower shop run smoother. Honeywell RT10A was a recommendation from a friend, and it turned out to be a lifesaver. The battery lasts throughout the shift, the versatile software environment gives me all the applications I need to run my shop without sacrificing speed and delivery. If you have a store of any kind, I highly recommend this device. You can get one or multiple computers depending on your needs. I have two employees and they both share a computer, which works great for us. All in all, this is an A+ computer!”

“I use RT10A for asset management in our warehouse, and I’m super grateful for the find. I randomly ran across this mobile computer as a preferred device for one of our clients and I decided to take the risky step of investing a good chunk of the budget in this purchase. I can confidently say that the purchase pays off within weeks given how much it makes your work easier and smoother. Recommend for all warehouse managers and employees.”

“If you want a device that will provide maximum functionality in harsh work environments, the RT10A is it. Our field servicemen spend hours daily in the open under low temperatures, and they haven’t reported a single issue with the device. I’ve come to realize Honeywell is one of the most trustworthy manufacturers of versatile mobile computers years ago with one of their older models. Now, I’m absolutely positive and proud to say I’m a decades-long user of their devices.”

“Honeywell RT10A is one of the best business investments I made last year. Six months down the road, I’m still thrilled with what this device can achieve. We do plenty of multi-tasking that consists of taking pictures, sharing files, and answering calls. The RT10 delivers even under challenging work conditions.”

“There’s no better smart device upgrade for a logistics business than the Honeywell RT10A. My team has seen a massive increase in productivity now that they don’t have to manually insert data and read labels. Let me also mention the excellent readability of the imager. It scans some severely damaged labels for us, which leaves me speechless every time it happens.”

Power and Batteries

Honeywell RT10A Battery and Power Using in Gym

Honeywell RT10A runs on a standard battery of 5,900 mAh capacity. For comparison’s sake, that’s twice the power capacity of an average iPhone available in 2023. This means you can run intensive tasks all day without running out of power. You can also purchase the extended 10,280 mAh battery for multiple days of coverage on a single charge.

The battery in the Honeywell RT10A is hot-swappable, meaning you can change it even when the device is working without losing productivity.

Accessories and Addons

Honeywell RT10A is a highly customizable mobile computer. Much like the rest of the Honeywell device lineup, you can choose from various accessories to make the device’s usage more flexible and functional. For the best experience with accessories, get professional advice from Energy Electronics experts. Tell us your needs and preferences and we’ll come up with a list of the best addons for your specific use case.

Here’s our overview of the most popular add-ons for Honeywell RT10A devices:

  • Bay battery charger. With this accessory, you can simultaneously charge up to two batteries for your RT10 tablet. You can use this bay charger for both the standard and extended battery packs. The full charge time for the standard battery is three hours, while for the extended battery, it’s up to six hours.
  • Desktop dock. Transform your RT10A into a desktop thanks to the two Honeywell docks (RT10-CD communications dock and RT10-DD desk dock). You can connect your tablet to a keyboard and monitor that are sold separately.
  • Vehicle dock. Make your RT10 more versatile in warehousing and similar applications with one of four vehicle docks (power-only, multiple I/O ports, enhanced vehicle cradle with USB, or enhanced vehicle dock with multiple I/O).
  • Power adapter. The power adapters made by Honeywell can recharge your battery when you don’t have access to a plug. Use the power adapter for long-hour shifts outdoors or in work environments that lack electricity. Note that for the sake of battery health, you should only buy Honeywell-made power adapters rather than alternative options.
  • VESA mount. The VESA adapter plate secures your tablet to a wall mount or stand for safer and more comfortable usage.
  • RAM mounting kit. With a RAM mounting kit accessory, you can attach your RT10 to vehicle docks with a ball plate in RAM mount systems.
  • Push-release latch. Use the push-release accessory to access your latch while the dock is in a position that doesn’t allow you to access the original latch.

Do note that numerous accessories are available for Honeywell devices by third-party resellers. Refrain from making unverified purchases to avoid getting scammed or damaging your device. Only buy accessories from the manufacturer’s website or through a reputable distributor like Energy Electronics.

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