honeywell dolphin ct60 product review

Finding a perfect mobile computer for your operations can be quite challenging. You need an item that combines multiple useful features, such as a large screen, high-capacity battery, and optimized software that can help you manage other devices more easily. There are many devices worth considering, including the Honeywell Dolphin CT60.

But as with any other piece of technology, the mobile computer market is a highly competitive one. In this entry, we’ll put the Sonim RS60 and the Honeywell Dolphin CT60 face-to-face and determine which handheld computer is the better choice.

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Overview and Specifications

Honeywell Scanning Mobile Computer Device
 Sonim RS60Honeywell Dolphin CT60
MSRP$1,149 ✔️$2,200
Operating SystemAndroid 10.0 ✔️Android 8.1
MemoryFour GB RAM/64 GB ROM ✔️Four GB RAM/32 GB ROM
DisplaySix-inch Gorilla Glass FHD ✔️4.7-inch Gorilla Glass
BatteryRemovable 8000 mAh ✔️4040 mAh
Processor2.2GHz Qualcomm Pro Octa-core ✔️2.2GHZ Octa-core ✔️

Operating System for Honeywell CT60 vs Sonim RS60

android 8.1 vs android 10

The first point of comparison that we’ll cover is the operating system, and the Honeywell Dolphin guarantees availability of Android 8.1 on the CT60. While this is an improvement over many other mobile computers on the market, it has some limitations. The platform is slower than later versions and won’t necessarily provide the seamless experience your work environment requires. While the manufacturer has stated that newer Android versions are on their way, for now Android 8.1 is what you’re getting.

By contrast the Sonim RS60 has excellent capabilities in this regard. It uses Android 10, which provides the device with a smooth and fast platform you can use to carry out even the most daunting tasks. On top of that, your privacy settings are enhanced since the Sonim mobile computer lets you determine the data sharing conditions. Another cool feature is the option to turn off ad personalization and retargeting.

Verdict: The benefits of Android 10 far surpass those of Android 8.1, so the Sonim RS60 takes the win in terms of the operating system.


man in warehouse using sonim rs60

Both the Honeywell Dolphin CT60 and the Sonim RS60 come equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon Octa-core processor clocked at 2.2GHz built on 14nm technology. The processors generate high speeds that limit load times and enable you to complete even the most advanced tasks.

The specs on the two processors are nearly identical, the CT60’s processor has a slight edge in terms of graphics performance but otherwise they operate very much.

Verdict: Both will give you a very similar result so there’s not much of a difference regardless of which one you choose.

Wi-Fi Comparisons

Honeywell’s Dolphin is pretty good with it’s CT60 Wi-Fi capabilities. It operates on a similar system to the Sonim RS60, that provides great connectivity and data protection. WLAN security options include the following:

  • OPEN
  • WPA
  • WEP
  • WPA2 (Enterprise and Personal)

The Sonim RS60 gives you dual-band network supporting multiple channels (five GHz and 2.4GHz). The platform provides high-speed connections, and you can process a large amount of information without data slowdowns. Other great Wi-Fi features you get with the RS60 include:

  • Infrastructure protection
  • Global roaming
  • Power savings
  • Network optimization
  • Interference elimination

Barcode Scanner Comparison

sonim rs60 being used to scan

One of the strongest suits of the Honeywell Dolphin CT60 is the built-in scanner. It’s a 1D/2D model that features a decent range and a relatively easy-to-use interface. You can make accurate scanning of various barcodes while switching between a pistol or hand-held grip to reduce fatigue.

The Sonim RS60 also includes an integrated 1D/2D built-in scanner, however the included software performance really sets it apart. This device is equipped with a package of tools referred to as SonimWare. It features a vast number of applications and configurations that can make your mobile computer more functional and easier to manage. This allow you to control other devices remotely and gives you outstanding safety settings.

Verdict: Both devices excel in terms of the built-in barcode scanner, but you’re really getting a lot more with SonimWare tools so the RS60 is a better choice.


Sonim RS60 with two workers in warehouse

What most administrators appreciate about SonimWare is that it eliminates distractions to their workers in the field. There’s the option to shut down any apps users can access to perform unrelated activities, such as checking out Facebook profiles. By designating the exact features your employees can use, you’ll make sure they are productive by enabling them to use the device for job-related tasks only.

SonimWare also offers robust communication and support options. The platform is perfect for sending crucial information to your team members from any location, offering guidance when encountering issues, and contacting them for any other reason. The Cloud system also offers integrations with remaining tools from the package, such as SOS and Scan.

The interface is in a class of its own. It allows you to complete all your tasks, such as sending team resources, controlling screens, and feeding updates. What is more, your apps won’t get overloaded during your operations, preserving ideal work conditions.

Some exceptional functionality features of SonimWare tools:

  • State-of-the-art scanning: The device comes with a barcode scanner that allows you to obtain vast amounts of data in quick succession. It’s a 1D/2D model with outstanding range and a user-friendly design.
  • App Updater: The administrators can choose how they want to carry out updates – secretly or by informing the rest of the team about current or upcoming changes.
  • MDM Helper: You can control areas that your organization deems crucial by turning off or making some devices unavailable.
  • Customizable alerts and tones: Choose from a wide range of alerts and tones so that you know exactly when successful scanning has taken place.

Verdict: The SonimWare functionality gives the Sonim RS60 a large advantage.


gloves using Sonim RS80 mobile computer device

The Honeywell Dolphin CT60 features a solid 4.7-inch display. The resolution is 1280×720 with outdoor readability and backlight. You also get Gorilla Glass, along with a bright-color LCD.

Sonim’s RS60 is larger, featuring a six-inch Gorilla Glass 3 display that’s not only sleek looking, but can be used with gloved fingers in addition to bare hands. The gloved-hand feature is especially useful for industries where wearing gloves is a safety requirement. The resolution is 1920×1080, ensuring a crystal-clear display of any information. Plus, you get an anti-fingerprint coating, and you can use the display in any lighting conditions since it’s optimized for sunlight readability.

Verdict: Sonim RS60’s larger display and glove features puts it ahead of the Honeywell Dolphin CT60.


Back of Sonim RS60 and removable battery option
The back of the Sonim RS60. Notice the removable battery option.

Honeywell’s CT60 features a battery with low-mid range capacity. While it comes with integrated diagnostics and quick-swap capabilities it’s a 3.6V 4040 mAh model that provides decent, yet limited battery life.

Sonim RS60’s battery is one of the best on the market. It’s a removable 8000 mAh Li-Lon piece with high capacity that can endure particularly long workdays. It includes single-charge, multi-shift power, and you can easily replace it for shifts when you don’t have time to recharge.

Verdict: The Sonim RS60’s battery capacity far surpasses Honeywell Dolphin’s in terms of longevity and the multi-shift, easily replaceable aspects make it the superior choice.


The Honeywell Dolphin CT60 comes with 4GB of RAM, which is allows you to run a wide array of demanding operations with a low chance of facing issues. You’re also less likely to experience bugs and slowdowns, enabling your team to function with a smooth device. In terms of flash memory you get 32 GB which allows you to store important data on your device.

The Sonim RS60 comes with the same amount of RAM as the Honeywell Dolphin but gives you double the amount of flash memory. With 64 GB of flash memory, it’s a rarity on the current market. You can use it to store numerous documents and have them readily available in one place. Should there be a need to add some extra memory, you can easily do so with an extension of up to 256 additional GB.

Verdict: Both come with the same amount of RAM, but the Sonim RS60 has double the Flash Memory.

Rugged Standards

Both rugged handhelds are built to withstand harsh environments and tough working conditions. The Honeywell Dolphin TC60 and the Sonim RS60 share several features. Both are fully operational in extreme temperatures. They’ve both been impact tested, drop tested, and are resistant to water and dust.

In addition to the above, the Sonim RS60 can withstand submersion in harsh chemicals like bleaches or other abrasive cleaners. It’s also designed to be used without an outer case and is puncture and pressure resistant.

Verdict: Both devices are rugged, but Sonim’s rugged metrics are a lot higher than the industry benchmark.

Price and Warranty

honeywell dolphin ct60 in business operation

The Honeywell Dolphin is one of the more expensive mobile computers on the market. The MSRP price varies from $1,321 to upwards of $2,200 depending on the model you choose. The warranty on the Honeywell Dolphin CT60 is a one-year factory warranty.

Conversely, the Sonim RS60 has the most affordable price point on the market with a MSRP of $1,149, and unlike its competitors comes in a single all-inclusive price. In addition, the accessories for the Sonim RS60 are included at no extra cost, with the battery, wall charger, USB-C cable, and hand strap in the box. Sonim gives you extensive coverage for two years, with an option to prolong your plan to three years.

Verdict: The Sonim RS60 is a better deal and comes with a better warranty.

Final Verdict

Both devices have great features, and the Honeywell Dolphin CT60 compares to Sonim RS60 in certain aspects.

However, when you consider the superior capabilities combined with the affordable price point, the Sonim RS60 outranks the Dolphin CT60 both in terms of performance and cost. The Sonim RS60 is one of the best mobile computers on the market with a combination of outstanding memory capabilities, terrific CPU, and excellent software features.

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