Honeywell CW45 Review

Honeywell CW45 is your go-to mobile computer for improving work performance and productivity. Packed with useful features and boasting an ergonomic design, this device finds wide use in multiple applications and industries. Read our detailed review to get a better idea of how CW45 can help streamline your workflow.

Product Ranking

Honeywell CW45 ranking

We give Honeywell CW45 a solid 9.7/10. The mobile computer’s reliable performance, high-end data connectivity options, and large HD display make it suitable for multitasking and performing jobs in retail, manufacturing, hospitality, and many other sectors. The latest software support also makes CW45 compatible with the most advanced apps.

Product Specifications

CPUQualcomm QCS4290/QCM4290 octa-core, 2.0 GHz
Operating System Android 12, support until Android 15
Display4.7 HD display (1280 x 720) LED backlight
Dimensions 133 mm x 86 mm x 14 mm
CameraFront and side, 8 MP front, 13 MP side
BatteryLi-Ion, 3,400 mAh, 3.6 V; 6,800 mAh extended battery
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.1, WLAN, GPS, LTE
Operating Temperature-20 C to 50 C (-4 F to 122 F)
ScannerDecode Capability, NFC reader
Memory6 GB RAM, 64 GB Flash 

Product Pricing

Honeywell CW45 pricing

Honeywell CW45 generally costs between $2,100 and $2,700. The device is available in multiple setups, accessories, and add-ons, all of which affect the end cost. To get a quote for any specific CW45 setup, contact the experts at Energy Electronics. We’ll hear out your requirements and preferences and recommend the best combination of features along with a free quote.

Pros and Cons

Honeywell CW45 pros and cons

The CW45 wearable computer is a fully-rugged device suitable for use in harsh environments or extreme temperatures. The operating temperature range is from -4 F to 122 F. Plus, the screen protector offers additional support against scratches, cracks, and other damage caused by harsh usage.

You’ll also love the long battery life that can last up to 20 hours in moderate use. You get uninterrupted work across multiple shifts with the ability to switch batteries while keeping the computer on.

With some of the latest Wi-Fi technology support, the Honeywell CW45 boosts data throughput and offers a streamlined experience for video and voice communications across environments.

However, the price of Honeywell CW45 may be a significant downside for some users. With an average of $2,200, this rugged computer is more expensive than competitors offering similar features.

Additionally, the CW45 has a limited storage capacity with only 64 GB of UFS Flash. The lack of storage may prevent users who rely on large amounts of data from keeping files for too long. Fortunately, you can connect your device to cloud storage platforms and have your data automatically uploaded online.

Overall, Honeywell CW45 is a versatile device with plenty of features and functionalities to offer. Still, consider the disadvantages above so you can make the best-informed decision.

Display, Cameras, and Scanners

Honeywell CW45 display gallery photos

The Honeywell CW45 boasts an HD display with a 1280 x 720 resolution. These numbers mean you can take sharp and clear images and zoom in on details with ease. The display also clearly shows graphs, charts, and other data from presentations. The display is 11.9 cm or 4.7 inches in diameter and has a LED backlight.

There is also a rugged multi-touch capacitive touch panel suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The device supports usage with gloves and a stylus. A rain mode is also available due to the water droplet rejection features of the screen. The display has a Gorilla Glass 5 coverage for resistance to drops and impacts.

As far as cameras are concerned, there is a 13 MP side-facing and an 8 MP front-facing imager. The cameras are of decent quality and can match average Android smartphones. As with a regular mobile device, you can use the cameras for video calls, selfies, document capture, and other usages.

You can connect the CW45 to the 8675i rugged scanner or an FR scanner via a power cable or Bluetooth for a fast and reliable data capture of barcodes. You can read any 1D or 2D barcode with ease. The Honeywell’s 8675i scanner is purchased separately and comes in a lightweight package to make at-hand wearable scanning comfortable and fast.

In an intuitive scanning response, the scanner allows fast reading from near (5 inches) to far (33 inches). The scanner is multi-shift ready, has an IP65 sealing, can operate at temperatures from -4 to 122 F, and can be used indoors and outdoors.

The Honeywell CW45 also has an integrated NFC reader compliant with the following:

  • ISO/IEC 14443 A, B
  • ISO/IEC 15693 (Icode)
  • MIFARE 1K / 4K
  • ISO/IEC 18092 (Type F)
  • Sony FeliCa

The CW45 is equipped with most functionalities you’d expect in a device used for various data-capturing tasks. Whether you’re working in retail, warehouse, or manufacturing, you’ll find Honeywell CW45 to have all the necessary features.

Operating System and Programs

Honeywell CW45 operating system

The Honeywell CW45 runs on Android 11. The manufacturer also offers support for newer Android models up to Android 15. This device takes part in Honeywell’s unique ecosystem in terms of software. Experts at Energy Electronics can advise you on the best programs for your CW45 for specific industry uses.

You have a range of apps available to streamline your business processes, with some of the most popular ones being:

  • Mobility Edge Platform. This unified platform accelerates deployments, optimizes business performance, extends the lifecycle of your device, and boosts its security. It’s a range of features and applications that take care of your workflow and mobile computer in terms of hardware and software. You only have to validate it once, and it’s ready to be deployed anywhere.
  • Guided Work. The Guided Work software by Honeywell brings voice-guided assistance to your daily operations. Use multiple interfaces like keypad, scanning, and voice on your Android device, and enjoy hands-free use and fast deployment.
  • Operational Intelligence. This Honeywell-built software goes beyond data capture. It also analyzes and converts key information to actionable insights and provides data-driven results. Automate your workflow, manage disruptions, and much more.
  • Smart Talk. Get a unified communications platform for your CW45 devices, including voice calling, media and text messaging, and video conferencing. Use the Smart Talk feature on cellular and Wi-Fi connections and have peace of mind knowing your business communication is secure.
  • Momentum WMS. Honeywell’s in-built warehouse management system (WMS) integrates with key automation software and offers a set of features to ensure growth and efficiency. The system is fast to install and configures deeply with your warehouse workflows. Activate more than 500 parameters in seconds.

Given that Honeywell CW45 is an Android tablet, you can download standard apps from the Google Play Store to optimize your workflows, like Microsoft Office, Dropbox, Google Drive, and others.

How to Purchase Honeywell CW45

Honeywell CW45 how to purchase

Honeywell CW45 comes in a range of formats, settings, and accessories. Some resellers may have only partial offerings or may sell unverified equipment. We recommend purchasing work devices from reputable distributors like Energy Electronics. You can get in touch with our specialists to get a fully customized CW45 for your specific needs. We offer a free quote and the possibility of bulk purchases. You may even be eligible for discounts.

Markets and Applications

Honeywell CW45 market and application

Honeywell CW45 is suitable for use in multiple applications and industries. Below is an overview of the most common ones:

  • Warehouse. The long battery life, scanning features, and durable design make Honeywell CW45 suitable for warehousing and yard management. Track your products, scan labels, and streamline inventory management, all with a single device.
  • Retail. Honeywell CW45 is a perfect device for retail applications. It lets you track your products, enhance your payment system, boost customer satisfaction, and support inventory management.
  • Logistics. Use CW45 for asset and logistics management in harsh indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Manufacturing. CW45 checks all the boxes when it comes to the flexibility and functionality needed from a mobile device in manufacturing. Track every step of the manufacturing process, share information with stakeholders, and have video calls whenever needed.
  • Transportation. Working in the transportation sector calls for a reliable device for data collection, shipping and receiving, and asset tracking. The Honeywell CW45 is just the mobile computer for the job.
  • Field service. Field service, including first responders and firefighters, calls for a reliable, durable, and highly versatile device. Honeywell CW45 is all that and more. Get a set of accessories like the arm mount and strap and perform field duty with ease.
  • Healthcare. Honeywell CW45 can also be used in healthcare settings like patient transport and administration. Ensure to properly clean and maintain the device regardless of the use case in this industry.
  • Hospitality. The CW45 serves a range of purposes in hospitality, from handling food and beverage orders to guest information sharing and capturing to barcode scanning and more.

Honeywell CW45 Review

Honeywell CW45 review

Customers love Honeywell CW45 for its durability, versatility, and robust software specs. Here is an overview of our favorite reviews.

“I bought Honeywell CW45 for my logistics business some five months ago. It would be an understatement to say that this device has helped me be more productive. Every aspect of work, from data capture to client communication to inventory management, has become so much smoother that I’m eternally grateful for the find. I have friends who also use Honeywell devices to manage their inventory in the logistics sector, and they have a similar experience. Best business purchase ever!”

“We received two Honeywell CW45s from our sponsor to help boost productivity in the warehouse. I didn’t know anything about this device beforehand, but the whole team has gotten used to it from Day 1. We use it to scan product labels and track changes in the inventory. The device can handle scanning hundreds of barcodes over one shift on a single battery charge. We’re beyond thrilled with the setup! It’s also cool that you can get accessories to match your needs.”

“If you’re looking for a device to help you do your field service job faster, consider this one. As a first responder, I’m always in need of a portable computer with long battery life, and CW45 is all that and more. I carry it around my hand and can easily input data without having to stop what I’m doing at the moment. The computer also withstands sudden temperature changes pretty well and never failed on me, even when working on -10C.”

“Honeywell CW45 is a great mobile computer for anyone who appreciates speed, efficiency, and accuracy. I’m surprised at how well it can scan damaged labels. I use it often under direct sunlight and have had no problems with the display. It’s readable, and the touch screen works even when your hands are wet. I must say that CW45 is beyond expectations.”

“We use CW45 and the 8675i SR scanner in warehousing, and we’re super happy with the results. Our previous scanner couldn’t even read labels with traces of dust on them, but CW45 has turned that around. It’s fast, accurate, and can even read barcodes with missing fragments. CW45 has made my job faster, and I highly recommend it to warehousing workers needing a reliable scanner and inventory management tool. Just make sure to buy from verified resellers.”

Power and Batteries

Honeywell CW45 batteries

Honeywell CW45 uses a hot-swappable Li-Ion smart battery. The standard battery pack runs on 3,400 mAh and 3.6 V, while the extended back has a 6,800 capacity on 3.6 V. The battery comes with in-built diagnostic tools to help you get the most out of its lifespan and prolong it when possible.

You can hot-swap the battery without having to turn off your CW45 in less than one minute. Do your tasks uninterruptedly while switching the batteries for more hours of productivity. The standard battery pack takes around three hours for a full charge, while the extended pack takes twice longer.

To help paint a picture of how much battery life you can expect, using the CW45 with a 50% screen brightness with Bluetooth connection to the scanner results in 21 hours of operation with the standard pack. The extended pack offers 43.5 hours of operation in the same conditions. Using the same device configurations at a 90% screen brightness results in 11 hours of operation for the standard and 22 hours of operation for the extended battery.

Accessories and Addons

Honeywell CW45 is a complex device with plenty of functionalities to offer. A whole set of accessories and add-ons is available that makes the computer up to any task:

  • Arm mount. The arm mount accessory makes it easy to carry the mobile computer around without having to put it down and back up whenever you’re done with a task.
  • Universal charging cup. Ensure your Honeywell CW45 is always ready to roll by having a charging station at hand.
  • Wearable scanner. The CW45 mobile computer is compatible with Honeywell’s 8675i wearable scanner offering a premium scanning performance in a small and ergonomic package. With this accessory, you can use CW45 in all applications that require barcode scanning across industries.
  • Wearable arm strap. Yet another accessory to make carrying the CW45 a breeze. Always have the device ready while performing other tasks, and scan, call, or share files anytime.
  • Battery packs. Standard and extended battery packs are available for separate purchases to build up your battery arsenal for more frequent use.
  • Hardened glass screen protector. If you work in harsh environments, consider getting a screen protector before using the CW45. Don’t risk cracking or damaging the screen. This accessory will give you greater peace of mind.
  • Arm mount comfort pad. This comfort pad makes carrying Honeywell CW45 more comfortable on your arm.

Talk to an Expert

Talk to a tech expert

Interested in buying a Honeywell CW45? You’re about to make a great business decision. Whether you’ve never used a similar device or are familiar with the system, we highly recommend talking to an expert for advice on the right set of features. CW45 is a powerful computer with multiple customization options, so you only want to get features that match your needs and budgets.

Fill out the short form below and the experts at Energy Electronics will get back to you in no more than one business hour with all the details you need.