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The Honeywell CT47 5G is a fully optimized mobile computer designed for a number of industries. It comes with many features to improve your workflows, such as 5G connectivity, robust construction, and a speedy processor. Here’s a comprehensive review of this device and its many great features.

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Honeywell CT47 5G Ranking

Honeywell CT47 5G Product Ranking

Any grade other than 10/10 would be inadequate for the Honeywell CT47 5G. This mobile computer comes with impressive features to speed up your operations and make your environment safer. The 5G connectivity is especially convenient since it lets you stay in touch with your teammates anywhere and anytime. Furthermore, the rugged body can withstand the most extreme challenges, while the cutting-edge CPU supports effortless multitasking.

Honeywell CT47 5G Specifications 

Display5.5-inch 2160×1080
Weight10.02 Ounces (With Battery)
Dimensions6.69 x 3.11 x 0.75 Inches
BatteryLi-Ion 4.750mAH
CPUOcta-Core 2.7GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon
RAM6GB/8GB (Depending on Your Configuration)
Flash Memory128GB (Expandable with a Micro-SD Card)
Camera13MP Rear Camera8MP Front Camera
Scanning1D/2D Scanner
Network ConnectionsWi-Fi 802.11ac5GBluetooth

Honeywell CT47 5G Pricing

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The price of the CT47 5G can be anywhere between $1,800 and $2,500. The reason Honeywell offers such a broad range is that you can get your device with different specifications. For example, you can choose the amount of RAM and processor speed and customize many other features.

That’s why you should contact our technology specialists before making a purchase. The experts at Energy Electronics can provide you with an accurate quote and recommend suitable features for your business to help ensure you get the right device for your needs.

Pros and Cons

A worker checking the Product using a Honeywell CT47 5G

Most mobile computers feature the 4G LTE network. Although it performs great, you need a device that provides the latest technology.

That’s exactly what the CT47 offers. The 5G upgrade enables you to communicate with the rest of your team in various settings, such as warehouses, hospitals, and in the field.

Complementing the robust CPU is ample operating memory. The gadget comes with 6GB of RAM to further streamline your apps, internet browsing, and communication.

Flash memory is also solid. The device has 128GB out of the box, allowing you to store most (if not all) documents and media in one place. If you’re short on space, you can always add more storage with a microSD card.

Ruggedness is a strong suit with this mobile computer too. It has an array of certifications that guarantee reliable use in the harshest of environments:

  • IEC 60068-2-32 – This specification verifies the CT47 can survive more than 3,500 tumbles at about 1.65 feet. It’s a must-have certification for all enterprises, as it reassures your device won’t malfunction after just a few tumbles.
  • MIL-STD-810H – If you’re worried about dropping your device onto solid surfaces, the CT47 5G is the right mobile computer for you.
  • IP68 – Poor sealing is a problem in many mobile computers, but not with the Honeywell CT47 5G. IP68-rated, the device prevents dust, moisture, and other substances from penetrating the exterior.

You’ll also appreciate the operating and storage temperature ranges of this mobile computer. There’s no need to be concerned about freezing and scorching conditions with this device. That’s because it can be easily used in temperatures ranging from -4 degrees Fahrenheit and +122 degrees Fahrenheit. As for storage conditions, you can keep the device in temperatures nay where from -22 degrees Fahrenheit to +158 degrees Fahrenheit.

Display, Cameras, and Scanners

Honeywell CT47 5G Display, Cameras and  Scanners

The screen is one of the most significant features of any mobile computer. Honeywell understands the importance of this feature, which is why they offer a premium solution with the CT47 5G. The model features a 5.5-inch 2160x1080p full-HD display to ensure a crisp viewing experience. It presents your information clearly, whether you’re analyzing images, videos, barcodes, or other types of content.

You might think you can only use your CT47 efficiently in darker rooms, but that’s not the case. The device features a sunlight-readable display to provide optimal versatility. It enables you to check out key data in sunny conditions by automatically adjusting the brightness. This leads to better readability and helps lower eye strain associated with poor-quality screens.

If a durable display is another priority, the CT47 won’t let you down. Honeywell has equipped the gadget with Gorilla Glass 5 for the ultimate scratch and impact resistance. Even if you inadvertently nick your display with a scalpel or scissors, it’ll come out unscathed.

When it comes to cameras, the CT47 5G has decent solutions. The front camera has 8MP, whereas the rear camera has 13MP and takes high-quality images in well-lit areas. You can use a flash to improve the clarity of your pictures and videos in dark conditions, but in some cases, it might not do the trick. As previously discussed, cameras are the only potential drawback of this mobile computer.

As for the scanners, the CT47 delivers an exceptional platform. The built-in scanner is highly versatile, as it can capture 1D and 2D barcodes. Moreover, it features the FlexRange XLR engine to elevate your scanning performance, especially in missions that require long-range capturing.

Operation System and Programs

Honeywell CT47 5G Operating System and Programs

The better your operating system, the lower the chances of cybersecurity weaknesses. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about outdated solutions with the Honeywell CT47. The device is shipped with Android 12 and guaranteed support for up to Android 15.

  • Setup Wizard – You need only read a QR code, tap an NFC tag, or scan a barcode to get your mobile computer up and running.
  • Enterprise Provisioner – This technology lets you develop barcodes with provisioning configuration settings and instructions. You can easily scan this information to deploy your mobile computers.
  • Secure Provisioning – The Honeywell CT47 features Secure Provisioning to secure your environment.
  • Staging Hub – This hub enables you to bundle configuration settings and applications in one place when deploying a fleet of CT47s.
  • Android Zero-Touch Enrollment – You no longer need to set up your mobile computers one by one.

Another tremendous feature of Mobility Edge is that it optimizes your business performance:

  • Keypad Creator – Some of your missions may require you to enter information unconventionally. Standard keyboards might not cut it, which is why Mobility Edge features the Keypad Creator function.
  • Wireless Tether – In addition to 5G, you get many other technologies to facilitate connections. One of which is Wireless Tether.
  • Data Capture Tools – As previously discussed, capturing and rendering information shouldn’t be an issue due to next-level computing power.
  • Operational Intelligence – This asset management program is perfect for tracking, standardizing, managing, and streamlining all connected CT47s.
  • Software Client Pack – Comprising three exceptional business apps, Software Client Pack has all you need to provide and manage app access and further boost productivity.
  • Battery Hot Swap – This feature eliminates the need to reboot your CT47s when swapping out the original battery for a new one.

How to Purchase Honeywell CT47 5G

How to Purchase Honeywell CT47 5G

The CT47 5G comes in a number of configurations. It’s easy to purchase unnecessary or incorrect features that increase the cost of your investment. The best way to avoid this is to contact Energy Electronics beforehand. Our professionals can work with you to determine the best configuration for your organization and budget.

Markets and Applications

A wide Scope of Markets and Applications of the Honeywell CT47 5G

You can rely on the Honeywell CT47 5G practically anywhere because it’s so versatile. A variety of industries and businesses can benefit from this well-made device:

  • Manufacturing and warehousing – The CT47’s dependable close and long-range scanning is perfect for any manufacturing and warehousing enterprise. It speeds up information capture while providing nearly unparalleled durability.
  • Hospitality – If you’re a hotel manager, consider purchasing the CT47 for you and your staff. The 5G integration allows for seamless communication. Furthermore, other specs advanced customer data entry and security.
  • Mining – Miners are often exposed to extreme environments. If you’re one of them, you need a robust device to endure toxic settings, and the CT47 is a perfect choice. The rugged body is resistant to impact, chemicals, and other threats.
  • Oil and gas – The CT47 is perfect for this industry too. Its sturdy construction prevents liquids, such as water and oil, from damaging sensitive parts.
  • Healthcare – You can enter patient information and analyze crucial reports more easily with the CT47.

Honeywell CT47 5G Reviews

An Employee Checking the Boxes of Product Ordered using the Honeywell CT47 5G

Considering the high-end specs, it’s easy to see why the Honeywell CT47 5G reviews are overwhelmingly positive:

“The CT47 is one of the best mobile computers I’ve ever used. It’s easy to operate and has a super-strong body that seems invulnerable.”

“I couldn’t be happier with the Honeywell CT47. The 5G version is perfect for indoor and outdoor communication.”

“This device meets all my business needs. It lets me talk to my employees anywhere and anytime. Plus, the display works fantastic in many different conditions.”

Power and Batteries

A worker using the Honeywell CT47 5G

The CT47 5G features a high-capacity 4,750mAh battery. It can easily last an entire day without charging, making it ideal for long shifts. As mentioned above, you can also swap out for a new battery once the original dies without restarting your machine.

Accessories and Add-ons

Accessories and Addons of Honeywell CT47 5G

You can order the CT47 with a slew of accessories. Reach out to Energy Electronics, and we’ll help you select the right add-on for your company. Some of the extras you can choose include:

  • Universal charge base – charge your CT47 and other Honeywell mobile computers with this base.
  • Scan handle – make effortless scans.
  • Holster – store your mobile computer conveniently.
  • Vehicle dock – mount the CT47 inside a forklift or other vehicle.
  • Protective boot – adds even more ruggedness.

Talk to an Expert

Talk to an Energy Electronic Tech Expert

The Honeywell CT47 5G is a phenomenal mobile computer, but only if you have the right configuration. Therefore, get in touch with Energy Electronics before making a purchase. We’ll tell you the features your device should have to elevate your business and offer an exact quote.

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