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Honeywell barcode scanner is the go-to solution for many companies that need barcode scanners. Their devices boast exceptional durability, scanning capabilities, and robust software. If you want to try their products in your business, you may need some help with finding the right model. Coming up is a list of the top 15 Honeywell barcode scanners.

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1. Voyager 1202g

Honeywell Voyager 1202g black and gray wireless laser scanner

Top Features:

  • Great battery life
  • Pager functionality
  • Reads codes in any condition


The Voyager 1202g is an excellent battery scanner with long battery life. It can give you 12 hours on a single charge, and you can also remove and swap out the battery. Additionally, the device responds with lights and beeps to help you locate it more easily. Finally, it reads smudged and damaged codes.

  • Uninterrupted operation
  • Easy to track down
  • Smooth reading of damaged codes


The gadget is prone to breakage, especially after repeated drops.

  • Average build quality

Why We Like It: The replaceable battery can make a difference in any setting, including warehousing and manufacturing.

2. Granit 1991iXR Ultra-Rugged FlexRange™ Scanner

Honeywell granit 1991iXR ultra rugged flex rang black and red scanner

Top Features:

  • High durability
  • Fast barcode transmission
  • 1D and 2D barcodes


Ruggedness is one of the most attractive features of this device. Rated at 7,000 3-foot tumbles, it’s as durable as it gets. It also withstands extreme temperature changes. As for scanning, you’ll be adding fast barcode transmission to your system, whether you capture 1D or 2D items. The range stands at 33 feet for 100 mil codes.

  • Ultra-rugged
  • Fast and reliable scanning


Using the gadget in direct sunlight may lead to inconsistent performance.

  • Could be better in outdoor settings

Why We Like It: The Granit 1991iXR Ultra-Rugged scanner works great and can survive some of the harshest conditions imaginable.

3. Granit XP 1990iXLR

honeywell granit XP 1990iXLR red and black handheld scanner

Top Features:

  • Perfect for near-field scanning
  • Compatible with multiple barcodes
  • Long range


Another great overall barcode scanner is the Honeywell Granit XP 1990iXLR. This machine is fully optimized for near-field scanning on multiple kinds of barcodes, including 1D and 2D items. It can capture UPC data from up to 6.5 feet away and 100 mil codes up to 80 feet away. Finally, you can use this machine on low-quality and damaged barcodes.

  • Long-distance scanning
  • Works with practically any barcode
  • Damaged items aren’t an issue


The only major drawback of this machine is that it might not be as robust as some other models. It’s been tested for 9-foot drops, but resistance to drops from greater heights is questionable.

  • Could be more rugged

Why We Like It: The Granit XP 1990iXLR is the perfect barcode scanner for most applications, including retail and warehouse businesses. The scanning range and versatility accommodate practically any scenario.

4. Xenon XP 1952h

Honeywell Xenon XP 1952h white and blue handheld barcode scanner

Top Features:

  • Recharge alerts
  • Fast charging


You can use the Honeywell Xenon XP 1952h to scan a wide array of barcodes, including UPC and EAN items. The built-in capacitors help prolong battery life to help you work with fewer interruptions. Another great thing about the machine is the integrated alerts. They remind you to place the gadget on the charging port. It only takes the device around 1 minute to fully charge when connected to a USB cable.

  • Continuous operation
  • Convenient reminders


The handle may slip out of your hands, especially after prolonged use.

  • Lack of texturing on the handle

Why We Like It: The gadget works great for healthcare professionals, as they can recharge the device within seconds and continue sensitive operations.

5. Xenon XP 1952g

honeywell Xenon XP 1952g black handheld scanner

Top Features:

  • Long battery life
  • Built-in alerts


The most impressive feature of the Xenon XP 1952g barcode scanner is its battery. It can easily scan more than 450 UPC or EAN codes in one go without recharging. This lets you check out numerous customers between your charges. When it’s finally time to refuel the battery, the device will remind you to do so using built-in alerts. As a result, the machine helps ensure continuous operation.

  • Increased productivity and speed due to high-capacity battery
  • Never miss your recharge with integrated alerts


The charging station of this device is durable, but the scanner itself doesn’t have an admirable impact and moisture resistance. It’s also pricey.

  • Not as rugged as some other solutions
  • Expensive

Why We Like It: We like the Xenon XP 1952g because it lets you keep up with even the most demanding workload. When you run out of battery, just put it back in the charging port and keep scanning.

6. 8680i

Honeywell 8680i black and red wearable mini scanner

Top Features:

  • Wearable design
  • Built to last
  • Smart workflow analytics


Some jobs require you to use both hands, but you may still need to do some scanning. If so, check out the 8680i wearable barcode scanner. It lets you capture information while doing other tasks. Plus, the item is extremely durable, as it can endure 2,000 1.6-foot tumbles. There is even proprietary Operational Intelligence analytics to improve your battery management, deploy firmware, and adjust your settings.

  • Promotes effortless multitasking and safety by freeing up your hands
  • Rugged design
  • Enhances battery management and other key aspects


The strap might come slightly loose in the middle of your scanning, requiring you to make minor adjustments.

  • Somewhat awkward strap design

Why We Like It: The 8680i barcode scanner is a conveniently designed machine that combines durability and ease of use.

7. 8675i

Honeywell 8675i black and gray at hand wearable scanner

Top Features

  • Streamlined wearable design
  • Adjustable strap glove
  • Multi-shift-ready


The Honeywell 8675i is another wearable barcode scanner. It comes with a convenient buckle that’s easy to operate and adjust. You can also modify the strap glove to improve your maneuverability. Furthermore, the gadget should serve you great for multiple shifts due to its high-capacity battery.

  • Robust adjustability
  • Facilitates uninterrupted shifts


It’s easy to misplace the device due to minute dimensions.

  • Hard to locate, especially in the dark.

Why We Like It: The 8675i barcode scanner is a superb solution for hands-free scanning. You can wear the model around your finger so it doesn’t get in the way of other tasks.

8. HF800

Honeywell HF800 black fixed mount scanner with red button

Top Features

  • 2D scanning
  • Efficient decoding
  • Straightforward configuration


There are many advanced barcode scanners out there, but few can rival the HF800. It has cutting-edge encoding and decoding technology to help you capture 2D items quickly and safely. On top of that, it comes with a robust reading algorithm and seamless configuration. It shouldn’t take more than a few clicks to get the gadget up and running.

  • State-of-the-art software
  • Advanced yet accessible configuration settings


This device doesn’t have the best moisture and chemical resistance.

  • Should be kept away from humid environments

Why We Like It: The HF800 stands out with its next-level capabilities. It boasts high scanning accuracy and stores data safely using industry-leading algorithms.

9. HF811

Honeywell HF811 red and black fixed mount scanner

Top Features

  • DPM compatibility
  • Compact design
  • Perfect for low-light conditions


Honeywell has incorporated state-of-the-art scanning technology into the HF811. It’s a fixed-mount industrial scanner that can capture 2D items with ease. Furthermore, it’s a highly versatile machine, as it boasts direct part marking (DPM) capabilities. The gadget is also compact, allowing you to install it in various locations, and has powerful lights to illuminate surfaces when scanning in the dark.

  • Streamlined designed for low-light 2D scanning
  • Compact gadget


This is one of the most expensive barcode scanners on the market.

  • On the expensive side.

Why We Like It: This barcode scanner is as advanced as it gets. It’s perfect for all lighting conditions and has nearly unparalleled scanning capabilities.

10. Genesis XP

honeywell genesis XP black hands free barcode scanner

Top Features:

  • Top-shelf scanning speed and field of view
  • Seamless handling of damaged barcodes
  • High motion tolerance


If you’re looking for a barcode scanner to maximize productivity, the Honeywell Genesis XP might be your best option. It’s 20% faster than most other gadgets and has an oversized scanning area, allowing you to capture damaged barcodes effortlessly. You also get high motion tolerance to reduce repeat scans and LED highlights that clearly mark the scanning area.

  • Easy to use due to LED highlights
  • Accurate scanning
  • Ideal for high-quality and low-quality barcodes


You need to be careful using this device around chemicals. Various substances can penetrate the interior and damage the electronics.

  • Limited chemical resistance

Why We Like It: The Honeywll Genesis XP works great if you prioritize fast operations. It lets your team scan items smoothly while reducing the risk of mistakes.

11. Orbit 7180

Honeywell orbit 7180 white hands free scanner with blue light indicator

Top Features:

  • Flexible scan head
  • 20-line scan pattern
  • Integrated radio frequency electronic article surveillance antenna


The Honeywell Orbit 7180 is a phenomenal device with a 20-line scan pattern. It offers streamlined scanning and speeds up your data capture. There’s also a radio frequency electronic article surveillance antenna to boost your efficiency and decode barcodes. Lastly, you can receive firmware updates to protect your information.

  • Unique antenna
  • Phenomenal scan capabilities


The Orbit has average impact protection and chemical resistance.

  • Not as rugged as other scanners

Why We Like It: You’ll be able to capture your barcodes without a hitch using the Orbit 7180 due to the aggressive scanning pattern and robust antenna.

12. Vuquest 3320g

Honeywell vuquest 3320g white and gray barcode scanner

Top Features:

  • Laser-free aiming
  • Captures barcodes from screens


If you’re looking for a uniquely designed barcode scanner, the Honeywell Vuquest 3320g is one of your best solutions. It’s an attractive gadget with laser-free aiming, allowing you to capture items without risking eye injury. Moreover, you can read barcodes from not only paper but also computer and smartphone displays.

  • Safe scanning features
  • Versatile reader


The scanner doesn’t have a sealed design.

  • Can be prone to dust and moisture intrusion

Why We Like It: The Vuquest 3320g is an exceptional that prioritizes accuracy and safety.

13. Solaris 7980g Upgradeable Scanner

Honeywell Solaris 7980g yellow and black hands free barcode scanner

Top Features:

  • Hands-free operation
  • LED illumination
  • 2D imaging


If you want to capture barcodes without using your hands, this can be a fantastic option. The Solaris 7980g features hands-free operation and is easy to set up with its USB power source. You also get white LED lights to eliminate glare and ensure an accurate reading. The device can read 2D images and digital coupons from smartphone screens.

  • Simple scanning in any lighting conditions
  • Multiple types of barcodes supported


Using the model in the rain is ill-advised, as moisture can compromise the electric components.

  • Limited moisture protection

Why We Like It: The Solaris 7980g frees up your hands while scanning, allowing you to perform other tasks.

14. Voyager 1472g

Honeywell Voyager 1472g black and gray handheld barcode scanner

Top Features:

  • Consistent scanning
  • Long Bluetooth range
  • Honeywell Operational Intelligence


You can perform fast scans with the Voyager 1472g, even if you’re reading poor-quality barcodes. There’s an extended scan distance and long Bluetooth range to improve connections. In addition, you get Honeywell Operational Intelligence firmware to enhance scan insights.

  • Great for barcodes in any condition
  • Top-rated software


You may have trouble capturing barcodes in sunlight.

  • Accuracy could be lower outdoors

Why We Like It: The Voyager 1472g is a solid Honeywell barcode scanner with many features to improve your productivity, like a longer Bluetooth range and stable software support.

15. Orbit 7120

Honeywell orbit 7120 white barcode scanner

Top Features:

  • Engineered sweet spot
  • Firmware updates
  • Omnidirectional scanning and adjustability


The main highlight of the Orbit 7120 is that it has a customizable scan head. You can tilt it at a 30-degree angle to target your scanning of large products. Otherwise, let the machine do the work with the optimized sweet spot that ensures accurate reading out of the box. You also get an omnidirectional pattern to work faster.

  • Flexible scanner
  • Easy to adjust


You need to be careful not to damage the head when tilting it.

  • Sensitive head, especially during your modifications

Why We Like It: The Orbit 7120 is an excellent choice if you have to scan large products with hard-to-find barcodes.

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