Worker using Getac ZX70 during their inspection of the Construction Site

There are many rugged tablets to choose from, but few can rival the design and performance of the Getac ZX70. This high-end device can take your workflows to the next level with its brilliant display and high-speed CPU. Here’s a detailed breakdown of all the features.

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Getac ZX70 Ranking

Getac ZX70 Product Ranking

We give the ZX70 a 9/10 for many reasons. The exterior is exceptionally well-built, as it can withstand some of the most challenging environments your gadget is exposed to. Furthermore, the display lets you read critical information in practically all lighting conditions to enhance productivity. Finally, you shouldn’t have any trouble using the machine because it has an intuitive interface.

Getac ZX70 Specifications

Display7-inch Full-HD Display with Wide Viewing Angles
Weight26.88 Ounces (With Battery)
Dimensions8.58 x 5.6 x 1.08 Inches(The Dimensions Depend on Your Configuration)
BatteryLi-Ion 3.8V 8,480mAH
CPUOcta-Core 1.95GHz-2.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 (Depending on Your Configuration)
Flash Memory64GB (Expandable with a Micro-SD Card)
Camera12MP Rear Camera8MP Front Camera
ScanningOptional 1D/2D Reader
Network ConnectionsWi-Fi 802.11ac4G LTEBluetooth

Getac ZX70 Pricing

Oil and Gas Workers using a Getac ZX70 upon checking the Machineries

The Getac ZX70 is available for approximately $1,500-$2,000. The price depends on your configuration, which is why it’s essential to contact Energy Electronics before making a purchase decision. Once you reach out to us, our professionals will provide an exact quote by considering the features you wish to add to your gadget.

Pros and Cons

Construction Workers using a Getac ZX70

There are countless notable features of the ZX70, but the biggest highlight might be its revolutionary design. Out of the box, the device boasts impressive looks. It’s thinner and lighter than some other rugged tablets, allowing you to hold it comfortably.

Another great aspect of the design is the colors. The case has black textures, and the tablet also has yellow highlights. This attractive combination adds elegance to your tech collection.

When it comes to materials, Getac has gone with premium solutions. Once you get your hands on this device, it won’t feel like a cheap tablet. On the contrary, there’s a reinforced polymer and glass fiber body and rubberized over mold.

The outer edges also come with loops. You can use these components to easily strap your tablet to a bag or backpack and facilitate transportation. Alternatively, the default solution is to use one loop to store your stylus, whereas the other is reserved for wrist straps.

There are many other ports on the ZX70. For instance, you can utilize the JAE/Pogo docking connector that works with numerous peripherals you can add to your configuration. Moreover, the manufacturer offers an optional radio frequency antenna pass-through.

The left side holds a power socket, a screw-held cover protecting your SIM and microSD card slots, and a headphone jack. You won’t have trouble reaching the parts whether you use the tablet with one or both hands.

The same goes for your volume and power controls. You can find them in the upper portion of the machine, along with a key that activates your barcode reader (if included in your configuration).

And the gadget delivers premium quality in this respect. The machine is built to endure shocks, vibration drops, dust, moisture, and many more threats

The tablet adheres to many other stringent certifications, one of which is the MIL-STD-810H. It guarantees your device can survive drops from considerable heights onto various solid surfaces, such as concrete.

Temperature resistance is also admirable. You can reliably use the device at temperatures ranging from minus 6 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This gives you peace of mind, knowing your ZX70 won’t malfunction in freezing warehouses or scorching outdoor settings.

The standard version comes with an octa-core 1.95GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. It ramps up the speed of your apps and critical operations to prevent latency and other issues from holding you back.

The basic CPU works fantastic, but if that doesn’t do the trick, you can opt for the advanced processor. Operating at 2.2GHz, it contributes to a lightning-fast workplace.

You’ll also enjoy the ZX70’s robust connectivity settings. The Wi-Fi network has been upgraded to dual-band 802.11ac to provide increased speed and higher scalability.

Display, Cameras, and Scanners

Getac ZX70 Display, Cameras, and Scanners

As previously discussed, the ZX70 has a well-balanced design with remarkable externals and internals. The display exemplifies this extraordinary blend.

There are many noteworthy features of this high-quality screen, including LumiBond 2.0 technology. Here’s what makes it so special:

  • Next-level sturdiness – The display has a resin layer between your touchscreen and LCD panel to eliminate the air gap associated with traditional products. With no air inside the system, your display becomes more durable and prevents condensation.
  • Haptic touch – This feature allows the ZX70 to transmit the information from your screen to your fingertips through vibrations, simulated clicks, changing textures, buzzing, and pluses.
  • Hover touch – The screen’s hover-touch design allows you to utilize the display with fingers and gloves. Any non-conductive fabrics are compatible, including cotton and latex.
  • Electromagnetic susceptibility – If you’re a doctor or another healthcare professional, you might be worried that electromagnetic environments can compromise your ZX70.
  • Water-workable design – Whether you’re a warehouse or manufacturing specialist, the risk of water splashing your device is ever-present. You won’t have to be concerned about moisture damage if you incorporate the ZX70 into your routine.
  • Higher color quality – Besides being incredibly robust and responsive, ZX70’s LumiBond contributes to exceptional color quality. Each tone is vividly recreated to improve your accuracy immersion.

In terms of cameras, the ZX70 has two solid units. The rear camera has 12MP, whereas the front model features 8MP. Each enables you to capture information in a split second.

As for your barcode scanner, Getac has opted for a slightly different technology. You can add a barcode reader to your gadget. Unlike traditional products, which convert electricity into data through a decoder, this model sheds a beam across barcodes and measures the amount of light reflected

Operating System and Programs

Getac ZX70 Operating Systems and Programs

Getac didn’t take chances regarding the operating system. They’ve equipped the ZX70 with Android 10 to ensure your software follows the highest security standards. In fact, Google has verified the machine as a recommended rugged device for Android users. As a result, there’s no going wrong with the gadget if you’re looking for a model highly regarded by tech experts.

Once you set up your ZX70, you’ll be welcomed by standardized Android features and a familiar interface. These enable you to use your rugged tablet more easily while unlocking millions of business apps on Google Play.

Complementing the Android infrastructure is Getac’s proprietary deployXpress. It optimizes the deployment, provisioning, configuration, and updates of your ZX70. It speeds up all these critical operations, allowing you to focus on other IT projects. Plus, it lowers the risk of device downtime brought about by misconfiguration and security breaches.

Here are the most significant features you get with deployXpress:

  • Android configuration – Set up your ZX70 within minutes using wizard-like menus.
  • Factory default configuration – Customize your factory settings to hand over and maintain your device without a hitch.
  • QR code automatic deployment – Get your ZX70s up and firing by scanning their QR codes to save time and prevent errors caused by manual settings.
  • Device grouping – You can view, update, and deploy your ZX70s by groups for easier management.
  • Flexible updates – The software gives you maximum control over your updates to boost efficiency and security.
  • Over-the-air management – Install and maintain your applications remotely to bump up the productivity of your IT team.

How to Purchase

A Forester using a Getac ZX70 during a forest survey

The ZX70 is a phenomenal device that can add tremendous value to your organization. That said, you need to make sure you have the right features before ordering. That’s where Energy Electronics comes in.

Rather than take a chance with your configuration, reach out to our tech specialists for expert guidance. We can recommend the features you should include in your package, depending on your needs and company size. This way, we’ll help ensure your ZX70 contributes to your business as soon as you set it up.

Markets and Applications

A wide scope of Getac ZX70 Markets and Applications

You can gain a lot from the ZX70 if you use the device in the following industries:

  • Public Safety – Police departments can use the ZX70 to communicate in vehicles effortlessly.
  • Utilities – The installation of utilities is much easier with ZX70’s software.
  • Industrial manufacturing – Adjust key production parameters with your ZX70.
  • Transportation and Logistics – Organize smooth transportation and keep track of your inventory with built-in and optional tools.
  • Oil and gas – Stay in touch with your team to ensure safety, which is paramount in the oil and gas industry.

Getac ZX70 Reviews

A Gas and Oil Safety Officer Using a Getac ZX70

The vast majority of customers are thrilled with their ZX70s. Here’s what some of them say about this product:

“I’ve been using the ZX70 for half a year, and I couldn’t be happier with the device. It’s easy to use and tough as nails.”

“My company needed a rugged tablet, and we were recommended the ZX70. It’s safe to say we don’t plan on replacing the device anytime soon. It works fantastic and looks great.”

“The ZX70 has proved to be a great investment for my manufacturing facility. I opted for the upgraded processor and included the 1D/2D reader, both of which have helped me work faster.”

Getac ZX70 Power and Batteries

Getac ZX70 Power and Batteries

You might think the ZX70 can only last for a few hours due to so many cutting-edge functions. However, the reality is entirely the opposite. The battery has a whopping capacity (over 8,000mAh), which lets you use your gadget throughout the longest shifts. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about productivity loss caused by frequent recharging.

Getac ZX70 Accessories and Add-Ons

Getac ZX70 Accessories and Addons

Another reason you should contact Energy Electronics is to determine adequate accessories for your ZX70. We recommend the following add-ons:

  • Vehicle dock – Firmly secures your ZX70 in your vehicles
  • Carry bag – Ensures smooth and secure transport
  • Capacitive stylus – Provides an additional input method
  • Shoulder strap – Seamless carrying solution
  • Protection film AG – Shields your screen from scratches

Talk to an Expert

Talk to Energy Electronics Tech Expert

One of the best decisions you can make as a business owner is to boost your workflows with the Getac ZX70. The device combines a huge number of top-shelf features, such as an ultra-rugged design, ergonomics, elegance, and a gorgeous display. What’s more, it boasts superb communication solutions and has enough power to survive the most extended shifts.

If this gadget seems like a perfect match for your enterprise, contact Energy Electronics to receive a precise quote. We also offer personalized advice to help you select a suitable configuration. Get in touch with us, and we’ll get back to you within 1 business hour.