getac t800 product review

Mobile tablet computers are becoming very popular across a wide range of industries. And with so many options on the market, choosing the right device can be very challenging. For this reason, we’ve come up with a detailed comparative review of two of the rugged tablets on the market; the Sonim RS80, and the Getac T800. We’ll cover the major aspects of each so that you can see which device best suits your business needs.

Operating System

The Getac T800 went for an unconventional solution in regards to the operating system. Unlike most mobile computers, the device uses Windows 10 Professional. While the OS can handle powerful operations it usually drains the battery faster and causes the device to run warmer. This makes is better suited for situations where the tablet will remain stationary with access to a constant power supply.

Conversely the Sonim RS80 comes with Android 10 to give you a super-fast network. You can communicate with your team without any slowdowns, and booting your device doesn’t take as long as with some previous versions. Additionally, many of your employees may already be familiar with Android so they should be comfortable using the tablet.

Plus, the safety settings are top-of-the-line. Here’s how the platform helps you configure better safety properties:

  • Determining how much of your data will be shared
  • Deciding when the sharing takes place
  • Making all safety configurations from a single location

There’s also the all-important Focus Mode you can use to disable potentially distracting features.

Which is Best? The Sonim RS80 provides a faster operating system with greater enhancements and it’s better optimized for mobile use. The Getac T800 may work fine if you’re tethered to one location, but for ease-of-use and mobility, the Sonim RS80 is a better bet.


getac t800 rugged tablet computer

The Sonim RS80 is powered by one of the best processors you can find on the market. You get a Qualcomm Octa-core chipset that operates at 2.2GHz, making for an extremely powerful mobile computer and allowing for super fast performance. Not only do you get a highly optimized platform, but the processor also helps extend your battery time.

What is more, the chances of experiencing lags on the field are minimal. This makes the RS80 an ideal choice for running multiple demanding apps at the same time. For instance, your team can fire up several productivity applications, such as MS Word and Trello, without suffering a performance reduction. Plus, opening a large number of tabs in your browser is no issue for this chipset.

By contrast, the Getac T800 doesn’t come close to matching the abilities of the RS80. You’re getting an Intel quad-core unit that won’t cope as well with heavy-duty usage. Furthermore, the unit operates at a lower rate so performance speed is slower than that of the Sonim tablet.

Which is Best? The Sonim RS80 offers a better option in terms of CPU that should give you faster performance and better battery life.

Wi-Fi and Cellular Capabilities

rugged tablet computers

Wi-Fi settings are an underrated aspect of each mobile computer. However, they can bring in a ton of value to your device, especially if they provide extra safety and greater speed.

The Sonim RS80 features a dual-band network that supports multiple channels (2.4GHz and five GHz). The connection is as super fast, attributing some of its speed to the cutting-edge processor. This way, you can browse for internet data without a hitch. There’s a multitude of other valuable configurations:

  • Power saving
  • Global roaming
  • Infrastructure protection
  • Interference elimination
  • Network optimization

The RS80 is also 4G LTE enabled so you workers can stay connected from any location.

In comparison, the Getac T800 uses the newer Wi-Fi 6 technology for super fast speed. There is an option to integrate 4G LTE at an additional cost.

Which is Best? The Getac offers super fast Wi-Fi connectivity however the 4G LTE is not included with the base product. The Sonim RS80 comes fully enabled for 4G LTE connections which means you can use it anywhere without being tethered to a wi-fi network.

Additional Features

rugged tablet computer for warehouse

Now let’s take a closer look at what both mobile computers offer in terms of extra software capabilities. This category is often unjustly ignored, but software can increase the business value of your device.

The Getac T800 has an option to integrate a 1D/2D image barcode reader at an additional cost as well as several other optional add-ons. It also comes with proprietary software programs pre-installed such as Getac Utility and Getac Barcode Manager. While the ability to tailor your device to suit your specific needs can be beneficial, bear in mind that additional features come at an added cost. Choosing the right model can also be rather confusing because there are so many different configurations available.

On the other side of the aisle, the Sonim RS80 is equipped with a full suite of extra tools that can take your operations to the next level. The tablet comes with proprietary software called SonimWare, providing functionality and ease of use.


The Cloud platform is one of the strongest suits of this package. It enables you to manage all the features that are key to your organization, and you can integrate it with your other workforce apps. App overload is also kept to a bare minimum, providing your team with a perfect work environment. In addition, you get to manage all your connected screens effortlessly and make any necessary updates or configurations.

Furthermore, SonimWare works side-by-side with several built-in features to provide your workers with an easy way to contact each other. For example, there’s the integrated push-to-talk functionality that ensures reliable and instant communication. Your employees can use the OneTouch PTT whenever necessary, even if the app is working in the background or the RS80 is in sleep mode.

What is more, you get top-of-the-line audio capabilities. There’s the groundbreaking noise-neutralizing technology coupled with 100dB front-facing speakers to overcome the noisiest environments.

Limiting fieldwork distractions is another formidable feature of SonimWare. Using the software, you can adjust your devices and disable any unrelated applications to ensure your employees are focused on their work-related tasks only. As a result, you’ll help keep their productivity at an optimal level, allowing your team to hone their skills in a dynamic setting.

Moreover, the interface is conveniently designed to ensure easy handling. Setting up your mobile computers will be a simple task, meaning that your staff will have a fully functional device in record time. Even if they encounter problems during their work, SonimWare has a streamlined communication channel where they can reach you for support. Feeding your workers crucial updates is also a simple process.

Additional Tools

And that’s not all that SoninWare offers. Here’s what else you get with this fantastic set of tools:

  • Setup Wizard – Configures devices easily and makes simple adjustments to connected mobile computers
  • MDM Helper – Determines which functions are available and which are off-limits to organize key operational aspects
  • SafeGuard – Manages applications and makes sure the RS80 is configured for work-related environments
  • Kiosk Mode – Controls how the applications look and feel; gets rid of on-screen distractions while your employees are working in hazardous settings
getac T800 construction site

Integrated Scanning

You also get a second-to-none barcode scanner. The RS80 can capture 1D and 2D items with an incredible rate of up to 45 barcodes each minute and can perform in low lighting as well as on worn tags.

Additionally, you don’t need to buy any extra hardware since all the data from your scanner is downloaded onto your mobile computer. There are multiple ways of transmitting data, too, and you can choose to enter barcodes into a text field, app or broadcast them for better integration.

That’s not all when it comes to the model’s scanning abilities:

  • Continuous scanning – Press the button once and scan multiple items in quick succession.
  • Red, yellow, and PTT buttons – Hit your floating widget or button with gloved or bare fingers to scan barcodes.
  • Adjustable tones – There are a variety of alerts and tones to notify you about successful scans.
  • First-class scan rate and range – Your scanner operates at 33 milliseconds, and you can capture barcodes from anywhere between two and 15 inches away.

Which is Best? The Sonim RS80 gives you valuable software tools and the integrated scanner which is crucial to streamlining operations.


The Getac T800 offers an 8.1 inch 1280×800 screen that’s built with their proprietary LumiBond technology. There is an option for glove mode and the screen is sunlight readable.

Sonim’s RS80 comes with a 1920×1200 8 inch screen with Gorilla Glass 3. You can use it with gloved or wet fingers, and it’s designed with an anti-fingerprint coating. It also features top-notch readability in any lighting conditions.

Which is Best? Both tablets offer similar sized screens however you’re getting higher resolution with the Sonim RS80 and the fact that it’s wet-finger friendly gives the tablet more versatility in terms of use.


getac t800 rugged tablet

The Getac T800 features some great durability enhancements. The tablet has some reinforcement around the edges to minimize the damage caused by heavy impact. It’s also MIL-STD 810H and IP65 certified for resistance against vibrations, drops, temperatures and humidity.

The Sonim RS80 is MIL-STD 810G certified but offers a bit more in terms of durability. While the Getac tablet is protected against low pressure exposure to water and condensation, the Sonim RS80 is IP67 rated which means it’s got much more substantial resistance to liquid. The tablet can withstand temporary submersion in up to 3ft of water or even harsh chemical agents.

This is particularly helpful as far as disinfecting your device is concerned because the RS80 can be scrubbed, wiped down, and fully submerged in various abrasive cleaners including:

  • Benzalkonium
  • Glass cleaner
  • Detergent
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Bleach
  • Gasoline

In addition to the industry standard certification, Sonim independently tested the RS80 ensure no component is susceptible to impact damage. In particular, the tablet was dropped 26 times on all its sides and edges without any sustained damage whatsoever. They also tested the RS80 for resistance against six foot drops directly onto concrete since it’s the surface material most field workers encounter in their day-to-day jobs.

Another thing to consider, especially if you’re planning on using the tablet in a mobile setting, is the weight of each device. At just under a pound and a half the Sonim RS80 is lighter than the Getac T800 which weighs 1.94 pounds. The slim and lightweight design may be a major advantage for some users especially considering that it doesn’t require a protective case.

Which is Best? The chemical resistance and lightweight build put the Sonim RS80 in a class of its own and give it more versatility for use across various industries.


tablet computer for construction site

The Getac T800 has a 4200 mAh battery which can get you through a day of average use but may not be enough for large-scale operations.

In comparison, the Sonim RS80 comes with a whopping 8000 maAh. It’s also a Li-ion model, but this one can last for up 19 hours. Your workers can complete all their tasks for the day without worrying about whether they will run out of power. Removing the battery is also easy, owing to the quick-swapping properties which means you can keep the device running for multiple shifts.

Which is Best? The RS80’s battery gives you substantially longer power than the Getac tablet.


With the Getac T800 you’re getting 4GB of RAM and 128 GB of ROM which is ideal if you need to store vast amounts of data.

The Sonim RS80 also gives you 4GB of RAM, offering your workers perfect working conditions where the chances of slowdowns are slim to none. The 64GB of ROM gives you plenty of space for all your spreadsheets, documents, and presentations. In case you run out of room, you can add up to 256 extra GB.

Which is Best? Both devices have the same amount of RAM. You’re getting double the amount of eMMC with the Getac T800 however, unless your storage needs are particularly large you should be fine with the Sonim RS80.


Accessories are an extremely important part of the offer. Extra equipment can be immensely helpful to your field workers by facilitating transportation, charging, and communication.

Regarding the T800, Getac has some cool options such as a charger and docking station as well as several SnapBack items like batteries and SmarCard Readers which can be easily snapped on to the tablet. They also have have carrying accessories including a shoulder strap, wrist strap, carrying bag, and vehicle dock.

Sonim also offers a multitude of accessories including:

  • Hand strap (included in the box)
  • Dispatch equipment
  • Multi-bay handset and battery charging components
  • Bluetooth RSM and smart button
  • Wireless and wired PTT headsets
  • USB-C headset
  • In-vehicle holder
  • Wall Adapter
  • Desktop Charger
  • Touch Stylus


The Getac T800 has an expensive price-to-quality ratio. We found a MSRP of $2,100 on the newer models, though some retailers may offer a better price. Keep in mind however that the cost will increase drastically depending on the configuration you need. For example adding 4G LTE can add nearly $300 on top of the base price. And it’s the same with many other aspects such as memory or the barcode scanner which can run you an extra $500+. While some buyers may appreciate the customizable aspect, the buying process can be more confusing and the price can climb pretty high if you’re choosing a more advanced model.

By contrast, the Sonim RS80 is the one of the most cost-effective tablets you can find. It goes for around a little over $1,200 which is a excellent value. And unlike the Getac T800 you’re not paying an upcharge for every added feature. Key components such as integrated scanner and the 4G LTE compatibility are included in the base model, making it a fantastic all-in-one solution. Not only is it cheaper than the Getac T800, but you’re getting better specs, faster processing, and longer battery life.


Compared to many other models we’ve reviewed, the Getac T800 comes with a solid warranty. The item is protected against mechanical breakdowns for up to three years, meaning that the manufacturer seems confident of the item’s build quality.

With regards to the Sonim RS80, your device is protected by a two-year comprehensive plan against workmanship and material flaws. There’s also an optional three-year plan if you want to improve your protection.

Final Verdict

While the Getac T800 has some good features, you’re really getting a better deal both in terms of performance and value from the Sonim RS80. Apart from the memory (and you can easily add more memory to the RS80 if needed), the Sonim tablet either matches or outranks the Getac T800 in nearly every other aspect. It features a stunning combination of top-class performance and reliability, making it a fantastic all-in-one solution for all logistic and communication needs.

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