Besides putting out fires, firefighters rescue the sick and injured, prevent future blazes, and investigate the causes of fires. Being a firefighter is rewarding but can also be dangerous. As such, certain tools and equipment can make the job easier. Here we’ll introduce a definitive list of the top 50 firefighter tools and equipment.

Definitive List of Top 50 Firefighter Tools and Equipment

Here’s a list of the top 50 tools and equipment every firefighter needs.


A hand holding a flashlight with a beam of light illuminating the dark

The conditions in which firefighters work are far from ideal. Whether they’re responding to a car accident or rescuing people trapped in a dark basement, firefighters need flashlights for better visibility. These flashlights should be resistant to heat, impacts, and dust.


Stainless steel knife placed in a branch

Firefighters often carry knives and use them to cut through different surfaces. These knives need to be sharp, securely carried, and easily to operate, even with gloves.

Multi-Purpose Tool

Swiss army knife for multi-purpose use

A multi-purpose tool is especially convenient for fighters since it doesn’t take up a lot of space and leaves room for additional gear. The choices are almost endless: wire cutters can be combined with scissors, knives can be combined with pliers, etc.

Wire Cutters

Red wire cutter in a grass land

With quality wire cutters, firefighters can cut any wire, cable, or rope that represents an entanglement hazard. Wire cutters often make rescue missions and extinguishing blazes much easier.

Four-Way Screwdriver

Screw driver and screw placed on top of a cabinet

You may be surprised to learn that a four-way screwdriver is one of a firefighter’s most commonly used tools. This multi-purpose tool lets firefighters remove screws quickly, thus saving valuable time.


Fire fighter gloves reaching out near the fire

Gloves are important pieces of equipment for any firefighter. They need to be heat- and water-resistant and allow firefighters to hold sharp and hot objects without burning or injuring their hands. Firefighter gloves also feature puncture protection and are made of top-quality materials that offer durability and exceptional resistance even in the most extreme conditions.

Waterproof Notebook and Pen

Pen placed on top of a blank notebook

Waterproof notebooks are made of tearproof, water-resistant paper that allows firefighters to take important notes regardless of the conditions and location. Typically small, they should fit into any pocket without difficulty.

Paramedic Scissors

Medical scissors and other medical equipment

Paramedic scissors feature hardened surgical steel angled blades that can cut through the toughest materials. These scissors feature blunt tips, minimizing the risk of injuring people while cutting clothes or other nearby objects.

Firefighter Mobile Computer

Firefighters on a Mobile computer

Firefighters rely on teamwork, and great teamwork isn’t possible without proper communication. That’s why mobile computers are an excellent choice for firefighters. These computers feature intelligent software, apps, and programs that enhance productivity, efficiency, and communication. Firefighters can choose wearable computers, vehicle-mounted computers, or handheld devices, depending on their needs and preferences.

Some of the best mobile computers are TC5X and TC7X series mobile computers, VC8300 vehicle mount computers, and WS50 Android mobile computers.

Need help finding the right devices? EE experts can help you decide on the perfect model to fit the specific needs of your rescuers. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we will respond within 1 business hour.

Heavy-Duty Carabiner

Two people hanging on a rope in a rescue mission

A heavy-duty carabiner will keep various pieces of firefighter equipment connected to each other, making operations much faster and easier. Plus, a fire rescue carabiner can secure bends and knots, provide friction breaking for heavy loads, and substitute for knots when in a pinch.

Six-Feet All-Purpose Hook

Firefighter in full gear wearing hook with ropes attached to him

This hook is one of the most versatile firefighter tools. It can be used to open ceilings, floors, walls, and casings, remove wood, plaster, tin, or sheet metal, or support different objects.

High-Quality Backpacks

Bags and Backpacks on top of one another

Quality backpacks can ensure all tools and equipment are safely stored and easy to reach. These backpacks are adjustable, comfortable, and resistant to extreme conditions. Plus, they feature pockets that help you organize your equipment and not risk mislaying it.

Battery Bank

Power bank placed outdoor in a grass area

Besides putting out blazees, firefighters are often involved in rescue missions and emergencies. When you’re a firefighter, you never know what to expect, or how long a rescue mission might last. For that reason, you require a battery bank to ensure your phone doesn’t run out of juice when you need it the most.

Door Chock/Door Wedge

Wood placed to keep the door open

Door chocks or wedges allow firefighters to control entrances and exits. These convenient objects can hold a door open to ensure airflow, prevent the doors from closing over the hose, assist during evacuations, etc.

Firefighting Tablet

Firefighters talking to each other, the middle one holding a tablet

A tablet can be a valuable piece of equipment for any firefighter. They make communication much easier, control drones, review thermal cameras, and use specialized programs to enhance productivity and efficiency. Firefighting tablets are rugged and resistant to extreme conditions, so they can be used in all environments.

You can purchase Windows or Android-based tablets, depending on your needs and preferences.

Need help finding the right devices? EE experts can help you decide on the perfect model to fit the specific needs of your rescuers. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we will respond within 1 business hour.

Hose Strap

Fire hose being strapped together
Rolled-up fire hoses.

Naturally, a hose strap holds the hose together so the firefighter doesn’t have to. You can place the strap on your shoulder or use it for storage. The hose strap should be able to support the hose and prevent it from deploying when you don’t want it to. It should also have easy-to-use locks so that you can deploy the house in a matter of seconds. 

Snagger Tool

Snagger Tool being used during a rescue
Bucharest, Romania – July 5, 2017: Rescue firefighters and paramedics take part in a vehicle extrication at a public drill car crash site.

A snagger tool is used to remove wallboard or drywall for easy access. Plus, this tool also lets firefighters handle a charged fire hose quickly and safely. The tool is designed to be carried in a bunker gear pocket.

Extra Flash Hood

Fire Truck with an extra flash hood
Novyy Urengoy, Russia – May 14, 2015: Red firetruck Ural 5557 takes part in the extinguishing of a fire in an old wooden house.

An extra flash hood represents an additional protective layer that ensures your face never comes into contact with flames. It’s designed to be worn next to the skin and provides both comfort and flexibility.


Woman about to put an ear plug

Firefighters are often exposed to a lot of noise, including sirens, engines, air horns, explosions, etc. If you don’t protect your ears, your hearing could be permanently damaged. High-quality earplugs are a valuable piece of equipment that ensures your protection and doesn’t affect communication with your team.

Safety Glasses

Firefighters talking to each other while wearing a headgear and safety glasses

Whether firefighters are putting out fires or performing rescue operations, they rely on their sight. Since there’s always a risk of exposing your eyes to dust, dangerous substances, smoke, and chemicals, you should always wear quality safety glasses.

Escape Rope

Fireman rescuing a person lying and hanging on a cable

An escape rope is a piece of equipment a firefighter uses to escape dangerous, often life-threatening situations. Resistant and strong, the rope should provide excellent handling characteristics. Keep in mind that an escape rope is a one-time use lifeline.

Firefighting Cell Phone

Fireman holding on a cell phone

A cellphone is an essential means of communication for workers in almost any industry. But what makes a firefighting cellphone different from others? Ruggedness, resistance, and durability. Firefighting cellphones offer excellent features and software while being heat-, water-, dust- and impact-resistant.

Some of the best firefighting cell phones belong to the XT and XM series.

Need help finding the right devices? EE experts can help you decide on the perfect model to fit the specific needs of your rescuers. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we will respond within 1 business hour.

Fire Helmets

Fire Helmet being placed on a staircase

Fire helmets represent a crucial piece of equipment for firefighters. Helmets protect them from heat and falling objects. Made from heat-resistant, high-quality materials, they’re designed to provide exceptional protection and durability in the most dangerous of environments.


Two firefighter standing next to each other wearing boots

Firefighters need to have boots that can handle heavy wear and tear, heat, and punctures without warping, melting, or ripping. At the same time, these boots need to be lightweight and breathable for superior comfort.

Signal Mirror

Convex Traffic Mirror

A signal mirror is a handheld mirror used to signal by reflecting sunlight. These mirrors are particularly useful in situations where communication by a mobile device or radio isn’t possible. It can help your coworkers spot you and offer the necessary assistance.


Black Binoculars

Binoculars help firefighters identify critical situations and people in distress. Many binoculars for firefighters also feature thermal imagining that can make locating the source of a fire much easier.

Auto Rescue Kit

Firetruck with all of the equipment in the background.

Auto rescue kits contain everything needed for auto extrication, emergency entries, rescues, etc. These tools can come in handy for firefighters responding to different emergencies.

Firefighter Laptop

 Fireman using laptop

A laptop is a valuable piece of equipment for firefighters. They help firefighters communicate with their team, browse for information, use a thermal imagining camera, and much more. A firefighter laptop needs to be able to handle impact, high temperatures, wind, and other extreme conditions without breaking down.

That’s why firefighters often choose rugged laptops with exceptional durability, resistance, and power.

Need help finding the right devices? EE experts can help you decide on the perfect model to fit the specific needs of your rescuers. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we will respond within 1 business hour.

Pocket Tool Bag

Leather Tool Bag around the waist

Carrying a wide range of tools can limit your movement, especially when they aren’t well-organized. A convenient pocket tool bag can help you keep your gear in one place and allow you to grab a desired tool quickly and easily.

Glove Strap

Man wearing a glove strap

Gloves are essential for every firefighter, but they aren’t always necessary. If you want a safe and easy-to-access space for your gloves, a glove strap is a great and convenient option.

Window Punch

Hand wearing a metal brass knuckles
Fist with metal knuckles isolated on white background

A window punch is a vital tool for every rescue and extrication assignment. Designed to break safety glass and car windows without difficulty, it allows firefighters to access hard-to-reach locations and help the people trapped inside.

Fire Resistant Pants

Back of a fireman wearing full gear.

Fire-resistant pants are designed to resist ignition when exposed to an open flame, making them an essential item of clothing for firefighters. Made of special materials, they offer resistance, comfort, and durability.

Flashlight Holster

Black Flashlight and holster in white background
modern black metal flashlight isolated on white background

Keeping your flashlight close is vital for enhancing your security and performance as a firefighter. A flashlight holster will keep your flashlight secure at all times, ensuring you have easy access to it.

Pocket Watch

Hand wearing a metal brass knuckles

Many emergencies are time-sensitive. As such, a pocket watch can be a simple yet valuable piece of firefighter equipment. Some may consider pocket watches outdated, but they’re highly convenient, don’t take up a lot of space, and don’t require daily charging.

Phone Case

Orange phone case with string soaked wet

A rugged phone is resistant to heat, water, dust, and impact. But that doesn’t mean it’s indestructible. A phone case provides additional protection for your phone and minimizes the risk of damage.

Firefighter Barcode Scanner

Man holding a barcode scanner

You may wonder why a barcode scanner is necessary for firefighters. While firefighters certainly won’t put out a fire or rescue an injured person using a barcode scanner, they can benefit from this handy gadget for inventory tracking.

With barcode scanners, firefighters can quickly check their equipment and see if they need to order supplies. It’s best to choose rugged devices that can handle heavy wear and tear without malfunctioning or breaking.

Need help finding the right devices? EE experts can help you decide on the perfect model to fit the specific needs of your rescuers. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we will respond within 1 business hour.

Fire-Resistant Shirt

Man wearing his firefighter uniform

Fire-resistant shirts are an excellent option for firefighters. These shirts will self-extinguish as soon as the source of ignition is removed. You can purchase fire-resistant shirts in a wide range of colors with short or long sleeves.


Firefighter personal protective equipment hanging in the wall

A high-quality, reflective, resistant jacket is essential for every firefighter. Besides providing comfort and wind protection, these jackets improve your safety thanks to the reflective tape. Most firefighter jackets are bright yellow or orange, but you can also purchase station outerwear that usually features darker colors.


Man with a pager on his belt

Pagers allow firefighters to communicate with each other effectively. Thanks to pagers, firefighters can talk to coworkers about where they’re going and what hazards to expect. This form of communication is especially important when working with large teams on unknown terrain.

Medical Gloves

Man in a rescue site wearing  a medical gloves

Many firefighters are trained as EMTs or paramedics and can provide emergency medical services until an ambulance arrives. A key piece of equipment that ensures safety and prevents contamination is medical gloves. Many firefighters carry them in their bags, especially when responding to motor vehicle accidents.


Megaphone in hand

A megaphone can be a valuable tool for communicating with other firefighters or people trapped inside buildings or hard-to-reach locations. With a megaphone, a firefighter can calm people down, instruct them where to go and ensure efficient teamwork.


Airpods connected to a phone in white background

When entering a burning building or going on rescue missions, firefighters don’t really have the option to take out their phones and talk to their coworkers. That’s why earphones are a valuable piece of equipment. They make communication much easier and allow firefighters to use both hands.

Lensatic Compass

Man holding a lensatic compass

A reliable, resistant, and high-quality compass could be a necessity for many firefighters. Many compasses also feature additional convenient tools like a magnifying lens or knife. Ensure the compass you purchase meets rigorous standards in terms of construction and accuracy.

Extrication Suit

Fire men extinguishing fire wearing a silver extrication suit

Extrication suits are specifically designed for fire and emergency response personnel. These suits are built for the most extreme situations and conditions and can resist harmful chemicals, punctures, open flames, water, and much more. The suits feature numerous pockets for hooks, gear, tools, and everything else a firefighter may need.

Turnout Coat

Turnout Gear in Firehouse Protective Workwear Storage Room

Many firefighters wear turnout coats with reflective stripes and oversized pockets for tools and equipment. Plus, the coats usually feature a thermal liner and a moisture barrier that ensure resistance and comfort regardless of the weather conditions.

First-Response Bag

Red paramedic bag about to be unzipped

As mentioned, many firefighters are also trained paramedics who can provide emergency assistance to those in need. A first-response bag keeps all the necessary tools, supplies, and instruments safely stored in one place. These bags usually have several internal pockets and compartments to facilitate easy organization.

Breathing Mask

Man wearing a breathing mask

Firefighters are often exposed to smoke, fumes, and dangerous chemicals, which can cause permanent breathing issues and even result in suffocation. A breathing mask protects firefighters from breathing in smoke and also shields their faces from injuries.

Non-Contact Voltage Meter

checking socket voltage with digital multimeter

A non-contact voltage meter represents a safe way to check for the presence of voltage in the vicinity. This tool offers valuable information to help firefighters estimate risks and create a plan for entering a particular location.

Locking Pliers

Locking Pliers with other tools

Locking pliers are invaluable tools when handling materials that are hard or awkward to grip. They lock into position and grip objects with remarkable strength. Thanks to locking pliers, firefighters can grip objects and use both hands to pick up other objects. These pliers are particularly useful in rescue missions and other emergencies.

Spring-Loaded Center Punch

Spring Loaded Center Punch in white background

A spring-loaded center punch can serve as a marking tool for firefighters. This convenient device can be used to produce dimples in metal, wood, or plastics and mark places for drilling. The tool can also be used for shattering car windows when necessary.

Top 7 Tips for Upgrading Firefighting Technology Tools

Here are the best tips for upgrading firefighting technology tools:

  • Read about the latest trends.
  • Focus on devices that offer resistance and durability.
  • Ask technology experts for advice.
  • Try to purchase in bulk to get better prices.
  • Compare different products to see which one matches your needs and preferences.
  • Maintain a reliable network whenever possible.
  • Update your gear regularly to ensure you don’t miss on important features.

Fireman Tools and Pictures with Names

Here are labeled pictures of the most common firefighter tools:

Talk to a Firefighting Expert

Being a firefighter can be demanding, both physically and mentally. The job requires hard work, dedication, training, and a burning desire to help others. Numerous tools and gadgets make the job easier and help firefighters enhance their productivity and efficiency while minimizing the risk of injuries.

When it comes to technology, choosing the right solutions can be quite challenging, especially if you aren’t tech-savvy and don’t know much about the latest trends. Fortunately, you can rely on the experts from Energy Electronics.

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