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Ultra-rugged mobile devices for stable communication in mission-critical situations.
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Your Work is Critical

Firefighters perform life-saving missions in dangerous environments. When seconds matter, effective equipment can mean the difference between failure and success. That’s why we’re committed to providing top-of-the-line mobile devices, optimized to help firefighters streamline their operations and ensure a safer work environment.

From transmitting photos of scenes to coordinating with team members, these mobile devices ensure that firefighters have instant access to critical information. Integrated scanning and Push-to-Talk features keep information flowing smoothly, all from one ultra-rugged, yet lightweight device.

Reliable Connections

Transmit critical information, dispatch teams, coordinate with other units, and communicate with commanders.

Real-Time Tracking

Accurately pinpoint locations, get directions, access area maps, and track team members in the field.

Critical Data Access

Efficiently inventory gear and equipment, access building blueprints, and share critical footage and data.


Ultra-rugged design

Resistant to water, dust, and extreme temperatures. Designed to withstand shocks, drops, and continuous vibrations. Sunlight readability and glove-touch enabled.

4G LTE and band 14 firstnet connectivity

Reliable, stable connections from any location.

Programmable buttons

Push-to-Talk support for instant communication, with customizable physical buttons for quick access to crucial apps.

Extra-long battery life

Long lasting battery to keep your device operational through vital missions.


Why Go Mobile?

Reliable Connectivity

Traditional radio dispatch provides limited and unreliable service. Transitioning to a mobile network equips firefighters with a stable connection that allows them to communicate from any location while Push-to-Talk enabled devices ensure a familiar user experience.

enhanced operations

A plethora of powerful apps and software programs help optimize and streamline firefighter operations. Apps like IamResponding, Wiser, Fire Flow,, and Active 911 equip first responders with a wide range of essential tools at their fingertips. 

Situational awareness

Mobile devices help keep firefighters safe by supplying teams with real-time information so they can make informed decisions. GPS allows commanders to accurately track and coordinate first responders locations. Photos and video sharing provides firefighters with a better understanding of the situation at hand. 

Access to critical data

Mobile phones and tablets make it possible to transmit critical data to  firefighters in the field. Vital information such as building schematics, floor plans, and patient information can be instantly accessed by first responders through their mobile device. 


Our devices combine firefighters’ communication, logistic, and data needs in one ultra-durable device. Unlike traditional laptops, they’re easy to transport and use on-the-go, and the Android interface provides a familiar and mobile-friendly user experience. 

Accurate documentation

Integrated barcode readers ensure swift data collection and helps eliminate errors. Firefighters can create accurate damage reports, service requests, and easily inventory valuable gear and equipment. 

Built for Action

Our devices devices are designed for maximum durability, so firefighters can focus on stopping fires and saving lives, without worrying about their devices breaking or failing.

Fully Rugged

Built to withstand drops, shocks, and impact without damage to the device, even without a protective case.

Impervious to the Elements

Operational under extreme temperatures. waterproof, dust-proof, sunlight readable, and glove friendly.

Easily Disinfected

Safely spray or submerge devices in harsh cleaning agents such as bleach and alcohol.

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