Partner Program

Discover the benefits of becoming an Energy Electronics Reseller. 

When you join EnergyUnite you connect with a network of enterprising partners that together, are changing the way businesses operate. 

Energy Electronics provides our partners with the support and tools they need to close more opportunities and increase sales. 

Becoming an EnergyUnite Reseller gives you access to exclusive resources that will help you grow your business and drive success

Why Partner With Energy Electronics

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Pre-Qualified Leads

Optimize your sales process and close more opportunities by focusing your efforts on customers with high-buying potential.

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Volume Discounts

Take advantage of special pricing and exclusive bulk discounts for EnergyUnite resellers.

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Inventory Access

Expand your merchandise selection with priority access to our wide variety of premium mobile devices.

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Deal Registration

Get rewarded for bringing in new business opportunities and protect your leads by registering your opportunities.

Grow Your Business with Energy Electronics

Energy Electronics is a leading source for corporate mobile communication devices. We work directly with our partners to create new business opportunities and help them grow their sales.

Our dedicated program managers work hand-in-hand with our resellers and provide them with tools, training, and support throughout the sales process. 

Energy Unite

Apply to Join EnergyUnite

Join now and discover the benefits of becoming an Energy Electronics Reseller. 

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