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Rugged phones and mobile devices for EMS Workers and Paramedics

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Ultra-rugged communication devices for workers in mission-critical situations.

When Seconds Matter

A day in the life of an EMS worker involves responding to all types of calls and being prepared to deal with whatever comes their way. This time-sensitive role requires the support of a niche phone that no other regular phone design can handle. Rugged devices are equipped to support pre-hospital staff in their duties on the move.

CAT phones will assist in creating imagery for pre-diagnostic documentation and ensure quick access to information while remaining shatterproof and clean.

Reliable Communication

Coordinate with team members, dispatch units, teleconference with physicians, and communicate with hospital staff.

Critical Data Access

Access vital information like electronic patient medical records, medication lists, and supporting apps.

Documentation Support

Upload sharp pictures and thermal imagery to support medical diagnosis documentation.

Designed with maximum durability in mind, Cat phones keep paramedics and EMS workers connected and allow them to focus on saving lives, without worrying about their devices dying or breaking.

Rugged Build

Cat rugged phones can withstand shocks, drops, and impacts, without sustaining damage to the device. No protective case needed.

Situation Ready

Featuring glove-friendly touchscreens that are readable in sunlight, Cat phones are fully waterproof which means you can use them even with wet fingers or in moist environments.

Easy to Disinfect

Cat phones are easily disinfected using a variety of harsh chemical cleaners and can be fully submerged in water. The Cat S42 H+ features silver ion coating that helps inhibit the growth of bacteria.

Optimized for EMs missions

Dependable Performance

EMS and paramedics require a mobile solution that can keep up with the demanding pace of their job. Cat rugged mobile phones  are designed with maximum durability in mind, so that EMS workers and paramedics can focus on performing pre-hospital care and assessments without worrying about their equipment breaking or failing.

Accurate Diagnostics

The CAT S62 Pro includes the highest resolution FLIR Lepton available to create thermal imagery. The thermal imaging caters to checking and monitoring the patient’s temperature as part of the pre-hospital checks. The camera produces sharp and detailed pictures, making it a great choice for obtaining supporting documents of injuries.


all day connections

Reliable communication is critical in emergency situations and first responders never know how long each particular mission will take. EMT workers can’t afford to worry about charging their phones while on the job, making long battery life is a must-have feature. Cat rugged phones are equipped with long lasting batteries that will keep emergency workers connected throughout their longest shifts. 

Instant Communication

Cat rugged phones feature programmable buttons that support one touch Push-to-Talk mode, offering instant communication in emergency situations. The speakers offer excellent volume output which enhances hands-free communication.

Enhanced Handling

EMS workers and paramedics perform their work whilst wearing gloves. CAT phones are designed with glove-friendly touchscreens and large tactile buttons. Cat rugged phones are waterproof and can be easily disinfected with soap and other cleaning agents.

Data Access

Cat rugged smartphones facilitate instant access to key data including patient records and medication lists. Paramedics can utilize the phone’s camera to upload sharp photos for diagnosis and video chat with physicians.

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