Factory Worker Using DT301Y-TR GNSS Tablet at work

The DT301Y-TR GNSS tablet is a high-performance device built for demanding field applications. Its standout features include an ultra-bright 10.1-inch display, a powerful Intel processor, and high-precision GNSS receiver that supports GPS, GLONASS, and Beidou. Additionally, the tablet is rugged and durable, with an IP65 rating and MIL-STD-810G certification. All of which make it resistant to dust, water, drops, and extreme temperatures.

But what else sets the device apart? Read on. We have all the answers.

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Product Specifications 

Operating systemWindows 10/11 IoT Enterprise
ProcessorIntel® Core™ i5/i7
Display10.1-inch, 1920 x 1200, sunlight readable
Storage256GB to 1TB flash
RAM8GB to 16GB
GNSS receiverL1 & L2 RTK with carrier phase
Wireless connectivityWi-Fi 802.11ax, 2.4GHz/ 5GHz dual band
BatteryHot-swappable battery, 11.4V, 5400mAh
AC/DC adapterInput: 100 – 240V AC; Output: 20V DC, 3.25A
DurabilityMIL-STD-810G certified, IP65 water and dust resistance

Product Ranking

DT301Y-TR GNSS Product Ranking

The DT301Y-TR GNSS tablet earns a high overall score of 9/10. Well-suited for surveying, mapping, and geolocation, it provides accurate data collection and positioning capabilities.

Product Pricing

A worker using a tablet in his work

The DT301Y-TR GNSS tablet is a fantastic option for professionals seeking a customizable device to cater to their needs. Due to its high level of customization, the pricing for this tablet can vary. You can expect an estimated price range of around $2,000 to $3,500, depending on the configuration and additional features you choose.

To get an exact quote tailored to your requirements, chat with an Energy Electronics expert. We’ll help you figure out the best configuration for your needs and provide an accurate quote. Plus, we can give you the lowdown on any available promotions, financing options, and discounts you might be eligible for, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck.

Pros and Cons

An Employee showing the customer how to use the Tablet

The DT301Y-TR GNSS tablet is a cutting-edge piece of technology that boasts several benefits for users.

First, it’s equipped with a powerful and accurate GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receiver that allows for precise positioning and tracking capabilities, making it an excellent choice for outdoor and geospatial applications. This feature enables the tablet to deliver real-time data and location tracking in a wide range of applications like construction, agriculture, and surveying.

In addition to its GNSS capabilities, the DT301Y-TR is designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. The IP65 rating and rugged construction ensure it can withstand extreme weather, accidental drops, and other forms of physical abuse.

The other standout feature is the tablet’s sunlight-readable display which offers clear visibility even in bright outdoor conditions. Whether collecting soil samples or mapping out an oil field, you can easily key in the data or share it with colleagues.

Furthermore, the tablet comes with an integrated barcode scanner, streamlining data collection and inventory management tasks across various industries. And thanks to an array of connectivity options, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular data, you can stay connected and access data and information even in remote locations.

However, the DT301Y-TR also presents certain potential drawbacks. Perhaps most notably, the tablet’s advanced features may result in a higher price point than more mainstream competitors. This may limit its accessibility to users with budget constraints. Moreover, the 2-megapixel back camera falls short compared to similar devices like the DT Research 301X (optional 8-megapixel back camera).

Display, Cameras, and Scanners

DT301Y-TR GNSS Display, Cameras, and Scanners

The DT301Y-TR boasts a 10.1-inch high-resolution display that delivers sharp and clear visuals to enable you to easily view and interpret data, maps, and images. Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, the tablet’s sunlight-readable display adapts to the lighting conditions. Your screen remains visible and easy to read, even under bright sunlight.

In addition, the tablet’s capacitive multi-touch screen is built to withstand harsh conditions. Its durability ensures your device remains functional and responsive, even in challenging environments.

The tablet is also equipped with an 8-megapixel rear camera that captures high-quality images and videos. This powerful camera allows you to document your work, collect visual data, and stay connected through video conferencing. The 2-megapixel front-facing camera works well on video conferences and one-on-one meetings, keeping you connected with your team at all times.

For those who require barcode scanning capabilities, the DT301Y-TR GNSS tablet comes equipped with an optional 1D/2D barcode scanner. This addition allows for quick and accurate data capture, increasing efficiency, and streamlining workflow.

Finally, the integrated dual-frequency GNSS module enables precise location tracking and data collection. This advanced feature provides accurate positioning and reliable navigation, making the DT301Y-TR GNSS tablet an indispensable tool for professionals in fields like surveying, mapping, and GIS.

Operating Systems and Programs

DT301Y-TR GNSS Operating System and Programs

The DT301Y-TR GNSS tablet is powered by Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, an operating system designed specifically for Internet of Things (IoT) devices. This secure and reliable OS offers seamless performance and is the ideal platform for the tablet’s advanced features and capabilities. Windows 10 IoT Enterprise receives regular updates and support from Microsoft, ensuring your tablet remains up-to-date with the latest security patches and feature enhancements.

The tablet has a built-in mapping application, allowing you to easily create, edit, and manage spatial data. This powerful tool simplifies the collection and analysis of geospatial information, making it an invaluable asset for surveying, mapping, and GIS professionals.

Beyond built-in programs, the DT301Y-TR supports many other industry-specific tools. For example, mapping professionals may use ArcGIS Collector, Mapit GIS, or TerraGo Edge to collect and analyze geospatial data. Construction professionals may use PlanGrid, Procore, or Autodesk BIM 360 to manage project documentation and workflows. Similarly, agriculture professionals may use Ag Leader SMS, Trimble Ag Software, or John Deere Operations Center to manage farm operations.

Finally, the tablet’s Windows 10 IoT Enterprise OS ensures compatibility with the Microsoft Office suite, allowing access to essential productivity tools like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. With these programs at your fingertips, you can easily create and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations on your DT301Y-TR GNSS tablet.

How to Purchase the DT Research DT301Y-TR GNSS Tablet

A Warehouse worker checking the product using a Tablet

When considering the purchase of the DT Research DT301Y-TR, it’s crucial to consult an expert who can help you determine which device provides the features you need. Our experienced professionals are available to guide you through the selection process and ensure you make the most informed decision.

By discussing your requirements and understanding the nuances of your work, our experts will recommend the perfect configuration tailored to your needs. Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all solution – reach out to our specialists today and experience the benefits of personalized guidance.

Markets and Applications

A Wide Scope of Markets and Application of DT301Y-TR GNSS

The DT301Y-TR is a rugged, high-performance tablet designed for field professionals in various industries:

  • Precision agriculture: Farmers can leverage for efficient field mapping, variable rate application, and yield monitoring, ultimately enhancing resource management and boosting crop productivity.
  • Construction and engineering: Architects, civil engineers, and surveyors can rely on the tablet’s precise GNSS capabilities to create accurate site layouts, topographic maps, and as-built drawings, ensuring seamless project execution.
  • Environmental conservation: Researchers and conservationists can employ the DT301Y-TR GNSS tablet for wildlife tracking, habitat mapping, and vegetation analysis, contributing to data-driven ecological preservation initiatives.
  • Oil and gas exploration: In the demanding conditions of oil and gas sites, the rugged DT301Y-TR tablet supports accurate drilling and excavation planning, pipeline mapping, and asset management for safe and efficient operations.
  • Mining and geology: Geological mapping, ore body modeling, and mine site management can be carried out effectively with the tablet, promoting safety and optimizing resource extraction.
  • Forestry and land management: The tablet’s GNSS technology allows forest managers to perform precise timber inventory assessments, map out harvesting plans, and monitor reforestation efforts, all in support of sustainable forestry practices.
  • Utilities and infrastructure: The DT301Y-TR enables utility companies to efficiently inspect and maintain power lines, water systems, and telecommunication networks, leading to reduced downtime and improved service quality.
  • Emergency and disaster response: The tablet’s reliable GNSS functionality provides accurate location data, enabling first responders and search and rescue teams to quickly navigate affected areas, assess damage, and coordinate relief efforts.
  • Maritime navigation and fisheries management: Ensures precise navigation for maritime vessels, assists in the monitoring of fishing activities, and aids in the implementation of sustainable fishing practices to protect marine ecosystems.
  • Transportation and fleet management: Equipped with advanced GNSS capabilities, the tablet allows for real-time vehicle tracking, route optimization, and driver performance monitoring, resulting in reduced fuel consumption and improved fleet efficiency.

Accessories and Addons

Accessories and Addons for DT301Y-TR GNSS

Before diving into the accessories and addons of the DT301Y-TR, it’s important to consult with an industry expert who can provide tailored advice for your specific needs. By understanding your unique requirements, we can recommend the most suitable options to help you get the most out of your tablet.

Here are seven of the most popular accessories and addons:

  • External GNSS antenna: An external GNSS antenna can be connected to the tablet to enhance signal reception and positioning accuracy.
  • Vehicle docking station: This docking station securely mounts the tablet in vehicles, providing charging capabilities and additional connectivity options for seamless data transfer and communication during field operations.
  • Carrying case: A protective carrying case designed specifically for the tablet ensures the device remains safe during transportation and can accommodate additional accessories, such as the stylus and charging cables.
  • Stylus and tether: The stylus and tether allow for precise input and navigation on the tablet’s touchscreen, which is especially useful in harsh environments where finger touch may be less effective or when wearing gloves.
  • Extended battery pack: The extended battery pack can be attached to the tablet, providing additional power for extended fieldwork and minimizing downtime due to battery depletion.
  • Wireless keyboard: A compatible wireless keyboard allows for more efficient data entry and document creation and is particularly useful for professionals who require extensive typing during field operations.
  • Screen protector: A custom-fit screen protector helps preserve the tablet’s display, safeguarding it from scratches, smudges, and potential damage while maintaining optimal visibility and touchscreen responsiveness.

The DT301Y-TR GNSS Tablet Review

DT301Y-TR GNSS Product Review

The DT301Y-TR has earned an impressive reputation, receiving glowing reviews from users in diverse sectors.

“I recently started using the DT301Y-TR GNSS tablet for my field surveying work, and I must say it has been a game-changer! The tablet’s rugged design can withstand harsh outdoor conditions while maintaining performance. The accuracy of the GPS/GLONASS positioning is top-notch, and the battery life is phenomenal – it lasted me the whole day without needing a recharge.”

“As a geologist, I often find myself working in remote areas, and the DT301Y-TR GNSS tablet has been a lifesaver. Its sunlight-readable display ensures that I can continue working even in the brightest conditions, and the IP65 rating means that it’s protected from dust and water.”

“I’ve been using the DT301Y-TR GNSS tablet for my wildlife tracking projects, and it has exceeded all my expectations. The tablet’s dual-frequency GNSS receiver provides an outstanding level of accuracy, enabling me to pinpoint the exact locations of the animals I study. The hot-swappable battery system allows me to work continuously without any downtime.”

“As an environmental consultant, I needed a GNSS tablet that would offer both accuracy and durability. The DT301Y-TR GNSS tablet has not disappointed. Its fast processor allows me to run multiple applications simultaneously, and the high-resolution camera has made capturing site images a breeze.”

“The DT301Y-TR GNSS tablet has been a fantastic addition to our construction site management toolkit. Its rugged design and resistance to harsh conditions make it perfect for our daily operations.

Power and Batteries

Two Worker doing their given tasks

The DT301Y-TR GNSS tablet is a powerful and robust device that boasts an impressive power management system and battery life, catering to the needs of professionals in various industries.

Its high-capacity, hot-swappable battery pack allows seamless operations without interruptions, ensuring users can work efficiently in the field. Specifically, the tablet comes with an 11.4V, 5,400mAh battery, which offers up to ten hours of continuous runtime. You can easily stay productive throughout the day.

Furthermore, the DT301Y-TR is designed with power optimization in mind. It features a power-efficient Intel® Core™ i5 or i7 processor, which delivers top-notch performance and helps conserve battery life. The device’s power management settings can be easily adjusted to cater to individual preferences and requirements, allowing you to balance performance and energy consumption.

Talk to an Expert

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