DT Research DT382GL
8″ Rugged Tablet

Discover the essential rugged industrial Tablet, the DT Research DT382GL. Built for industry use, the DT832GL features a brilliant 8” touchscreen and high-performance Intel® processor within a compact, and durable package.

Integrated barcode scanning, built-in Wi-Fi, and hot-swappable battery packs offer seamless information capture to ensure increased productivity and improved workflow.

Rated IP65, MIL-STD-810G, and HERO certified, the DT832GL provides multi-functional mobile computing and reliable operations in mission-critical environments.


Built for industrial use, the DT382GL holds IP65, MIL-STD-810G, and HERO certifications, providing reliable operation in harsh, mission-critical environments.


Featuring built-in Wi-Fi, camera, and barcode scanning, the DT382GL improves productivity and workflow with seamless data capture and transmission.


Running on the Windows® operating system and network connections, the DT382GL industrial tablet is compatible with existing GIS software and features hot-swappable batteries for all-day continuous use.

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DT Research DT382GL Photo Gallery

DT Research Rugged Tablet DT382GL Tilt Left View
DT Research Rugged Tablet DT382GL Right Side View
DT Research DT382GL rugged handheld mobile computer, front view
DT Research Rugged Tablet DT382GL Left Side View
DT Research Rugged Tablet DT382GL Tilt Right View
DT Research Rugged Tablet DT382GL Bottom View

The Essential Work Tablet

DT Research rugged mobile devices provide instant connections and data access for workers in every major industry.

worker whose pulling a cart with box holds a tablet


MIL-STD-810G and IP65 rated for protection from shock, drops, water, and dust.

delivery worker operates his tablet device


Slim and lightweight design for easy portability. 4G connectivity for connections on the go.

three construction workers were looking at the tablet


Rugged design for all-weather use and increased durability against drops and vibrations.

healthcare worker whose pointing his finger at the tablet


Integrated scanner, 8 MP camera, and hot-swappable battery pack for continuous use.

a man operates a white tablet

Field Service

Outdoor viewable touchscreen option, GPS, and cellular connections.

a man smiles while looking his tablet device

Law Enforcement

Bluetooth wireless communications, seamless data capture, and hot-swappable battery.

The Power of Rugged

logistic worker checking truck van marks
a medical worker pointing his finger in a tablet
Using a tablet inside shelves of warehouse
Military Rugged Tablet Being used by Soldier in the field
Medical Industrial Rugged DT Research Tablet
outside the manufacturer area
Local Government Security How do you Protect your Data with Rugged Tablets
A man wearing a protective helmet holding a device

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