DT Research 581T All-in-One Computer

DT Research 581T
All-in-One Medical-Cart Computer

Powered by an Intel® Pentium® Gold or Core™ i processor, the DT Research 581T All-in-One Medical-Cart Computer is equipped with a high-performing and energy-efficient system.

The DT581T integrates a bright 19.5” screen display, with USB ports, and built-in options such as capacitive touch, or hot-swappable batteries, for a comprehensive point-of-care solution.

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Designed to withstand the challenging requirements of healthcare professionals, the DT Research 581T is a durable all-in-one computer that is ideal for medical carts.


Equipped with a long-lasting battery with 8250mAh capacity, the 581T is operated by Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.


Equipped with Bluetooth 5.2 technology, the DT581T offers quicker data transfer speeds alongside a 5MP front-facing camera.


The DT581T’s advanced features make it an ideal device for medical professionals with its HDMI video-out feature and support for 4K UHD resolution.

DT581T Medical Cart Computer back display with two batteries showing

DT Research 581T Photo Gallery

DT Research_581T medical computer
DT581T Medical Cart Computer back display with two batteries showing
DT582T medical cart computer left facing side view with two USB ports
DT582T computer right facing side view

Multi-functional Mobile Solutions

a medical worker undergone a CT scan test

Emergency Care

The DT581T is an ideal device for hospitals and clinics to improve their point-of-care processes with built-in Wi-Fi and optional data-capture modules.

transport worker operates a machine using a monitor


With VESA compatibility, the DT581T can be mounted in different positions, angles, and orientations, giving users more control over their workspace.

A woman having an online meeting


The DT581T offers a flexible range of options for both RAM and storage, with 8GB to 32GB of RAM and 64GB to 2TB of flash storage.

there is a monitor and a phone under it

Field Service

The DT581T’s 19.5″ touchscreen display with a 1920 x 1080 resolution helps to streamline workflows and improve patient outcomes.

Healthcare worker noting on a white screen monitor.


Features an antimicrobial enclosure, making the DT581T a reliable and hygienic solution for healthcare environments.

a logo of locked key display in a monitor

Law Enforcement

The DT581T is built to function within a specific temperature and humidity range, ensuring that it can maintain its best performance and durability in various environments.

Power + Resilience

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